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I don’t feel things in the lower area it’s more like in your chest kind of like a hey guys it’s maya here and today i’m going to talk about 1.5 years on a chart this is an exciting milestone for me it seems like yesterday that i went on hrt and somehow already a entire year and a half has gone by pretty much and i just want to talk about all the changes i’ve

Experienced over this period of time and what someone might be able to expect from going on hrt of course all the results will be different from person to person based on genetics and how your body reacts so this is just my experience so for a little bit over a year i’ve been on 100 milligrams of spironolactone twice daily which is the testosterone blocker and then

I’ve also been on four milligrams of estrogen a day and let’s jump into the changes so for up my last year mark video that i did on my estrogen update i haven’t really noticed any breast development or any changes in general with regards to physical body maybe a little bit more softening of the muscle tone i think i’ve noticed with hrt that i’ve gone from having

Work a lean muscular frame when i was predominantly with testosterone and now i have more of a softened appearance and when i gain weight it’s more flabby i guess you would say one of the biggest differences that i’ve noticed personally is my arms they used to be very defined before going on hrt and after 1.5 years they are very lean now and not not defined you

Know not muscular and i really appreciate that because i’ve always been a little bit insecure about my shoulders and so it’s nice to not have that masculine look in the shoulders as much because your skin softens and your muscles your muscles lessen i guess one of the biggest changes for me on hrt that i’ve began to notice especially lately is the mental changes

And one of those is something i haven’t really touched on yet on this channel and it’s sex drive before hrt i had this sex drive of a hormonal male with testosterone in my body but now after being on hrt for 1.5 years i can say that my sex drive has completely it’s gone down in in some ways it’s gone down in physical ways i don’t get turned on by the stuff that

Would turn me on before before it was all about visuals and imagery and now it’s more about mental stimulation it’s about thinking about a person not about their body if that makes sense i don’t know if that’s described as a more feminine way of thinking about sex or not i don’t want to like speak for all women but that’s some of the stuff that i’ve heard and i was

Completely happy with this changed through hrt because i felt like i was ruled by my sex drive before going on hrt and it was something i couldn’t identify with i didn’t know why i was always feeling this way and so now i’m able to control a lot more what i’m thinking about and stuff like that however lately i’ve been thinking about it a little bit more in terms of

Sexual relationships and stuff and i almost feel like i knew it i once had and now i feel like i’m kind of missing something in a weird way and i think it’s just about getting over that so for me sex drive has definitely gone down a lot and yeah it’s you could see that as negative or positive for me overall it’s positive another big change for me with hrt estrogen

Specifically is the structure of my face so the bone structure obviously never changed because with estrogen bone structure is not likely to change at all but the fat redistribution in my face changed and it softened and it filled out more i have bigger cheeks and a wider set face now than i did before before i had kind of a more long gone to looking face more

Masculine i guess you’d say but my face is filled out more now and my chin isn’t necessarily as a long and narrow as it used to be so that’s a excellent change that i noticed another big change husband body hair body hair has like completely gone i used to actually have a bit of like a treasure trail like a little one from my bellybutton down to the pubic area or

Whatever but that’s completely gone i think i remember shaving it once like off like maybe like a year ago and then it never grew back ever that that’s also true for like a hair on my chest or anywhere else i didn’t really have much hair on my body besides my legs in armpits obviously but those are still like fairly hairy but i have noticed that with the leg hair

It has significantly reduced and gotten softer softer softer it’s gotten softer and it’s a lot easier to shave i don’t get razor burn as much and it doesn’t grow back as thick and as course i used to shave when i was beginning transitioning and have stubble the next day that i can visibly seeks to his black little specks all over my legs and now it’s completely

Got a lot more soft and less visible which is awesome what else has changed another thing that’s changed is my i guess my feeling towards romance and dating and guys in general before it was a lot more physical and now it’s a lot more emotional i don’t know how else to describe it like i don’t feel things in the lower area it’s more like in your chest kind of

Like a you know what i mean i don’t know it’s hard to describe it’s like you feel more turned on in your chest for me anyways so that’s a different experience definitely overall i’m really happy with the result today tarty i think i’m very blessed genetically for what it’s done for me breast growth has pretty much halted like around half a year ago i haven’t had

Any like real breast growth i can show you guys like the outline i know a couple other youtubers do that but i will do that too i guess also i don’t know if you’ll be able to see it that well because i am wearing a block just top so so this is kind of what it looks like from the front and then from the side so there’s a go little bit of definition unfortunately

I don’t have a viewfinder that flips around on my camera so i have no idea what that looks like on camera until after when i ended it with fat redistribution i also noticed a difference with my butt area / my waist area my waist is like slightly smaller than it used to be and my butt area is slightly bigger nothing dramatic i’m a very slender person so i didn’t

Really expect to all of a sudden have like kardashian hips or anything but i have noticed a subtle difference and it does really help to have like a subtle change going from like a pencil body where it’s like completely like to having just like even the slightest incline is just it helps so much like especially when you’re like picking out outfits and stuff i don’t

Know if you guys will be able to see it another positive is that my skin is so soft it was soft before but now it’s even more soft i’ve had lots of people compliments saying like oh my gosh your skin so soft and i i’ve always had good skin genetically so that was like a bonus as well so that just all combines to have positive results i’m trying to think if there’s

Any negative results of hrt i guess sometimes when i take my hormones without eating i can he’ll like a weird feeling in my stomach that doesn’t feel good and also if i take my hormone blockers right before bed i wake up feeling like almost like a pain in my bladder because the tea blocker is a diuretic so it makes you have to go pee so if you take it before you

Go to bed then you’re like storing up all of that pee i guess i don’t know so i’ll wake up sometimes feeling like really shitty until like i go to the bathroom and then i’m good i don’t really have any other negative side effects besides of that and that’s very controllable so overall i’m enjoying this experience and i can’t wait to take more steps in the future

I really want to take the step to get srs sex reassignment surgery as soon as i can like i’m so ready i feel almost desperate actually for it because i just feel so over at this point in my life you know like i’m ready to move to the next point i don’t want to just keep sitting around twiddling my thumbs so that’s something i want to get done and yeah i hope you

Guys enjoyed this video and found it insightful if you have any more questions about hrt feel free to comment down below and i will answer them for sure maybe not in the comment section but maybe you in my next hrt video i will try to get to as many of them as i can i hope you enjoyed this video and have a great day i will see you guys next time bye

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1.5 YEARS ON ESTROGEN! By Maya Henry