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10 WORST Overactive Thyroid Symptoms | Hyperthyroidism

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10 WORST Overactive Thyroid Symptoms (Hyperthyroidism) countdown for all of my Graves Disease & Hyperthyroid friends. Please share with those in the community less knowledgeable so that they can benefit from the information shared.

Welcome warriors my name is jess and i’m the creator of tigers club a community for women with autoimmune diseases i was diagnosed six years ago with hashimoto’s and hyperthyroidism and i have learned a ton of tips and tricks that i’m gonna share with you right here on this channel let’s get to it today’s topic is discussing my top ten hyperthyroid symptoms stick

Around to the end of the video where i will give you my number one overactive thyroid symptom of all time sensitivity to heat you possibly experience hot flashes even though you are not menopausal and you struggle to cope in warmer climates hyperactivity are you struggling to stay still or are you full of nervous energy mood swings anxiety or irritability you can

Experience any one or all three of these symptoms it can be a change in mood heightened anxiety or just generally not feeling like yourself ichie dry skin or a rash this can manifest in lots of ways maybe you’ve had dry skin that’s become itchy or you’ve broken out in a rash are you going to the toilet but often than usual this could also come in with symptom for

Persistent thirst as i mentioned instanton v increased thirst can increase drinking can increase urination persistent this could also be a generally dry mouth and never really feeling like the thirst has been quenched my third symptom is twitching or trembling hands i’ve had this symptom myself when i’ve been hyper and it can either be a slight twitch or sometimes

A little more obvious like parkinson’s when your heart rate is off it can be really obvious to yourself if you lie down and you can still feel your heart beating really fast like you’ve run up a flight of stairs then that is not considered normal if your heart feels like it’s beating up your chest and the heart rate feels irregular then this could mean that you

Are hyper congratulations you made it to mine number one symptom of overactive thyroid weight loss despite having a really good healthy appetite most of us hypothyroid patients would really kill to have a metabolism that actually works however it can actually be really really dangerous have you ever heard yourself say that no matter what you eat you just simply

Cannot put on weight or your diet and eating habits haven’t really changed but you seem to be losing pounds once the symptoms of the disease have started to progress you may find yourself with one of the following hair loss and thinning loose nails excessive sweating red palms of hands or vision problems including bulging eyes if any and all of these symptoms seem

To resonate with you then it’s definitely worth considering scheduling an appointment to see your gp and ask for a thyroid function test they can test for tsh t3 and t4 we will discuss t testing in a later video until next time warriors

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10 WORST Overactive Thyroid Symptoms | Hyperthyroidism By Tired Girls Club.