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2 WEEKS AFTER TAKING ISOTRETINOIN (Real updates) || Purging is REAL pa rin!

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Hi everyone! Merry Christmas!!!! This is the 2nd week update guys. So far, so good. There are still acne but I am happier than last week hehe. Laban!!!

Stage so for my first week is that and i’m struggling this is how my face looks like right now i’ll see you again after a few days i blow away all the pressure and you measure up don’t be nothing oh it’s so good to be free today is december 22 it’s already 1 48 a.m and i just want to update you guys about my face um because i’m about to put on tretinoin

Cream on my face so um routine ko negi dagawa remover cleansing oil and then after which gumma guy make them facial cleanser which is the one from simple thanks to hong kong facial cleanser and facial cleanser i’ll use the moisturizer and then hindi mula gamet nang tretinoin cream because i will be using it before ahmatullah which is right now so which she’s

A dermatologist nah um from her cinnabina namaste advisable naga moment i don’t try to know in before time contacts that’s just my update for today so far nagahapurji put and then right here as well and then on my forehead this is how it looks like as you can see um supposed to be my geeking super dry on facebook but you can still see the oiliness on my face

Which i would say is good but my lips is very very dry so if you’re someone who’s under the isotretinoin treatment do not forget to put on the vaseline or any lip balm not hydrating into your lips so that’s just going to be my update for today if you could notice talagang super bright now face right now right it is because this is a very handy ring light now my

Salam indian sha and i really really like that if i want to do a very short update with you guys and i’ll just update you next time so yeah bye bye good night hi today is december 23 and this is how my face looks like right now guys and until now if you feel good and i’m purging as you can see area and the area even after using a lot of topical products right

Now as you can see on my right area of my face so because i’ve learned my lesson and on my forehead this is how my forehead looks like let me know guys if you want to continue seeing some close-up footage but this is the reality of my face this is my skin and it looked like an uncurrent situation of a school but pretty sure now i’m gonna go work no mandintalagam

Product i just need to wait and i need to religiously use my threatening and take my iso chatting and talagang tatapusenko i’m not sure if it’s going to be another three months or six months or a year of course now i so try to annoy but let’s see hello everyone today is christmas merry christmas guys i hope you’re spending your christmas together with your family

And i just want to update you a little about my skin today yesterday in a field again not to the point of yeah so this is the current situation of my face on my forehead i just have few bumps in there and in this area is mahathir shah as you can see um texturing is really not that good but yeah this is the reason why i’m filming today just to update you again

Merry christmas and see you again on the next update hello everybody today is december 26th so that’s just my update for today guys oh it’s so good to be free yeah no slave to society no i realize that today is don’t need the look or the trend i’ll be the least cool of my friends you can have all that i won’t please the pack cause i’m free to be whatever i

Choose to be hi everyone today is december it’s a month december 28th say hi to my vlog i just woke up i just want to let you know guys now this week acne in this area and nana immediately just for this week and before the experience but so far is the lagang redness nalang or post inflammatory hyperpigmentation angnathira and then on the forehead today marks

The second week now bye bye baby bye and that’s our uh we’re done taking isotretinoin for two weeks now and this is how my face looks like um video before this one because and still the purging is still on i’m still experiencing acne and minsan area but um for this week is that so brown agra and i didn’t expect it right now so right now telegram flatnasha

But as you can see what’s left is gonna be the scar so treatment for me for scars would be the tretinoin which i’m using right now every night and so far um okay inaudible for this week also guys products attend skincare routine order guys the first one is the cerave hydrating facial cleanser um but i’ll be trying to test this out i’m pretty sure this is a good

Product because moisturizer is this one cerave daily moisturizing lotion get a gummy kosher every night nalang because the moment i use this on the every night and then i’m still using the same moisturizer which is the one from celatec every day i mean on the daytime so you don’t get a game i’m still staying positive guys not a persian stage but in a hole and

Also every time kamehameha sweet foods or mangaderi i am reading some comments and also um considering which is really really true one good reason is really our diet but hindi could have been restaurants go especially in the holidays naman but really i will try to eat more healthy foods and i’ll just continue taking isotretinoin and putting tretinoin on my skin

And also still using the same products on my cleansers moisturizers and still walapahumatun again and then i’ll just update you on the next week i’m so excited because every part of my face in the babble at night wait now before i end this video let me just zoom you in a little para pang final number this is the pimple that i had nah talagang but noah lana sha

And this is my lips guys indiana looking at vaseline because um and then this is how it looks like due to the area detonate here as well on my forehead naman is this is how it looks like and then yeah on my back on my chest area by the way guys it’s on my back i’ll try to do some updates on my back i see me here video um on my back and i probably love my selfie on

Her face but on my back it’s a bit challenging but i’ll do some updates on that but then comment changes that’s going to be it for today thank you so much the laga guys watching you and also for your comments in boosting my confidence and please do not forget to like this video and subscribe into this channel if you haven’t already and see you guys on my next video thank you bye you

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2 WEEKS AFTER TAKING ISOTRETINOIN (Real updates) || Purging is REAL pa rin! By Arvie and Carsten