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10 multiple sclerosis symptoms that I deal with 10 years after diagnosis #5 emotional lability

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Hi my name is andy bailey from the ms video diary  channel on youtube welcome to my channel this   video is part of a series of videos i’m making  about 10 things that i still have to deal with   sclerosis this video is about emotional lability   it’s not liability it’s liability it’s it’s that  the term that explains um extremes

Of emotion out   of context or within for example like laughing  at a funeral and for me personally what triggers   doing something proud the olympics off like oh   good boy or good girl the paralympics are shut  up that kills me that does so i don’t watch those   kind of things what else triggers me when when uh  service

Men or women come home and surprise their   kids like turn around and then i see it and they  go and there’s um what is it oh the classic one   oh daddy my daddy that gets me every time but it’s  not just emotional things like being a wuss or   being a little cry baby or something like it’s not  that it’s a chemical thing in your

Brain but it   could also be anger so you get really angry i’ve  got to tell you something i’m going to shake my   fist at you oh i’m getting emotional labillious  there but one thing i have learned to do   to deal with this um the inevitable that  happens if you do stuff when you feel like this is   happy or proud or

You want to help talk to   someone that doesn’t have emotional ability and  if someone else agrees with you you’ll be fine but   more often than not they’re saying what you doing  shut up because um tina does have which you would   but that’s emotional ability that’s one   on after my diagnosis of multiple sclerosis   i love you

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10 multiple sclerosis symptoms that I deal with 10 years after diagnosis #5 emotional lability By multiple sclerosis Vlog