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1 Month Before and After Finasteride/Dutasteride Update

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In today’s video i’m gonna give you guys my one month update of using dutastride hey my fellow follicle friends here his name is dj from carrots and brotherhood welcome back to the channel this is gonna be my one month and like a week update of using new task ride and uh guys it’s cutting a lot better i know in my last video i told you guys i was dealing with

Some serious brain fog and that was no lie i definitely had some brain fog but uh and also i i should tell you i misspoke in my last video and i put the i put a comment in there and pinned it so everybody could see it but if you hadn’t had a chance to see it i said i was taking five milligrams of detached drive when actually was 0.5 milligrams of due tasterite

So i’ve been trying to get finasteride as well i told you in my last video i wanted to add finasteride and do finasteride six days and do test ride one day but honestly i just haven’t had time to get uh back to the dermatologist right now what i’ve done is i’ve been taking dutastride um every other day okay so i take 0.5 every other day anyways what i’ll do is

I’ll put what i use here okay so besides dutastride i still uh do a few other things so i do the minoxidil once a day i do the bioener charger i still apply my essential oils in the morning and evening what i’ve seen in terms of of results from the detached dutastride it’s still too early to say i mean based on my experience with finasteride that first month

The most noticeable thing was i i stopped shedding with the finasteride but there was no like regrowth per se uh in the first month almost likewise with tetastride i have stopped shedding i told you my my two week update where i talked about the brain fog that i was still shedding i was going through a big shed and this may be because i was at the end of my shed

But honestly like the shedding is just stopped with it with the detached right i i mean i can still get like one or two hairs if i really wanted to uh like pull them out and when i wash my hands i still get you know you know 10 hairs or so but they’re they’re not like thick hairs they’re just the little thin hairs and stuff so i don’t really put a lot of thought

Into that i know i know some people like to count their hairs and like oh my god i got 13 hairs in my hand like what is this i had 12 yesterday i i’m not that intense about the shedding in terms of like you know numbers of hairs visually i am not shedding as bad as i was two weeks ago or three or three weeks ago were there uh i i asked my wife because i can’t see

The back of my head i was like i can look in the mirror and stuff but it’s it’s really hard for me to gauge what i see uh in the mirror because your bathroom is probably the same way there’s a huge ass light and it’s usually fluorescent and so trying to see your hair in the bathroom uh you got this basically a sun shining on the top of your head so it creates a

Huge like spotlight and it’s hard to see if your hair is is actually getting thicker or not over the short term so i have my wife give me updates and i say hey how’s my hair looking or you know what do you think and so i asked her a week ago i said what do you notice about my crown which i’ll show you in a second and what she said was it doesn’t seem like you’re

Getting more hair however it seems like the hairs that are there look thicker uh so that makes any sense to you so that that was shocking for me because if you remember back in my finasteride updates go back to the third month my three month finasteride update that was one of the biggest changes i noticed in three months was uh i did notice the number of hairs uh

Increased in my crown remember my crown it was pretty much bald guys but the the thickness of the hairs is what shocked me like how thick the hairs got and with this dutastride like my hairs look thicker so let’s go ahead and take a look now again i got this huge ass spotlight here and i also have two like led light bulb bars above my head here but anyways you

Can see the top of my head is what it always is and i’m stop talking for a second so you guys can just take a look i don’t know if you noticed it i noticed it when i looked in the mirror uh over a couple days ago and i i keep photo journals of you know my hair and stuff i have noticed exactly what my wife said the hairs have gotten thicker now this is exciting

Because i mean like i said i’ve already been on finasteride or had been off an asteroid for like over two years and so i had pretty much seen what i was going to get my hair loss stabilized however i’m looking to see if i can actually keep the hairs from falling out man i’m tired of the shedding phases dude i’m just tired of the shedding so i’m hoping that this

Uh is going to solve the issue of the shedding now what i want to do here real quick here which is different what i normally do in my update videos if you watch to this point thank you what i want to do is i want to go through some of the questions that were left on my uh previous update video and so what i’ll do in these update videos for uh dutastride is i will

Actually look at the comments um during the update video so if you guys love comments i gotta honestly i just don’t have time to respond to comments anymore and i feel bad because i used to when i was a small creator with like 200 500 1 000 subscribers i could get in there and i can have conversations with you guys but these days i just have no time so in order

To maximize my time and also make make sure you guys understand they’re not trying to ignore you if you leave a comment let’s take a look at some of the comments left on the previous update videos and in each subsequent update video in the future i’ll uh dedicate the last half of the video to answering your questions that you left in the comments so let’s go

Ahead and take a look at some of the comments that were left uh on the last update video uh it’s really early in the morning been up since like five o’clock uh doing some things okay oh please up down here so brain fog the brain fog is gone i think i mentioned already but the brain fog is gone it actually it persisted for about another two or three days after

The update this update video here um i had that brain fog but now it has since gone away uh no sexual side effects my sex life is fine i don’t have any sexual side effects uh i again i don’t feel anything outside of the brain fog which is also gone as well my advice is stop using before it’s too late yeah i get comments like this a lot and guys you’re you are

Entitled to your to your opinion and to your advice and i always appreciate you know offering advice to the community because these comments aren’t just for me anybody that sees these comments they can apply that to their own life um but my my frame of thought is if i’m not experiencing serious side effects uh i don’t really uh consider myself like oh i got i just

Don’t feel as um fearful i guess is the word you use i want i don’t want to use the word fearful but um i used to be a medic i was a medic in the military for like five years and i i did advance a p classes because i thought i wanted to become a doctor so i’ve done advanced amp and i’ve also done microbiology and stuff so i kind of have a general understanding of

How hormones work in the body and i i don’t know i just my alarm is going off i i weigh the pros and the cons i weigh the pros and the cons and i mean like this uh mt also said the same thing be careful with the with the hashtag it is what it is man it is what it is and if i notice that i have problems or if i’m having problems then i will obviously across that

Bridge when i come to it but it’s not i heard the same things when i was taking finasteride that’s what i’m saying and you know some people have side effects man some people just can’t deal with the drug you know and for those people i i i generally i genuinely feel uh bad because there’s not a lot of other options outside finasteride and detached right right so

If you do experience side effects guys don’t use my videos as a reason for you to keep taking a drug that is causing you issues like definitely stop and i would do the same thing if i was having issues i would definitely stop using the drug and consult with my doctors to find out what my next steps should be but yeah uh these are serious they are serious jokes

Man anytime you’re altering hormones dude it’s serious but what else can we do right uh are you still considering um check these out are you still considering doing like like uh hairliciously aaron from hair reliciously said he said he’s gonna hook me with s p so we’ll see he got his uh he got his license for s p uh if he comes out to south korea maybe we’ll

Link up and we’ll get it done and we’ll see if it can happen couldn’t handle the side effects see this is the thing that like i see a lot of people talk about the side effects and it seems like based on the sample size that a lot of people are having side effects but you all have to you have to understand that most people who don’t experience side effects aren’t

Going to talk about it they’re not very vocal you can go on reddit like the trustless forums on reddit and literally all you see is side effects right nobody’s posting like hey guys i’ve been on financial aid for a year and zero side effects like nobody talks about not having the side effects you only see people talking about the side effects and that’s universal

Across all drugs right you know even with the we can go back to like the coronavirus or the kobit 19 vaccine like you know the uh johnson and johnson was causing blood clots in women you know and like that’s a it’s if you look at what they the news it makes seem like it’s a serious problem but we’re talking about one dose out of millions one person got blood clots

And that’s not to say that that person who died because of the blood clots their life was not important or it was it’s not something we’re talking about or looking into what causes those blood clots but you also have to keep you know you have to look at the numbers um rationally okay so if you guys are experiencing side effects do you like seriously stop the drug

But out of the hundreds of thousands millions of people that are using financial aid to detach drive the number of people actually experiencing uh side effects like i had the brain fog a few weeks ago like if that brain fog had continued definitely i would have stopped the drug but it’s like i said it’s just not as bad as it seems i mean i’m not trying to say

You guys the side effects aren’t bad but uh most people who take the drugs take the drugs um without any kind of events they just take it and it’s good to go right um so understand guys i’m not saying that your side effects are not important or that we shouldn’t you know if you’re if you’re having side effects you should keep taking the drug but understand most

People who don’t have side effects aren’t going to say that they don’t have side effects because why why would you talk about it it’s like there’s nothing to talk about um i haven’t watched much here you seem like cool dude my daughter thinks i’m a cool dude my three-year-old uh almost four-year-old thinks i’m a cool dude and that all that matters to me is that

My daughter thinks i’m a cool dude thank you hopefully the brain the brain dog hopefully the brain fog diminishes soon yeah when i first started taking finasteride i had headaches i didn’t have any brain fog but i had like a splitting headache for like a week um which obviously subsided and i continued with my finasteride for another two years after that but

Uh yes the brain fog is going away uh hopefully one day we get rid of this nightmare yo real dude like i remember i was having nightmares about when i when i first started losing my hair i was having nightmares dude because it’s a traumatic experience man and anybody who tells you you just beat a or you know firstly stop the toxic masculinity but secondly you

Know like we’re human beings man like our waking what happens in our waking hours affects us when our our brains are trying to consolidate and process information when you’re sleeping i mean you you can get nightmares from anything when we were kids we had nightmares because we thought something lived under our bed um it’s just sometimes it’s not rational to to

When you see people having um these types of impacts with their hair loss but it can it can do it man it can do it we’re just humans dude and it’s not to say that anybody’s weaker or stronger than anybody else it’s just some people are affected in some ways others are affected in different ways i was one of those people when i first started losing my hair i used

To get nightmares man i had nightmares i don’t want to come nightmares like i i felt like a monster was attacking me but i definitely uh woke up feeling uh hopeless or a sense of despair or impending doom and uh yeah i never really talked about that so appreciate that bro topicals i’m gonna have to make a video about this uh about topicals because honestly guys

The reason why i don’t use topicals uh outside of minoxidil um topical finasteride topical dutasteride asteroid ru number number number whatever it’s called i have a house i live in a house with two women my wife and my four almost four-year-old daughter i don’t want to take the risk of using a topical when i have two women living in the house that i sit on the

Couch and my head rubs against the couch or my daughter tries to grab me and hug me and she grabs she touches my head while i have it on i don’t even need that risk so for me again uh weighing the risk versus the benefits it’s not worth it for to me to use topicals beyond minoxidil um so no i have never used a topical uh dutastride i’ve been on uh hashtag seven

Months no sides see this is what i like i like this right here guys i like that when uh obviously i’m not the only person taking the test rider from asteroids so when you guys give your updates like this uh it allows people to join the conversation so it’s not about me you know it’s about us and this is one of the great things about you know having this channel

Is the guys you can see a larger sample size beyond just me the creator you guys can talk to each other i like that um someone’s produced too much dt i i agree man i mean more plays more dates uh knows far more about that than i do i but yeah some people produce more than others and the idea is that dht is what causes the majority of our male pattern baldness

So um yeah no sides whatsoever no sights on finn either no issues check your thyroid gland um i had my thyroid checked a few years ago there was no issues there um so yeah actually i had my thyroid check because of fatigue but it wasn’t due to any kind of thyroid issues you’re supposed to cut yeah yes okay again all right 0.5 not five milligrams my bad for miss

Speaking so yes why don’t you just use why don’t i i do again i don’t use topical drugs besides minoxidil um but also this is you talk about dutasterides not could play with like that from what i’ve seen just you know from from comments like that’s not to play with um and then i don’t i cannot say that i would ever use that that’s never it doesn’t even on my

Radar to use that so yeah i’m gonna go through a couple more of these and we’ll stop the video i had to give up due to ocular side effects dry eyes and vis wow that’s that’s scary bro um yeah actually it makes me think of uh viagra i think it’s called significant is the name of the generic name of the drug but yeah people are experiencing like vision changes

And in extreme cases some vision loss from using viagra dude like yeah sorry i want to be able to see i ain’t trying to be go blind for my hair loss because i won’t be able to see if i’m growing hair or not definitely don’t don’t don’t continue taking the drug there and harry growth with alex on youtube he’s got the best results from finn and men do you do

Microneedling um a couple things here i don’t know this guy uh here where we go with alex to be honest with you guys i don’t really watch other hair loss channels um i did early in my hair loss journey but as a creator i just tend to make my videos and that’s pretty much it i don’t i don’t really go on youtube to watch her last videos just because of i have too

Many other things happening right now um but good on alex for making a channel and talking about his journey best maybe i don’t know i mean best is is so subjective you know i’m the best something is is is always subjective um and it varies from person to person but if you got good results man that’s great and do you do micro needling no i stopped derma rolling

Over a year ago and i’m not going back did i notice a change again it’s like how do you measure i have too many other things uh impacting my hair regrowth uh journey you know my i don’t do microneedling but you detasteride it was finasteride minoxidil essential oils uh the uh bioener charger for the electrotrichogenesis there’s so many other things that i do

But it’s like what causes the hair growth yeah it’s hard to say so no i didn’t notice a huge change after i stopped microneedling so i’m assuming that it didn’t really do much for me after i added uh finasteride to my regimen i don’t i don’t see myself going back to doing it though all right i’m gonna stop here guys thanks again for tuning into the video if i

Didn’t get to your question here ask me again in this video and hopefully i can get it uh get to it in the next video uh for the updates okay i always appreciate you guys stopping by my name is dj from carriage and brotherhood i’ll see you the next video

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