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1 Mineral to Reverse High Blood Sugar (Insulin Resistance & Diabetes) Dr. Mandell

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Having too much sugar in the blood for long periods of time can cause serious health problems if it’s not treated. Hyperglycemia can damage the vessels that supply blood to vital organs, which can increase the risk of heart disease and stroke, kidney disease, vision problems, and nerve problems.

Thank you chromium is an essential mineral that can do miracles for the health and wealth of your body it has a tremendous role when it comes to metabolizing sugars working along with insulin so sugar can get into the cells properly and if glucose cannot get into the cells of your body if you’re insulin resistant or you’re not having enough insulin starts to

Build up in your bloodstream and that’s when problems start to occur too much sugar can affect our nourish we call neuropathy it can affect our eyes could affect our brain our kidneys our heart and as well as your arteries that will cause inflammation more plaquing and potential problems which can lead to lack of oxygen to your heart that we call a heart attack

Or to your brain that we call a stroke but chromium plays a tremendous role when it comes to weight loss blood sugar stabilization optimal insulin production it will balance your blood sugars and prevent diabetes it will help reduce hunger and cravings for unhealthy foods it will help you lose weight so much easier and the research is shown over and over again

That chromium has a direct relationship with insulin when insulin is working correctly sugar can get absorbed into the cells properly and if you’re concerned that you might be at risk for diabetes or have exhibited pre-diabetic symptoms taking chromium might just be a tremendous asset and help improving your overall health and well-being and weight gain is a big

Problem it leads to lots of inflammation that excessive fat that occurs around the visceral area that we call visceral fat has a direct relationship with our organs and tissues it can affect metabolic syndrome chromium will help reduce hunger it will give you more satiety it will lead to an overall decrease in food intake it will prevent binge eating you won’t

Crave those processed and refined foods and it has a direct effect on many hormones in the body particularly ghrelin which is our hunger hormone as well as leptin which is our satiety hormone and foods that are high in chromium our broccoli beef green beans grape juice apple oysters oranges meat shellfish beans brown rice brewer’s yeast grapes as well as spinach

Although you may think you’re getting enough chromium from your foods but chromium at times could be very hard to assimilate and many other studies have shown that chromium helps the production of insulin which makes a tremendous change in helping glucose get into the cells and lowering glucose levels after meals and from the research i have found that chromium

Picolinate seems to be the best chromium to take because it’s most absorbable anywhere from 200 micrograms up to a thousand micrograms per day if you are looking to lose weight the key thing is keeping your insulin levels lower yes if you have lower carbs you’re going to have lower insulin but if you eat healthy foods your fruits and vegetables with your fibers

Your whole grains your healthy meats or eggs or whatever it is the key thing is that you need to make sure that insulin is allowing glucose to get into the cells because the more glucose that sits in your bloodstream the heart of the pancreas has to work to pump out more insulin to try to get that sugar absorbed and if you’re having too much insulin you’re going

To store more fat and if you want to reduce that insulin and allow it to work more efficiently you might want to consider getting your chromium in your diet and it just may do miraculous things for the health and wealth of your body now remember the more you exercise the more efficient glucose and insulin is going to work you need to eat the right food you need

To stay away from the process and refine foods you need to sleep because that will throw off your circadian rhythm your sleep wake cycle and that can affect hormones as well drink lots of water when you feel hungry you really may not be hungry you may be thirsty because if your body is dehydrated your brain is going to feel and think that it needs food and most

Of the time that’s not the truth so i hope you enjoyed this video please share it with your friends and family i really wish you good health to you your loved ones leave your comments below and most important make it a great day i’m dr alan mandel foreign

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1 Mineral to Reverse High Blood Sugar (Insulin Resistance & Diabetes) Dr. Mandell By motivationaldoc