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10 Minute Naloxone Training

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Sally Kneath, a pharmacist at Swansea Drugs Project, demonstrates their naloxone training on independent trainer and consultant Danny Morris.

Oh no.1 mills pastes and 20 you write for cookers i could do it a few actually egg my mom i hope everybody they’re gonna throw away one short yes and you want to citric a bit see incision please um just a quick question do you heard of naloxone yes yeah yeah you know drug yeah we’ve been talking and some friends of yeah yeah do a service now where we can train you

To use a kit and provide you with one that’s something you be interested yeah people be talking about it but i’m also sure how long it took oh 10 minutes 15 minutes pop through to the next room and we’ll get it done anyone have a seat so daniel will talk overdose overdose is the major cause of death amongst injecting drug users mainly opioids most fatal overdoses

Are preventable because they happen when somebody else’s there okay so with naloxone you’re in an ideal position if you listened if it goes over to to prevent somebody dying they will teach me how to use this so opioids the major cause of death among drug users opioids that includes methadone to subutex 3hc morphine as well as heroin okay so that’s the unempioyed

Overdoses can be from any of those drugs some heroin inject some 14 times more likely to die than other other drug users you can still go over if you’re smoking heroin injecting absolutely much bigger riskier okay so risk factors so people more at risk of going over our heroin injectors users who are older male and people males that might have long history of

Drug use you know takes its toll on your liver and your kidneys when heroin is used with other drugs like valium alcohol that pushes your risk of going over way out there people who’ve got low tolerance so they’ve recently been abstinent from drug use so if you haven’t used for more than three days the amount of heroin you need to get same effect is much lower so

What if you’ve had a break from using you shouldn’t go in at the same dose so if you’re if you just be released from prison moses laughs all remember your tolerance it’s going to drop you’re going to get much greater skipping over and then she’s dug for a few days yes right yeah three days other risk factors people with mental health issues or people who are very

Depressed can be more and more at risk of overdose that’s more of a sort of until you less care about what they’re doing not really thinking too much about the future now i might go without extra bag or you know just going to push it a bit further so those people are in high-risk groups of going over an occasional users who aren’t really sure about what doses they

Use or you know what is safe for them they’re still going over as well so if you’re in a group of users in this somebody that there’s not pressure what they’re doing there were a really high risk that they could do something badly wrong and go over so the more you know more knowledge you have about how to deal with something like that if you were to happen then

The better how would you recognize an overdose and you’ve probably seen yourself a year you can’t wake the person up they’ve got a horrible rattling breathing horrible snoring bass to discourage so okay it is they might be blue their lips might be blue their fingernails will be blue they’ll be cold little proper you just can’t wake them up and it’s different and

It’s different from somebody that’s couching that’s sir that’s used but it’s still breathing the edge with a day and that night so yeah yeah you can get a response on somebody that’s just just used and it’s just sketching out but overdose it’s different and what you must do what you shouldn’t do but what won’t help them shaking them don’t shake them don’t slap them

Around get a response it won’t work don’t put cold water on them don’t stick them in a cold bath don’t inject them with a stimulant like amphetamine that will not help the don’t inject the miss a lime or salt there’s lots of myths that people think i will do this this will fix the situation none of those things will work so sorry i’ve done lots of those things and

Is saying they refer it now that’s not don’t know it doesn’t help so if you’re in you might come across something in the street and you might be in the room that doesn’t it goes over and what you must do is approach that person with care okay mother any use needles around roman glass make sure that you’re not at risk you’re going to help this person but you don’t

Put yourself in any unnecessary danger so check for hazards and try wake them up so cool a name give them a little shade and give you a hint of student of very difficulty he does the first area knuckles on the breast bone if they’re go tune if they’re just you know if they’re in a very nice place um that will wake them up you’ll get over spots if you do that okay

If they’ve overdosed you’re not going to get any preference okay and in that situation that’s when you want to be thinking this isn’t right i need some help all right you need to phone an ambulance so if you can’t wake them up ambulance is the first thing you do because once you’ve made that my my line call you know that there are people can on their way that will

Know what to do as soon as they get there they will take over all that scariness about that person is our window so always call ambulance first then breathing the way a heroin overdose will kill you is by stopping breathing so you need to check make sure that the person’s breathing if they are breathing you put them in the recovery position and you just stay wet

Just a quick reminder know that yeah that’s as good they taught us and they said to us yeah don’t worry yeah pee but the idea is long as you get them on their side and they stay there so like they are going to be sick or something it’s also concern you know – exactly so uh we go out yoga practice and sessions room now with the breathing slows down or the breathing

Stops this is what i would use the naloxone it reverses the effects of the heroin but it only lasts for 20 minutes so it what it does it eyes you sometime okay so it just reverses that the up the overdose but just for 20 minutes and don’t forget that you could bring them here some round with the naloxone they can wake up and say off cheers danny i’m off and they can

Walk around the pool and go again because the heroin is still in the system so just remember it’s temporary it’s a 20 minute thing please encourage the person to stay with you until the ambulance arrives it won’t work if they’ve gone over on valium or antidepressants or any other drug it literally is just for opioids okay and so remember naloxone books on over your

Employees and no side effects it will it causes withdrawal that are very mild withdrawal not the massive clock that you you say especially helpful but not for very long they said okay okay because you can’t be doing it to the muscle and that into the vein it just is much more gentler we’re working back two to five minutes more instantly like that’s level of done

Having in the mess with those quick is going into vein is it takes it on longer so naloxone it’s only available on prescription you can’t just buy it 30 degrees but i can give it to you we’ve got a special arrangement here we can supply it to you and just remember the law allows any any member the public to give naloxone to a person that they think may have gone

Over on heroin okay so it’s it’s legal to give this to any member of the public suspected of having overdosed on heroin methadone sub it takes any opioid drug you can’t be prosecuted for trying to save that person’s life okay so i’ll just show you what’s implicit you’ve got some swabs in an emergency situation you might not have time to use those but they’re there

If you need them okay you have a two mil syringe yeah little needle that’s your filipino boxer okay and low that’s all there is to it so you put it you put them put a needle and syringe together we can drop the naloxone i’ll just go through a way where and how you would give it so you identify the injecting site remember you’ve got person in the recovery position

So you’ve got a big fine muscle just waiting for inject so what you do is put it into the business on the side attach these into the syringe tap the ampule to remove them the liquid from the neck of the the amp you want snap it insert the needle and draw up the naloxone okay so you’re going to give the injection into the bigger muscle of the thigh this one here or

You could also use the muscle in the arm it’s easier to give it into the fire because it’s a much bigger muscle that’s why use your blue needle yes because it’s going into the muscle and i can just go through close you can go through thin layers of clothes like like this would be fine in thin denim i’ll also be fine obviously check your car keys and wallets because

It’s not going to go through those so you’re injecting to the large muscle only after thigh hold the syringe like a dart so it’s it’s an intramuscular injection nominee to be restricted remember so you’re holding it at 90 degrees to the skin pull the skin if you’ve got if you’re up if the person’s got a bit meat on them stretch the skin and then needle goes in

At 90 degrees like that okay you can let go with the syringe it’s nest a where it is really hand so you just pressing the plunger there very very slowly okay goes in slowly and steadily when you put the needle in you want to leave about two millimeters of new york visible so didn’t you don’t stick it all the way in you’ve got it just too much visible how do you

Do that so if the new york austere snap or something was to happen you’d be able to to get the new camera yeah you remove the needle in the syringe and then put it in the pop you’ve got it out or so itself being a creative industry how did that come onto the pot because when the ambulance arrives you’re going to need to tell them what you’ve done so if you’ve got

The pot you can show them look at just given in this keep it in the same place let people know it’s people that you use with let them know where it is and what it is encourage everybody that you know that uses agar to kind of have the training get their own kit more kids throughout they’re never more lives that can be saved if you’re going to carry it if you’re

Going to carry it with you and make sure that the business okay so something used if you use your kit come back and get another one for us okay i’m will contact you when it’s expired to remind you to replace it with anything okay that’s it that’s it so one truster thank you dying yes feels good thank you i hope you don’t ever be to use it but if you do make sure

You come back and get another marker all right you

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