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10 Side effects of Statins

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This video examines 10 side effects of Statin drugs.This video delves in to the side effects as well as remedies to help with side effects.

Are you on a statin drug are you having side effects this video will look at the 10 most common side effects of certain drugs coming up i’m dr john board certified in internal medicine as well as geriatric medicine this channel is here to promote your health and your well-being in the description below you’ll see different chapters and you can jump to the chapters

Which you’re interested in drugs used to lower your lipids they used most importantly to lower ldl cholesterol ldl cholesterol is sometimes referred to as your bad cholesterol high ldl levels can raise your risk of cardiovascular disease when your lipids are elevated this condition is called hyperlipidemia hyperlipidemia can increase your risk of cardiovascular

Disease you would be at an increased risk for heart attacks strokes or even peripheral vascular disease auditions have something in common your blood vessels can get clogged up with fatty deposits and this in turn affects blood flow in your vessels that’s why if these vessels get too narrow they will limit the amount of blood flowing to your particular organ and

If the heart is affected you’re at an increased risk for a heart attack and if your brain is affected you’re an increased risk for a brain attack also known as stroke and if you are peripheral vessels are affected you’re an increased risk for pain when you’re walking here the most common statins and i’ve included both the generic name as well as the brand names

All drugs may cause side effects there will be always some people who have no or any mild side effects others might have even moderate to severe side effects leading to discontinuation of their medication if you do have side effects talk your healthcare provider for next steps and advice this video will look at the 10 most common side effects as well as steps to

Reduce them adverse events causing muscle pain and aches occur in varying frequency and according to upto appear reviewed online journal about 2 to 11 of individuals are affected and there’s a low frequency of 0.5 percent for myone necrosis a breakdown of your muscle tissue and 0.1 percent for rhabdomyolysis this is a direct to indirect injury of your

Muscle tissue which can lead to kidney failure if you’re interested in a more detailed video of what types of muscle injuries are caused by statins and how to reduce or eliminate pain check this video out in fact the type of injury to your muscles has a variety of names the most common being a medical term referred to as myalgia you’ll have a feeling of saunas

Stiffness or tenderness in your muscles sometimes this is described as a cramp the best way of comparing this is if you’ve ever had a viral infection like the flu that’s the type of pain you might be experiencing another type of injury to your muscles is referred to as myopathy which just means your muscle is weaker you may have pain and discomfort with this

Weakness then there’s a muscle information where you will feel muscle discomfort and soreness this is called myositis a step worse than this is a term called myone necrosis well because of muscle breakdown a marker called ck is released and can be measured the worst type of this is rhabdomyolysis where during this muscle breakdown a protein is released from your

Muscles and it’s created in your urine you can also have acute renal failure with this condition i’m now going to list some statin medications with an increased risk for muscle injury lovastatin simostatin and atorvastatin the reason is the way it is metabolized in your body some other stat rugs have low risks as they are metabolized differently thus having

Less of a risk fluvastatin pravastatin and pitifostatin the ability to cause muscle injury among the different statins also depends on the statin dose the higher those the higher the risk other risk factors for statin-induced injury a medication which interacts with the statin untreated thyroid disease hypothyroidism high statin doses history muscle symptoms

With other cholesterol lowering drugs what are some of the things you and your healthcare provider can do if you do have muscle pain while on statin here are seven tips number one discontinue the drug waiting for resolution of symptoms your symptoms like mentioned earlier should resolve within a couple of weeks number two your doctor might lower the dose of your

Statin or even change the class of statin to an alternate class of drug number three another approach is to give the drug every other day number four if symptoms persist switch to a non-statin therapy such as niacin fibrates and a newer class of drugs called pcsk9 inhibitors or bile acid sequestions can be also used such as cholesterolamine however more importantly

Lifestyle changes are the most important thing you can do to help reduce your cholesterol level diet and exercise number five sometimes vitamin d is lower and your doctor might choose to re-challenge you once the level has improved and after being replenished with an appropriate dose of vitamin d number six your doctor might add coins on q10 doses can range from

30 to 250 milligrams per day coenzyme q10 plays a role in muscle cell energy production therefore this supplement is suggested to help muscle related problems caused by statins the studies are mixed and there is a meta-analysis on the screen which did show benefit have a discussion with your healthcare provider about adding this supplement question of the day are

You on a statin and do you have muscle aches leave a comment in the section below if you’re an october statin or another statin here is a playlist you would be interested in the journal of family medicine the frequency of headaches with statins was in order to be 2 to 17 if the headaches continue to be an issue with you over the counter medications such as tylenol

Or synonyms acetaminophen can be used however if the headaches do not improve or even become worse talk to your healthcare provider as there might be another cause for your headaches a rare adverse event is a statin-induced increased risk for intracerable hemorrhage intracellable hemorrhage is another way of saying you had a brain bleed and this is caused by a

Ruptured blood vessels so in other words for patients who are on a statin therapy with a history for brain bleed their reoccurrence rate was 73 percent higher for patients taking statins compared to placebo one of the hallmarks of this presentation is a very severe headache and would need immediate medical attention in in the emergency room the incidence of gi side

Effects is about one to seven percent what a common gi side effects these would include nausea and vomiting diarrhea abdominal pain and constipation if you do have constipation follow a high fiber diet and hydrate well these side effects should be self-limiting however if you continue to have symptoms talk to your healthcare provider about possible stomach related

Medication side effects and possibly rule out other causes fatigue feeling tired is seen by about one to four percent of people taking statin drugs you feel like you’re having low energy and weak and you’re not motivated to do activities throughout the day if you do feel like that make sure that you’re following a heart-healthy diet and continue to stay active

By moving walking should be good enough make sure that you sleep well as well as take plenty of rest and breaks throughout the day if your day allows for it even a 20 minute power nap will do wonders this is extremely rare and the exact frequency is not defined adverse events were also described in post-marketing surveys a sign of liver damage could be elevated

Liver enzymes during lab draws ions and symptoms would include low energy abdominal pain dark urine jaundice i.e yellowing of your eyes and skin loss of appetite indeed a very curious adverse side effect and seen in 1 to 16 of individuals some of the symptoms you might experience are runny nose cough or sore throat you can use over-the-counter medications such as

Cough drops or cough liquid to help with symptom management as always a non-pharmacological approach is preferred as such as drinking tea with honey or garging your mouth with salt water here i’m quoting from the journal of family practice recent studies have found an increased risk of new onset type 2 diabetes and statin uses with an increased risk associated

With higher potency statins including rosuastatin and atorvastatin if you are a new user of a cholesterol lowering drug make sure your healthcare provider is monitoring your blood sugars during routine blood draws signs and symptoms of hypoglycemia which means elevated blood glucose levels include fatigue abdominal pain nausea and vomiting episodes of confusion

Increase thirst and dry mouth shortness of breath combined with weight loss the numbers for the risk of developing diabetes appear to be small nonetheless your healthcare provider should be checking your blood sugars and discussing the risks versus benefits for your individual situation depending on your other comorbidities age and other medications you are on

Drugs like other drugs can cause allergic side effects if you do have difficulty breathing chest pain sweating of your face and lips hives difficulty swallowing or swelling in your throat call your health care provider as soon as possible as these might be signs and symptoms of a severe allergic reaction and you might have to go to the emergency room here’s a

Study that looked at this and concluded the risk for cataract is increased among statin uses as compared with non-users the risk benefit ratio of statin use specifically for primary prevention should be carefully weighed and further studies are warranted aging is the most common cause for cataracts therefore if this is an issue while you’re on this drug and your

Concerns have a discussion with your doctor or with your health care provider if you’re stuck as long congratulations i really appreciate this and in the next couple of weeks i’ll be looking at a series of videos which have to all do with this team including statins and memory another video looking at cholesterol numbers and explaining them in layman’s terms as

Well as a deep dive into the most commonly prescribed drug atovastatin and if you’re interested in other videos click right here click right here have a good day and think your health okay another video after about eight weeks went better than i thought i did a lot of work hopefully it came through and as usual my son my wife and my daughter just came back okay i guess i’m a bit rusty

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