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2 Days Until I get my New Zonegrand

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Thank you hello guys um two days till i get my new zone guard um here who’s here mcqueen guy you see that yeah did you heard washington got washington county got a new on radio we were all in his video yeah um i’m getting also can you come to my stream yarn on july um 8th because that’s when i’m going to get my zone guard yeah also hello yeah i saw the lightning

Mcqueen guy i don’t know who the first i was i must have been mercer county east he called me a dumbass oh yeah what like why i don’t know he blocked me for no reason because he’s the he used to think i’m the one who’s causing all drama i’m not well now we got t bae on our ass too hey yeah uh no one’s talking about him at all we’re just ignoring him we’re just

Ignoring tva right yeah yeah um if he starts like um messaging me and stuff i just tell him that shut the frick up and go quit youtube you little stink because oh my god he he tells me he calls me a bra yeah also he calls people the inward now yeah he does yeah yep yep um him and the elderly man call him the call of saskatchewan the n word a lot mm-hmm wait

Are you are you on are you still insane okay are you still in charleston point field yes i am i’m i’m still gonna be here for a week i won’t be leaving till saturday oh i thought you were gonna be leaving like today yeah i don’t yeah i’m not leaving today i’m in i’m well i’ve left the beach house for now i’m actually in downtown charleston right now i’m about

To upload that svr the storm prediction center the storm prediction center is now talking about the hurricane elsa and what they’re gonna do are they gonna like it’s actually a try actually or no tropical storm not hurricane elsa it’s not a hurricane yeah and they said that has got some pretty big flooding yeah and they said that if this gets it very intense

They might change it they might have to change it to a um hurricane again if the tropical storm gets pretty intense they’re probably going to change it to a hurricane and probably update people that this hurt this tropical storm oh yeah that’s why yep but uh where i right now the storm is not going to reach me until uh from what i’ve heard like early thursday

And they said that if it stops all the way to charleston like north carolina they will um they will probably um update everyone and tell them and probably tell them that this is a chocolate depression i guess because it’s gonna change your chocolate depression when it reaches charleston or tropical storm yeah and if this is changed to a hurricane and yes it

Will get pretty intense there because if it’s still being the as the storm has already reached but it looks kind of weak to us so i don’t think that it’s going to get yeah the tropical storm has now reached tampa and i expect uh somewhere within the next advisory thank god it didn’t reach to me thank god it’s thank god it’s not reaching to me it yes it hasn’t

Reached me yet but it will absolutely uh within the next few days because looking at chs’s outlook they’re saying about they’re saying about elsa carolina georgia wednesday into thursday and they’re saying increasing potential for gusty winds tropical storm force locally heavy rainfall with mire flooding isolated tornadoes and dangerous rip currents across much

Of southeast south carolina and southeast georgia tropical storm watch could be issued later today or tonight um it’ll probably chockable storm watch i thought it was supposed to be issued until like um till like thursday or saturday because usually usually these usually these watches are usually this tropical storm stuff is issued until further notice okay so

We’ll have to wait for the wait for the hurricane center’s next advisory on this in fact there’s already a tropical storm watch in place for jacksonville and melbourne those two offices have already issued tropical storm watches tampa and tallahassee have already issued upgrades to tropical storm and storm surge watches their ssp so when charleston sends out

The tropical storm upgrade this is going to be my first tropical storm warning i’m ever going to get because well well i’ve caught my i’ve got a few i’ve got those upgraded tropical storm warnings on my channel and what do we have here a flash flood warning from texas for guilty and kerr texas guess what but it’ll be the first tropical storyboarding i’m gonna

Get in person oh boy boy this is gonna be one heck of a ride through the night i’m probably i’m i may stream the i might stream the depression as i might stream the tropical storm as it goes through but i don’t know what that’s going to do to the beach house if it’s gonna i don’t know if it’s going to uh knock out power but we’ll have to see what happens with

Elsa once it comes through it’ll probably just die out i mean when it when a tropical storm hit us it died out yeah so so i think yeah what it’s going to be doing so like it’s so it’s i think where it is it’s it’s gaining strength over the ocean and then it’s probably gonna weaken as reaches florida but it probably will still be significant in strength but

Then i think with the nearby coast it’s probably going to intensify again to a tropical storm so it will probably intensify to a hurricane if it can yeah i’m going to see if i’m going to see if chs uh tones tropical storm watches i don’t think they do i don’t think i’ve seen anyone get any of those from there but well i will well we’ll have to see what happens

So this is going to be my first time in a tropical storm so i’m not sure what this experience is going to be like um so apparently it will be a talkable depression to north carolina and after that it will change your tropical storm i will wait away to canada holy crap canada yeah so so what you’re saying is so a tropical storm can hit canada here it’s going

To remain as a tropical storm and over time weekend to a depression and then once it goes off the north carolina coast it’s going to strengthen 2a it’s going to restrain them to a tropical storm and then i believe believe where it’s going i think it might continue towards i think it’s going to go past new york city and i think it’s probably going to go past new

York city in boston yeah it’s going to pass new york boston portland maine take you a look now it looks like it says so it looks like now it’s expected to be a tropical depression wait a sec severe thunderstorm warning for kentucky mississippi uh i’m gonna go here bye comes everyone

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