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10 Best Calcium-Rich Foods for Kids

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A mother needs to be careful about her kid’s diet as the right amount of nutrition in the growing years ensures good health and fitness later in life. Calcium is essential for the formation of healthy teeth in babies and young children. It is useful for building muscles and helps in improving metabolism too. Maintaining adequate levels of calcium in the body during the formative years of your little one protects him against bone deformation, kidney disorders, and osteoporosis.

10 best calcium-rich foods for kids calcium is among the most important nutrients for growing kids it aids the formation and development of bones and teeth and helps maintain bone density and bone mass during adolescence so if you are wondering which calcium-rich foods you can feed your kid you are at the right place 10 best calcium-rich foods for children 1.

Dairy products dairy products such as cow’s milk yogurt and cheese are excellent sources of calcium if your kid does not like milk you may substitute it with yogurt and cheese it is recommended that you include at least one serving of dairy product every day in your little one’s diet two oranges oranges are not only rich in calcium but also contains vitamin c

Potassium magnesium and folate it is recommended that you give fresh orange juice instead of fortified juices three soy soy is a healthy dose of ion fiber and minerals like phosphorus magnesium and thiamine you can use soy products like soy milk soy yogurt and tofu to prepare delicious recipes soy milk is also a good alternative for children who are lactose

Intolerant 4 almonds almonds boost brain power and memory and are an excellent source of calcium you can feed almonds in the form of almond butter almond milk or milkshake five green vegetables many green vegetables such as spinach okra broccoli amaranth french beans cluster beans green peas etc are also an excellent source of calcium you can disguise the

Vegetables and prepare interesting recipes like mixed stir fried vegetables curries vegetable cutlets baked vegetable patties pizzas wraps etc 6. beans and lentils beans and lentils like white kidney beans navy beans chickpeas and soy beans are excellent sources of calcium you may cook them in the form of curries or make interesting recipes like patties cheesy

Bean quesadillas hummus black beans with rice etc seven cereals rargai bhajra brown rice etc contain high amounts of calcium you can try different recipes like no bake health bars or cookies for a crunchy treat for snack time eight fish and meat red meat chicken and fish such as tuna trout shrimp horde salmon and sardines are excellent sources of calcium you

Can prepare fish and meat curries or feed them to your little one in the form of wraps or nuggets nine sesame seeds sesame seeds are superfoods rich in calcium and famous for their nutty taste they can be added to salads pasta soups bread etc 10. eggs eggs provide high amounts of protein and vitamins but they also have a considerable amount of calcium which

Helps strengthen their bones and teeth if you feel your child is eating poorly or is not getting enough calcium you should consult your doctor and get supplements prescribed for him

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