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[1.18.1] How To Install SHADERS with Iris and Sodium for Minecraft 1.18.1 | Minecraft 1.18.1 Shaders

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Hello and welcome to yet another Minecraft video!

Hello this is daniel blaze my name is daniel and welcome to yet another minecraft video in this one i’m going to show you really quickly how to install iris in sodium to be able to use shaders in minecraft 1.18.1 that’s right in this video i’m going to show you how to install shaders using iris and sodium for minecraft 1.18.1 it’s actually fairly simple so let’s

Not waste too much time here just a few things if you like this video be sure to give it a thumbs up subscribe for more videos like this one and all the links you’re going to need to actually be able to do this will be down in the description so to get started installing shaders using iris and sodium what you want to do is open up your minecraft launcher once it’s

Loaded select latest release 1.82.1 from this list and then click play here we are microphone point 18.1 now all you got to do is click quit game now open up your browser you can either go down into the description and use the link to or to look up iris shaders yourself and once you’re on the website all you got to do is actually go to download now

Click download universal jar this will download a jar file i’m going to open my downloads folder just like this and as you can see it has a java icon and for some people it does not so very quickly you can try to right click it open with and then select java platform sc binary if it’s not there that might mean that you don’t have java at all so in the post that’ll

Be linked down below in the description you’ll find java and jar fix first you can run jar fix it’s very easy you go over to the website and download that and run it and then it should fix all your jar files unless you don’t have java at all then you’re going to want to go to the second link click the big red button and then you actually have java so after that

It should work so now we should all be able to access this iris installer all you got to do is very simple you double-click this file it will open this iris installer so we can’t change the edition but we can change the game version so select 1.18.1 from this drop down menu and then you can select to install iris and sodium as a mod but we’re not going to do that

Because we don’t need to do that so just click install now so as you can see that was only a few seconds and now it says installation succeeded so all we need to do now is actually download some shaders so for this one we’re going to be using oceano shaders you can use the link down below in the description once again where there will be a link to oceano shaders

Or you just look it up in google and then you’ll be brought to this curseforge page that says oceano shaders 3.0 it says 1.16 i know that and i also clarified that in my previous video shaders usually do not care about minecraft versions and ones that are compatible with 1.16 usually also are compatible with 1.18.1 and so is oceano shaders so click download right

Here wait five seconds and then your download should start automatically so there we have oceano shaders i’m gonna drag these over to my desktop just like that and now what we need to do is actually go into our dot minecraft folder so i usually would tell you to go into the search bar and type in percent ab data percent but i’m actually going to launch minecraft

And show you an easier way because i’ve gotten questions from people that use different operating systems and they couldn’t actually find the minecraft folder so as you can see it’s installed a new iris and sodium profile but first we’re going to go over to installations and actually click the folder icon right here and this will bring us to the dot minecraft

Folder this is exactly what we need so all you need to do now is right click hover new click folder and name it shader packs all lowercase create that folder double click it to open and then drag in the shader packs you want to install now that’s pretty much it now you just close this window and now even if you were over here you just select the iris and sodium

Profile for 1.18.1 and you click play you will get this warning with every modded version of minecraft just read this and if you actually do understand the risks you click this box right here and click play so here we are in minecraft 1.8.1 as you can clearly tell in the bottom left corner it says minecraft 1.8.1 fabric modded and now at first glance it seems

Totally normal just like vanilla minecraft but if you go into options video settings it will look totally different as you can see so the first few tabs are actually supplied by sodium which is a mod that optimizes minecraft to run better and give you higher fps overall and with that you can actually combine that with iris and get this new shader packs tab and as

You can see we just put in oceano shaders in the shader packs tab you click the shader pack click apply and then click done now if you click done again and done again and hop into a single player world you should be able to enjoy your new shaders so here we are in a minecraft 1.18.1 world and i was going to say you can clearly tell this is 1.18.1 but actually it

Was kind of hard to tell from the normal biomes but as you can see there’s a huge cave a huge underwater cave here and that is something you will only find in 1.18 and 1.18.1 so there you go that’s how you install shaders with iris and sodium for minecraft 1.18.1 so that’s been it for this video i hope you enjoyed this video and i hope it helped you install shaders

For minecraft 1.18.1 if it actually did you know what to do then be sure to hit that thumbs up subscribe for more videos like this one and then as always i will of course catch you in the next one see ya you

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[1.18.1] How To Install SHADERS with Iris and Sodium for Minecraft 1.18.1 | Minecraft 1.18.1 Shaders By DanielPlays