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11 Ways to REVERSE Insulin Resistance! (EASY + EFFECTIVE) 2022

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11 really easy steps you can take to reverse   insulin resistance these are going to be small  tweaks you can make to your diet and lifestyle   one or two of these tips you’re going to  see improvements to your insulin resistance   and also the associated diseases such as pcos and  hypertension insulin resistance is a

Condition   that is at the root of most modern day diseases  signs that you are insulin resistant include   difficulty losing weight but the good news is   is that insulin resistance is caused by diet and  lifestyle and it can be reversed so in today’s   hey guys welcome back to my channel if you’re new  here my

Name is kait i’m a health coach and i post   videos on a high fat nutrient dense way of eating  if you like this video please give it a thumbs up   feel free to share and make sure to subscribe  and make sure to follow me on instagram twitter   and facebook where’s your new posts every single  day today’s video is sponsored by

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Them out you can head to   forward slash butchercraft okay so like i said at  the start of this video if you can only implement   a couple of the tips that we talk about today  those can still make a big difference but with   that being said let’s get straight into the tips  number one go on a 10-minute

Walk after eating   when you eat a meal especially one that is high  in carbohydrates your blood sugar rises and it is   insulin’s job to take the excess sugar from your  blood to your cells so they can use it for energy   cells start to reject the signals from insulin   and they don’t take in this sugar efficiently 

This allows our muscles to use the energy straight  away without the need for insulin and this helps   keep your insulin low when your insulin is low   this allows your cells to become more sensitive  to it once again number two don’t eat naked carbs   carbohydrates are the macronutrient that spikes  blood sugar the most and the

Spike is even more   significant when we eat carbs in isolation so  eating a banana on its own for example results   in a spike in blood sugar and a need for a lot of  insulin in response and again we want to keep our   insulin as low as possible when we are trying to  reverse insulin resistance by pairing foods that  

Are rich in carbohydrates with foods that are rich  in fat and protein this can significantly lower   the blood sugar and insulin response and this  can be as easy as having some greek yogurt with   avoiding eating carbohydrates in isolation   is really key for reversing insulin resistance  number three eat 30 grams of protein

At every meal   this ties in with tip number two about not eating  carbs naked if we eat protein at every meal   however there is also another reason why you   because of the role it plays in satiety   the protein leverage hypothesis states that we  will eat until our protein requirements are met   so even if we

Are eating a lot of carbs and fat if  we are not eating enough protein we will continue   to eat beyond our energy needs and we see this  when we finished a meal are absolutely stuffed   but we continue to pick at the french fries this  could be because we didn’t eat enough protein   are less hungry throughout the rest of the

Day   now before we move on to the rest of the tips  i’m quickly going to tell you about how today’s   sponsor butcher crowd can help you to meet your  protein goals to reverse insulin resistance   service that makes getting high quality   sustainable meat and seafood easy and even better  is that they deliver straight

To your door they   offer 100 grass-fed beef and lamb pasture-raised  chicken and pork wild salmon and wild australian   really big part in reversing insulin resistance   plant protein just doesn’t cut it and this is  because protein from foods such as beans and   legumes comes with too many carbohydrates which  are

Counterproductive to insulin resistance   it is difficult to get enough protein avoiding  animal products to reach true satiety so one   of protein but 40 grams of carbohydrates   carbohydrates with protein and fat this does   really is difficult to get enough protein   without your carbs being through the roof which

Is  one of the reasons why i think animal protein is   superior the other reason is that animal protein  is considered to be a complete protein source   amino acids our bodies need and in balanced   amounts beans and legumes are considered to be  incomplete protein because none of them contain   adequate amounts of all

The amino acids every  month my butcher crowd delivery comes flash frozen   out when i need to defrost the night before   with butcher crowd i can feel confident knowing  that i am getting the best quality meat from   ethically raised animals as mentioned before they  offer free shipping australia-wide their shipping  

Is certified carbon neutral and their packaging  is 100 recyclable if you want to check them out   you can head to forward slash  butcher crowd and use code kait15 to save 15 off   your order thank you again to butcher crowd for  sponsoring this video number four eat carbs lost   now this is another tip for

If you’re going to  be having let’s say something like potatoes or   end this means eating the protein fat and   fiber portion of your meal first so if you’re  having a steak broccoli and potatoes for example   save the potatoes for last and you don’t have to  wait any significant amount of time before you eat   the

Starches but by having them last the blood  sugar and insulin response will be much lower   number five take apple cider vinegar before meals  this is another hack for lowering the blood sugar   and insulin response to a meal again especially if  you’re having a few more carbohydrates consuming   apple cider vinegar before a

Meal significantly  lowers the blood sugar and insulin response   it has this effect because vinegar increases the  speed at which our muscles can soak up glucose   and even taking it in the morning or before bed  studies have shown that taking it at these times   as diluting one tablespoon of apple cider  vinegar in water

And drinking it number six   lift weights building muscle is another way to  help reverse insulin resistance as mentioned   cells are having difficulty taking in glucose   to store it this is because our muscles are   if you have more muscle you have more space   can help you to reverse insulin resistance  

Number seven stop snacking this one ties in with  tip number three about eating enough protein   if you eat enough protein at your meals you will  have less of an urge to snack in between and   this is a good thing because if you can eat fewer  times during the day less insulin will be needed   which again is beneficial for

Reversing insulin  resistance number eight intermittent fast and   if you want to take it one step further you can  incorporate intermittent fasting into your routine   intermittent fasting is a way of eating where  you cycle between periods of fasting and eating   in each of these two states for example 16-8  means you

Spend 16 hours in a fasted state   eating around six to eight pm and starting  eating the next day around 10 a.m to 12 p.m   and this tip is pretty straightforward if you’re  not eating then there’s not really a need for   insulin and your insulin remains really low and  intermittent fasting doesn’t have to be extreme  

Yes 16 8 is a popular variation however fasting  anywhere from 12 to 18 hours i find is the sweet   spot for most people longer is not always better  if you can aim for 12 that’s fantastic that is   going to help a lot and i actually have another  video on finding your perfect fasting window which   i will link above that might

Help you out if you  don’t know where to start number nine eat low carb   now you might have noticed a recurring theme in  this video and that is that carbohydrates could be   counterproductive to reversing insulin resistance  and yes i have outlined several strategies in   this video for how you can eat them and lower the 

Insulin response but limiting them in general can   really be effective generally less than 100 grams  of total carbs in a day is considered low carb   and less than 50 grams in a day is considered to  be keto both can be very effective but of course   number 10 prioritize sleep and finally number   10 is to prioritize sleep

So many people take  sleep for granted but the reality is is sleep is   so important and even one night of poor sleep can  make us temporarily insulin resistant the next day   their insulin sensitivity will go back to normal  when they get adequate sleep again but for someone   who is already insulin resistant or working to 

Improve their sensitivity sleep is so important   so a quick summary number one take a ten minute   walk after eating number two don’t eat naked carbs  apple cider vinegar before meals number six   number eight intermittent fast number nine   let me know in the comment section down below   which of these tips you are

Going to try first  i love chatting with you guys in the comments   section i try to answer as many of you guys as i  can right after i post the video so come say hi   and if you are in australia make sure to check  out butcher crowd i will put the link to check   them out in the description box down below if you  guys did

Enjoy this video you might also enjoy my   at home i will link it right here if you want   to catch up on my most recent upload you can find  it here and if you want to check out my keto diet   and carnivore diet coaching programs you can find  this here thanks guys i’ll see you next time bye

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11 Ways to REVERSE Insulin Resistance! (EASY + EFFECTIVE) 2022 By Health Coach Kait