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100 Days without coffee: 7 Benefits of quitting caffeine

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I quit drinking coffee the 5th of December 2021. It’s been over 100 days since I’ve quit now, and I’m experiencing a lot of benefits.

So i quit drinking coffee the fifth of december 2021 so it makes it almost four months that i’ve not drink anything containing coffee no coffee no hot chocolate well except for one little hot chocolate no tea just to really get off the coffee and in this video i wanted to describe the seven benefits that i’ve experienced and the three downsides that i’ve experienced

And this video is mainly for those who are also thinking of quitting caffeine including drinking coffee or for those who have just stopped drinking coffee or for those that haven’t drank it for a long time and this is mainly like i knew in the beginning when i just quit i really wanted to see like i was reading and watching all the videos with people who quit

Caffeine to see what their experience was with the withdrawals and the benefits that they experienced i was reading all the reddit chats on a decaf around it so um let’s get started with the first benefit that i experienced after stopping drinking coffee so one thing that i started noticing after a couple of months basically is that this one observation is that

Weekends tend to go slower and working days tend to go faster they just feel faster this is a great thing because in general if you ask most people they’re like okay i wish my weekends were longer and i wish that my working days were shorter and this is exactly something that i feel like caffeine sort of masks it kind of like you probably know this feeling like

You’re just sitting there on a working day just looking at the clock and it seems to go very slowly i feel like caffeine can it’s not the best thing for work in that thing and also if you drink it on the weekend you kind of seem to get a little bit sped up and it’s like where’s the weekend gone whereas now it’s like my working days they just flow everything just

Flows a lot more smooth and my working days and very often i just find myself like oh it’s already four of the road of five like it’s already almost over and on weekends i’m very often like oh it’s only one i still have the rest of the day waiting for me second thing that i noticed is that i’m much less anxious now i wasn’t really that much of an anxious person

Before while drinking coffee like it wasn’t that i had panic attacks or something like that it was just that sometimes after you know having one or two cups of coffee i would just be you know small things would very much get to you and it would be more difficult to forget about them and very often i would be i wouldn’t be very i would not be panicking it would just

Be i would just be anxious about relatively small things or even about big things and they would just thoughts would just get in my mind and i would continue to keep thinking about that about the bad implications of that and after i quit drinking coffee this was already very quickly like very quickly after the next day already i started the experience that my mind

Was just a lot slower and that was the first couple of days but later on it’s become so much more easier if like an anxious thought comes in to kind of acknowledge it and say okay that’s bad uh what can we do about it and then go do something about it or if i cannot do anything about it just be like okay well you know that’s life things happen cannot do anything

About it and just continue on with my day the third benefit that i’m personally one of the most happy about is the fact that my digestion is a lot better now before that i would sometimes just feel like you know i was just feel very bloated in a way that my food would not could be completely digested digesting and now i kind of noticed that because i’m 28 and i

Started to experience this a little bit after i was like 23 no 24 um and now i noticed that like i remember when i was a teenager i would be able to eat like a huge bottle of just the main dish and afterwards you’d be a little bit full but then like a couple of hours everything will be digested and everything will be fine i’m almost back there like i can eat so

Much i can eat so much food and it was good because i was getting quite skinny uh i can eat so much food and i digest completely fine there’s still like a couple things that need to be fine-tuned but i feel like since coffee is very it’s mainly about coffee since it first of all it puts on your fight-or-flight mode very much makes you puts the adrenaline in your

Blood so it takes away energy from the rest and digest but also since coffee is very acidic and i feel like if you just drink a cup of coffee on an empty stomach for example that it very much makes it very takes all the stomach acid out and then you no longer have the stomach acid in order to digest something well and coffee is it it impacts your digestion a lot

And for me it was the right decision to quit drinking it the fourth thing that i’m also very happy about is that i’m just way more productive and with coffee it feel it felt like i was super productive i would drink a cup in the morning and then another one at around 11 so basically two per day and afterwards i would just feel like my brain was turned on and i would

Be go go go go just get it but then i would always experience that it would be difficult to focus on something in the afternoon because in the morning you still have this caffeine high and then everything is good but in the afternoon things become more difficult and what i’ve found is that now that i’ve quit drinking coffee it’s just much more easy to basically

First of all understand what i need to focus on because with coffee you’re very much like you drink a cup of coffee and then you start refreshing youtube stats or something like that which doesn’t add anything like it’s super non-productive or just you know check your email uh 10 times per hour and this doesn’t really add any value to what you’re doing and with

Coffee it’s just much more easier to first of all understand what i need to focus on and second of all i just instead of having like in the morning going at 90 percent and then in the afternoon going at 40 i’m basically feeling like i’m going in a steady 80 most of the day sometimes dipping down to 70 after lunch or something like that but it’s a lot more steady

Steady focused energy and and that i can also just put to a better use because i know what to actually focus on so the fifth benefit that i’ve experienced is that my sleep has improved now i didn’t think my sleep was bad before and i don’t think it actually was my sleep was quite good but it was just the moment i would lie in bed it would be probably like 10 minutes

Depending on if i would read something or not and i would fall asleep and then maybe wake up a couple times like just half awake maybe you know go from one position to the other position and then we wake up in the morning and i would be quite groggy of course since i would not have had my coffee but now since i quit drinking coffee first of all the first couple of

Weeks my dreams were incredibly intense especially in the mornings and second of all i just fall asleep even more quickly if i want to um most of all most of the time i just read something for like 30 minutes and then fall asleep but then it’s like boom and i’m gone um and then most of the time i just i’m just gone the entire night and then i wake up in the morning

And then i feel the moment i wake up i have a lot more energy and i’m more able to actually do something whereas before i really need that coffee so sleep has definitely improved even though i didn’t feel like i really needed that so the sixth thing that i noticed is that i just started making better decisions overall this is not something to really specifically say

Oh i started making better decisions about my diet my work my um my interactions with people or something like that but is this that whenever i was drinking coffee especially if you especially after i just drank a coffee you’re like very much so over pretty pretty hyped actually about a lot of things and then it would just be very easy to basically put attention

It would just be difficult to really make the the right decisions and i spoke about this before about the productivity thing you would just start doing the first thing that kind of enters your mind and then do you you just focus on that instead of really thinking about what is important here what is the right decision to make and because i would be less anxious

About everything i would be it would be way easier to calmly relax and make the right decisions instead of kind of like heaven uh feel like you know the in instead of too quickly making decisions a little bit difficult to exactly explain but you’ll probably notice this as well if you quit drinking coffee and the seventh thing that i noticed is that this is this is

A little bit weird but i feel like my life has gotten better together more as in you know it’s not that i wasn’t a bad place before four months ago but like some examples we were thinking about buying a house for a long time but now we actually did it during those four months and my uh my business basically also had the best month ever last month so also all those

Things i’m kind of like that’s all quite a coincidence that all those things that i’ve been wanting to have happen for a long time currents started happening but if you take into account the fact that you’re more productive sleep better less anxious it’s not weird that you’re just overall just you know get to a higher level um but i was quite surprised to notice

This after looking back now like oh you know my life has gone better objectively subjectively and that’s nice there were also downsides and there are still downsides and there are basically a couple of things that i want to talk about because um these are things that after a couple of months i’m still experiencing and i don’t think that it’s really going to be able

To really solve them the first of all is that it just takes some time to really get going in the morning before it would be like i would wake up at eight i would drink some coffee at 8 15 and breakfast and then i would be you know ready to go ready to start working but now i feel like i’m maybe not a little bit more lazy or so but you know i’ll take a nice little

Walk in the morning you know eat something just then then basically do nothing for a bit and only then i feel kind of ready to start working so it’s it feels like you you don’t not have this coffee jolt this push to really get you to start working which is uh something that that was nice actually when i was still drinking coffee the second downside is that there’s

No more of this coffee bonding time and this is something like before especially on the weekends i would wake up with my girlfriend we would either you know go to a place or you know outside we have a little bench next to the kennel and answer them and we would just grab a coffee you know make it ourselves or grab it somewhere and just sit there in the sun and

Chill together or we would you know have coffee and just chill together or you know if you’re taking a long walk just stop somewhere and have a coffee together and all those coffee bonding times for them you no longer have this oh it’s just you know we have a coffee together like if you do something together it’s always very good it’s not to say that we’re not

Enjoying the mornings anymore just we no longer have this coffee time when you both drink a cup of coffee and then you both get this coffee high and then you know start talking about everything uh those things were quite fun actually to have but i mean we’re still doing those things it’s just that i’m not drinking coffee and she is the third downside is that it’s

More difficult to get hyped up and i notice this for a couple of things especially like in your work if you’re not completely like coffee is great for doing boring jobs boring work because whenever you feel like oh i don’t want to do my taxes or something like that you know just have a cup of coffee and suddenly you feel like very motivated like okay let’s get

This done let’s finish these taxes and um something that i really noticed this for me is that when making videos for youtube it used to be a lot easier if i would be just have a cup of coffee i remember graeme stefan saying that in his um when he was talking about youtube he drinks a lot of coffee and he says that this energy that coffee gives you just before a

Youtube video is exactly that what the viewer wants to wants to see this it gives you like this nice thing of coffee um on the other hand while making these videos i feel like i ramble less which is also a great thing because before with coffee i would just say more things it wouldn’t make sense and now i pick my words better and they also seem to flow a little

Bit better but yeah it’s more difficult to get really hyped up you really really need to draw it from yourself you need to have a good night’s sleep whereas coffee before would be very easy to mask all those feelings with if you want to know more about me and how i quit drinking coffee benefits downsides everything check the link in the description if you like this

Video then please let me know in the comments if you’re still drinking coffee i would love to hear from you guys thank you very much for watching and wish you a good day a nice con day without coffee

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