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13. Pancreatic Enzymes for Pancreatic Insufficiency. What, when and how much to take?

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Pancreatic Enzymes for Pancreatic Insufficiency. What, when and how much to take?

Hi friends today we are going to talk about pancreatic enzymes four following topics will be covered what is that when to take how much to take and for how long i supposed to take pancreatic enzymes so this is pancreatic enzymes i have a great experience with one of the my subscribers sent me a message and told me please we need to know what are the good pancreatic

Enzymes that we can take what you need to do telling me so please open uh associate amazon associate account and um post the link below and we would be happy to pay you one or two percent from the sale and if you need any help to set up account just let me know i will help thank you my dear for your gentle push so i said amazon account and now here we go so if

You buy this brand and i post the link below you uh i will receive um some financial reimbursement now let’s go the pancreatic enzymes that um uh made this real pancreatic enzymes if you subscribe to my channel you will see the video on pancreatic insufficiency where i talk that pancreas will produce three main enzymes protease amylase and lipase so and that’s

What i want so here you have those three exactly i like that they’re here in high doses in two capsules you will get high concentration of protease amylase and lapis unfortunately for people who are vegetarian this brand is made this real made out of real pancreatic gland i think it’s made with pork maybe it’s a beef pancreatic enzyme so you cannot use it i

Like that those enzymes uh in form of capsules means that when the cut that you take the p the capsule it’s not going to be open in your stomach it will go through the stomach into your small intestine and will get open there that’s where exactly pancreatic enzymes belong number two when to take with your meal so you put the first bite of the food into your

Mouth and you take the pancreatic enzymes three how much to take with the small meal take one pill with the large meal take two pills and if you haven’t only snack do not take it now this question is for how long i supposed to take pancreatic enzymes often people asking me and they are sometimes write to me and they say hey listen you cannot take them for

For long period of time because remember if you take for example corticosteroids right from adrenal gland so then your adrenal gland will stop working because you’re taking external cortical steroids and it will become lazy and maybe the same will happen if you take a pancreatic enzymes the answer is no all research shown that if you take pancreatic enzymes so

You you put them here into your mouth and it will go through the digestive tract it will arrive here into small intestine get absorbed and get incorporated into pancreatic gland and will be used and reused okay so the pancreatic gland is not going to become lazy unlike um adrenal gland so when you take corticosteroids remember you have to take either pulsating

Dose so three days and break three days and break and three or you take a high dose and then you decrease pancreatic anxiety you can take for quite a while or until symptoms subside so to be precise to answer this question if you take once or twice pancreatic enzymes and you feel that something does not work quite right your acid reflux gets worse or something

Allergic reaction can happen so just discontinue that and you are done right but if you took it couple times and you feel you’re getting a little bit better so that means that they are working so you need them they usually i used to tell my patients take them about for one month or as a supplement will last the second choice what you can do is take them till

Symptoms subside what the symptoms of pancreatic insufficiency bloating so you will have left less bloating your acid reflux may get better you will have less constipated constipated you will uh if person has theateria theory is offensive for um ferris two right because pancreas one of the enzymes that produced by pancreas called lipase it’s responsible for

Breaking down the fat a fat broken down then is get absorbed if fat is not broken down by pancreatic enzymes it’s not absorbed so a person will have a fatty stool so it will have you will have less scattering no undigested particles in the stool less flatulence that’s ver that’s very important that’s going to be very important symptom and also less abdominal

Pain abdominal pain in this case may come from the flush flatulence remember when that um the digestive tract is a is a pipe right and when there is a lot of gas there so it will start to extend and you just can’t extend so much until you know patients get a pain and um so less gas less pain okay that’s it guys for today thank you very much like subscribe and

If you want me to be a um health coach please let me know thank you very much bye bye

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13. Pancreatic Enzymes for Pancreatic Insufficiency. What, when and how much to take? By Acid Reflux and GERD