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12 Signs of Insulin Resistance

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12 Signs of Insulin Resistance. [Subtitles]

Diabetes, inflammation, alzheimer’s disease, memory loss and kidney damage. that allows sugar (glucose) into your cells, and removes it from the blood. can no longer accept the sugar and insulin from the blood. the blood is only designed to hold around 1tsp of sugar. the cells eventually put up a wall against this prevents fuel from getting into your meals, craving

Sugar and starting to develop health problems. fat then accumulates in the liver, and then organs, putting even more of a strain on your body. so in today’s video i’m going to share with i will also share some simple tips on how before we begin, please tap the like button below the video, subscribe and turn all notifications is dark patches of velvety skin on the folds

Much insulin in your blood caused by high blood sugars. urination at night if you frequently wake up to pee multiple your body starts releasing this when your to lose focus and become more forgetful in everyday life. this can also be caused by stress and high cortisol levels. cravings for snacks when your blood sugars aren’t being regulated this is because your cells

Are not accepting sluggish and in need of snacks for an energy boost. feeling excessively thirsty, especially before you go to bed. which triggers thirst and the need to urinate more to flush it out. your pancreas pumps out more of the insulin insulin is an anabolic hormone which makes of itchy skin, because of how high insulin eating too many carbohydrates and sugars

Can tired after eating a meal, because the cells this is often why elderly people need to take a nap after consuming food. blood for a long period of time, your insulin this often causes weight gain around the stomach area. the high glucose (sugar) in your blood leaves fungal infections, because of how sugar weakens your immune system. you may find it easy to lose focus

On what you are looking at. which is the earliest stage of diabetes is craving sweet foods after a meal. this causes you to crave a faster fuel injection from a sugary snack. steps you can take to start healing this problem, diabetes, and further health problems down the line. cut out refined carbohydrates, sugars and biscuits, crackers, pastries, cereals, soda drinks

And fruit juices. replace these with healthy fats to keep your you can also consume nutritional yeast to resistance, and perhaps lose weight around the belly area. this normalises your insulin hormone levels and improves blood sugar control. this is made from coconuts and keeps you full these are loaded with potassium and magnesium, the fibre in vegetables also helps to

Stabilise your blood sugars. start taking a daily supplement of chromium picolinate. sensitive in the body, so that it can be moved properly. these natural medicines all help your pancreas drinking matcha green tea can also help your following these steps helps your cells to function properly, therefore reducing the although this won’t show up on a blood test signs of

Insulin resistance by using the information shared in today’s video. levels, help you to lose weight around the to learn about the best vitamins and foods i wish you great health, wealth and happiness.

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12 Signs of Insulin Resistance By Ryan Taylor