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1,093 – Microsuction of Softened Ear Wax using Cl-ear Olive Oil Ear Spray

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Hi everyone this is mr neil writer to also known as the wax whisperer thank you for joining me in my latest video this is of a patient who prior to attending um used um some olive oil spray now you may if you follow me on facebook or instagram you may be aware that i was recently invited by a earcare company called claire to become their healthcare advisor and

I actually use this particular brand of olive oil spray during my procedures and in this instance the patients use it prior to attending so a clear olive oil hair spray is their flagship product there is other products available which you’ll see at the end of the video and it’s a medical grade olive oil which is really safe to use in the ear and the difference

Between medical grade olive oil and the extra virgin olive oil that you have in your kitchen is it’s the way the extra virgin always extracted so chemicals are used in cooking olive oil to extract the extra virgin whereas medical grade’s a different process so there’s no chemicals involved so it makes it really really safe to use in the air so this patient’s got a

Really bendy narrow twisted ear canal and previously when they attended i think it was about a year ago um it was it was really difficult to remove the wax because of the ear anatomy but also because it was really rock solid it was embedded onto the eardrum you can see this patient’s just got earwax on their eardrum and it was really difficult to gain access so

Prior to attending i recommended the patient just to use the drugs for a couple of days just to help soften it and i’ve cleared the main blockage and you can see probably two-thirds of the eardrum it’s just a superior aspect so north of the eardrum and also the east you know where we are now so this is the anterior recess you can i don’t know if you can see how

Much i’ve bent the finance suction tube here it’s quite a quite prominent band and i needed that bend to get access and this bend is something that i artificially do on the fine end the finance normally comes sterile single packed and i actually bend it and that helps curl into these into this little alcove the anterior rooster so we can see most of the eardrum

You can actually see some of the fine detail all the muscle fibers there as well i just want to get as much out as i can here because the wax is a bit softened with the drops is it really does help the first time i saw this patient at yoga it’s really really difficult i had to put drops in quite a lot during the procedure and we did manage to remove it but it was

A long really long session and today it was less than i think five minutes so i said it really really did help so just in this what we call this the anterior superior quadrant so the northeast region just a bit of skin now it’s just obscuring the view so i’m just peeling this out of the way so even at this stage the patient can hear significantly better but see

If i can get as much out as possible but that obviously risking any trauma to the patients here sometimes with air care less is more it’s something i always when we train our clear back stella gets just to always explode look sometimes less is more and the more confident the more experience you get then you can possibly you know um go for a bit more wax than you

You do when you’re a starter but it’s very important that when you’re beginning your care you kind of know your limitations and i was the same when i first started so you just get better and better the more you do it you can slowly see this you can see there’s patience here and atom it’s really narrow it’s bendy you can see the ear canal veers off to the left it

Goes down and then back up so you can see i’m going up down left and then back to the right there so we can see the majority of the eardrum so i’m just going more again in the anterior recess here you can see that bend you can see that kink in the tube now the link for the clear olive oil spray is going to be in the description we’ve also they’ve also got some

Other products that we’re now selling directly from our clearwax website so i’ll put the the link in the description you can actually just follow that link and visit our clear wax website and buy these drops now directly from us but the shipping’s i need to the uk guys so it’s only uk based that we’re shipping to and you can see there i’m really pleased with that

And you’re going to get a full range of the drops so in the middle the flagship product is the clear olive oil spray it’s just really easy to use you’ve got a spray applicator it’s no fuss to the right the green one that’s the equivalent but it system drops format so it’s cheaper and you do get a bit more free money but it’s in the drops formation um in between

The olive oil air spray and the olive oil drops you have a product called ear relief now this is meant for patients who have got a suffering from inflammation a bit of pain in the ear or if they’ve got water in the air and the main active ingredients is glycerol so glycerol is an alcohol an odorless sweet type of alcohol which attracts water so it helps with any

Swelling in the ear canal it tracks the water out and in addition it contains lidocaine so lidocaine is a surface topical anesthetic so it can help soothe and calm the air down and numb urea so to speak and to the left the clear express now that’s urea hydrogen peroxide drops now if you’ve been watching my channel for uh um so as long as i’ve uploaded videos i’ve

Never been a big fan of urea hydrogen peroxide but they still have that product there it’s in a drops format um now i don’t do ear irrigation or ear syringing when you flush it out with water now it the theory is is that with that type of method of ear wax removal those straps might be quite useful but you’ve got the full range there but again the flagship product

Is the clear ear spray you can use it not only for earwax softening earwax but also to help moisturize and lubricate the ear canal if you’ve got dry itchy ears you can also use it just like we use airdrop eye drops sorry you can use ear drops or spray regularly the key is is to install the drop of spray drops or spray a couple of squares a couple of drops lean

Your ear so it’s facing towards the ceiling let it settle in your ear um leave it for a few minutes so it softens any wax or it can it can penetrate deep in the air and then tilt your head the opposite direction so the drops drains out your ear that’s so so crucial otherwise the wax will travel towards the eardrum and the oil will get trapped near the edge we want

To drain it so tilt your head the opposite way so the ears now facing on the floor just put a tissue underneath your ear you can do that in a weekly fortnightly basis just to help as i said moisturize your ears and i can’t guarantee it’s going to remove wax if you do it regularly but it’s the only thing you can really do and our ears secrete oils as well so olive

Oil is has got some antimicrobial benefits so it’s a safest thing obviously if you’ve got a perforation or a tea tube a pressure tube grommet please do not use or mastoid cavity if you’re having earwax removed elsewhere and so a lot of specialists ask you to prerequisite you must use drops for five days feel free to purchase it from our clearwax website and i’ll

Put a set again i’ll put the link in the description i hope everyone’s keeping well and safe do stay tuned i’ve got loads more videos to upload take care and speak soon bye

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1,093 – Microsuction of Softened Ear Wax using Cl-ear Olive Oil Ear Spray By Mr Neel Raithatha aka The Wax Whisperer