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10 Reasons to Avoid Soy Products in Your Diet

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Look i’m gonna come right out and level with you i don’t want to demonize a bunch of foods that’s not my style and more about promoting positivity and what you should eat but there’s some foods that just deserve their own video so you can really learn why you should avoid them and when it comes to soy the odds are just stacked against them they’ve got so many things

Going against some you should not be putting this stuff in your body so let’s go ahead and let’s break it down but before we dive in please do hit that red subscribe button and also hit that little bell icon so you can turn on notifications and i highly recommend you check out magic spoon down below in the description if you like cereal then you’re gonna love this

Stuff okay they are a low-carb cereal that they’re calling themselves like an adult cereal because you get all these cool kid flavors that you used to enjoy in your kid but you get to have them as an adult so anyway big thingy – magic spoon for sponsoring this video and for supporting this channel the best way that you can support this channel is by supporting the

Sponsors so please do check them out down below in the description and get some special savings as well we’re gonna start this video with the estrogen side of things talking about it from a women perspective and a men perspective so first off estrogen as far as women are concerned okay soy is a phytoestrogen okay a phytoestrogen means that it’s structurally similar

To estrogen although it’s not literally estrogen but as far as its concerned inside the body it still binds to estrogen receptors and the body thinks that it is estrogen okay what this ends up doing is it ends up pounding the estrogen receptor with too much estrogen and there’s a lot of studies that indicate that this is not exactly the best thing for a female

The american journal of clinical nutrition published a study it took a look at over 76,000 women and indicated that there is an increased risk of breast cancer associated with high soy consumption soy isoflavones okay that’s just one piece of the equation but it’s stand out and it’s large and it’s impactful so i want to mention it and with men there was a study

Was published in cancer and epidemiological biomarkers previews that demonstrated that soy protein consumption led to a significant decrease in testosterone and then there was another follow-up study that found that men that consumed soy foods ended up having a significantly lower sperm count okay what is happening here once again with men the estrogen is binding

To the estrogen receptor and it’s triggering the decline of testosterone and it’s triggering more aromatization and more creation of more estrogen so it goes down this vicious circle where we end up really skewing the ratio of the proper hormones we should have as human beings now let’s move over to one that’s really interesting and doesn’t have a lot of concrete

Science it’s kind of all over the place but either way it’s kind of alluding to one powerful thing soy messes with our hormones and in this case we’re talking fiery sometimes we see massive increases sometimes we see decreases so one study that’s published in the american journal of clinical nutrition found that soy consumption led to a decrease in t3 and t4 are

Primary thyroid hormones and then another study that’s published in journal in turkey knology metabolism found that it triggered an increase and it all depends on the person so what we’re starting to see and what we could kind of imply or hypothesize is that if you are hypothyroid soy could affect your thyroid in a negative manner that way and if you’re already

Somewhat hyper thyroid it could affect you negatively in that manner the point is it’s triggering effects one way or the other that shouldn’t be occurring okay next up we talked about sappin ins the sapan ins are what are called an immunological adjuvant now what that means is it triggers inflammation it triggers the activation of our immune system now when this

Happens we have pro-inflammatory cytokines pro inflammatory mediators that cascade throughout our body and cause all kinds of issues the hard part and according to the journal of toxicology that also ends up increasing intestinal permeability which means that we can trigger more inflammation via lipopolysaccharides getting through our gut and into our blood okay

The biggest problem with saponins is they’re not destroyed during heating okay so you can cook soy to your heart’s desire and it’s not going to break down the sapan ins you’re still going to have this inflammatory response that occurs directly just from the components of soy itself but while we’re talking about inflammation let’s talk about the oil that’s derived

From soy soybean oil he is pure omega-6 oh i shouldn’t say pyramid it’s next to grape seed oil the highest omega-6 content oil that’s out there very fragile oil very low quality and it’s barely shelf stable but it’s so cheap and so mass-produced we find it in every okay it’s omnipresent in just about everything you could imagine and that’s what makes it so darn

Dangerous and because it’s so unstable and already pro-inflammatory they usually have to hydrogenate it to even make it more stable so you have a double whammy of inflammatory oil plus it’s been hydrogenated turned into a trans fat do the math not good stuff you could find it everything in processed foods you’re gonna find it in peanut butter you’ll find it in a

Lot of chocolates you’re gonna find it in tons of breakfast foods and things like that so just be really careful and speaking of breakfast i’ll mention again i put a link down below for magic spoon if you want to try some good low carb heat oh friendly cereal i really do recommend you check them out again big thank you to them so please do check them out after

This video i know i’m pushing you a little bit with it but honestly just haven’t lived until you try it okay next thing is going to be oxalates people constantly complain about oxalates and almonds and spinach okay let me explain what oxalates are they’re really not the biggest deal in the world our liver naturally produces oxalic acid already produces oxalates

Okay but what oxalates do when they come in in an abundance and food form is they chelate minerals they chelate with magnesium and things like that and they chelate to them and they bind to them so hard that the enzymes within our body cannot break that bond down so we end up excreting it in our stool which means we’re not absorbing the minerals now this isn’t as

Profound as people make it sound but when it’s combined with the saphenous combined with the omega-3s combined with the other just compounding effects of soy you have a big problem right yeah that’s what we have to be careful with which leads me into the next piece phytic acid very similar to oxalates except phytic acid binds and has a stronger affinity for things

Like magnesium which is very important but it tends to bind to vitamin b12 now who is consuming an abundance of soy usually vegans that aren’t educated on what they’re consuming or vegetarians that aren’t really educated on what they’re consuming and putting in their body so they consume an abundance of soy there’s already a significant deficiency in vitamin b12

And a lot of vegans and vegetarians so then all of a sudden you’re stuck with this situation where not only are you not going to be 12 the b12 that you are getting in is getting chelated by the phytic acid fortunately fighting acid broken-down the fermentation process so if you’re eating tempeh or any kind of fermented soy that’s not as much of an issue okay then

There’s another piece okay we’re talking about chelation enzymes things like that there are some pretty powerful enzyme inhibitors within soy okay the enzyme inhibitors within soy are sort of the natural protection against parasites for the soy to begin with okay so basically what these enzyme inhibitors do is what a parasite comes into the soybean it gets acted upon

By these enzyme inhibitors and it kills the parasite well this translates over to us to these enzyme inhibitors basically make it so that our enzymes aren’t able to do their job as well which therefore makes us that the pancreas has to produce more enzymes to try to digest our food well this puts stress on the pancreas which isn’t good for the body it puts stress

On digestion it can potentially lead to pancreatic hyperplasia where the pancreas enlarges because it’s working so hard just not a good thing at all right all right two more things we have to talk about this next one is wild and it’s not discussed a lot there are unnatural amino acids that are in soy when soy is processed it is processed and it creates a new amino

Acid that is unnatural it’s called lyso alanine and lyso alanine is not recognized by our body in fact only about 40% of it’s actually digested and broken down which doing the math leaves us with 60% of an unnatural protein random amino acid i’m not sure when we know acid floating around through our body what is it doing could be triggering inflammation at the very

Least it’s not digesting and causing some discomfort there it’s just a mystery and the processing is not good and when we look further at the processing it leads us to number 10 which is the use of hexane hexane is a solvent that they use to dhole the soy okay now it doesn’t sound too bad so you realize that this is what’s used in shoemaking in furniture-making to

Sort of help make the process easier and help d halt stuff and strip things and stuff like that okay here’s what’s wild there’s no real fda regulation on how much hexane is safe in soybean right and soybeans are soybean oil right but when they look at fish they say okay fish are allowed to have five parts per million hexane well soy has twenty-one parts per million

Hexane but because there’s no regulation no he knows this that’s what’s scary so fish which is heavily regulated they say you can’t have more than five parts per million but soy has 21 parts per million so clearly we know where the line is with safety and probably shouldn’t be consuming this stuff so if you’re gonna have soy try to have it in the fermented form

It’s just a lot safer but realistically avoid at all cost and again big thank you to magic spoon don’t forget to check them out down below in the description and don’t forget to hit that red subscribe button i’ll see you tomorrow

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10 Reasons to Avoid Soy Products in Your Diet By Thomas DeLauer