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So based on the title y’all are probably thinking good question mark i probably put a question mark on the title so you are thinking oh my god he probably did it he fooled he’s a drug addict again i’ll get into that soon i’ll explain everything don’t worry i were to do something again i would say it i wouldn’t just pretend i wouldn’t i’m very honest about what the

I’m going through with my life and like drug use and all that cause i get so many other people are dealing with it too and they feel like they need to hide it from but i told the world but i did it in the worst possible fashion and here we are we’re chilling you know people might think i’m a drug addict or i care about it like that aids will never understand my

Experience and i am coming back to youtube don’t worry i really do miss you guys i miss making videos i know youtube is my home i know this is where i belong because i can walk again and stuff if you all didn’t know it’s been great it’s been like two months without the wheelchair haven’t touched it lose something so basic as walking and then walk again it’s just

It’s humbling as hell bro like you appreciate the little things in life like every day i’m good for my vision my hearing just because i lost my i don’t know sweet a documentary i want to make right and i want to be vlogging a lot have some other i want to talk about but there’s this situation i’m kind of dealing with that has been up my life for a little bit and

It’s been like a pain in the ass while i’ve been recovering and everything and it’s just been a very bad situation for a very long time for me i don’t know whether i want to talk about it publicly and try to resolve it that way or just keep you know dying inside and dealing with all this every single day i don’t know i just want people to know the truth that’s

Really what it comes down to either way we gonna get right i’m not tripping bro i’m not tripping at all i’m tripping anyway so this is why i’m making this video yesterday i went to go film a video with my boy eric khan he’s a weed youtuber and i have a brand coming up called recovery because you know i dealt with all the drug and i wanted to make a weed man i

Just wanted to make a bunch of different companies that i’m passionate about building recovery was just the name i wanted to choose for the brand because i just you know i was going through a lot of things i know there’s a lot of people that actually are drug addicts and like really can’t stop that but like weed is like the healthy alternative for that and i do

Also have to say i don’t advocate for any drugs if you have never done drugs never done nicotine don’t drink sugar like soda and all you do is drink water please keep living that life just water and vibes bro so don’t think like just because i enjoy weed and like i know there’s a big demographic of people that do enjoy weed that i’m like for and think everyone

Should smoke i do not think that at all i think wheat comes with its own complications if not used correctly like if you don’t have a routine you just be smoking all day you’ll get lazy it’s very bad for you i just have to say that because oh my god he’s promoting weed the kids and i hate when say that dog i haven’t made videos in like five years but they’re not

Still 13. they want to stay 13 are you all crazy but it’s cool i love the kids and to the kids don’t do this don’t be listening to heat and wind a sibling and pop perky none of that each father no shade on yeah i just know there’s a bunch of kids that be listening to music and should they be just getting wild back in the turbine sipping on my mother to be like

Baby so many videos on boy aircon and we were trying out my new stray you know what it’s called reigns runs because grunts has always been my favorite strain the dude brody posted no way phase rain dropped ranged runs need to try some of this asap which i appreciate you saying that brother but he just posted the tweet right and it did actually really well got

Like 70 000 views on twitter he doesn’t have a lot of followers like no disrespect to that but i’m saying like 70 000 is a lot more than he hasn’t followed so i don’t even know how this tweet gained traction the way it did but a lot of people seem excited for it and that makes me really happy but it was just like a lot of controversy in the comments so that’s

Kind of why i wanted to make this video because i was reading something like dog what the like you cannot believe the you read on twitter bro please don’t like to see it between has like oh my god that’s so true look oh they’re idiots sometimes i’ll see tweets like 800 thousand likes 800 000 idiots okay they’re idiots and you’re like oh my god at least they

Do drugs and i do like which you are correct about but they’re still idiots i promise you that one of the reply said definitely good idea buying a product from a man who got so addicted that he paralyzed himself okay first off paralyzed it was never from weed obviously and i wasn’t paralyzed when people think i’m like this big drug addict some people think

They’re like nah bro he got it which thank you guys for understanding because i really try to save my focus and i would like lie about it try to hide it even though i have been so open about it people just never understand the trauma that i got from all that like waking up losing three months of my memories embarrassing myself in front of millions of people online

It’s not cool you know it’s not something that makes me like oh my god i gotta do percocets again i gotta do that well actually xanax is the devil xanax no matter what the happens not happen i mean if i’m on like a plane and it’s crashing and someone happens to have zen that’s next to me i’m taking all of them but other than that i’m not doing them i’m just saying

Like i would be honest about anything that i do because i don’t care there’s also a fine line because i don’t want to say that i’ve done something and make people want to do it as well you know what i mean i got to be careful what i said y’all know ready to hear this like literally making zero dollars on the first drop the first pop that we do it’s not about making

Money it’s just about the experience getting weed in people’s hands them with the brand then me trying to grow that but that’s it i’m not making no money off nothing like what the why are you telling me to not make money off it different when you’re building a brand you focus on the community the people the customers and when you’re focusing on mass production

Money money money many more money i don’t give a about quality with the customers get me money now i like the brand drill like what i’ve done with faze and myself and everything i just see that people genuinely feel something when you build a brand versus when you just drop a product just to mass produce and i don’t know just trying to make money that way it just

Doesn’t hit the same in my opinion i just want you all to know the first pop-up for the recovery brand is gonna be in west hollywood september 17th i would absolutely love that if you came brought a friend copton eighth i’m gonna be meeting everyone there i’m gonna be staying there as long as i can and meet as many of you as i can signing whatever take pictures do

Whatever and i got a lot of for you guys there as well then there’s someone else that replied to you that said kind of sad to see he’s not sober hopefully that’s all he’s doing listen my bro i appreciate you karen you know what i mean but i am i know it’s hard for people to believe this also but i kind of am sober even though i smoke weed because like i don’t get

High like okay do i seem high right now do i seem like fried like i’m off like what nine months today like i don’t get high like that because i smoke kind of like cigarettes you know when i was with eric oh my god like in that video i had to dab for the first time in like three years bong hit for the first time in three years like i was really hitting it actually

Dad probably like a year or two but a bong and i hit in a long time that was fried gang like in that video i look fried but that’s just weed fries so i’m not like aggressive weird you know awesome and i do want to say it took me i wanted to do a single year without doing drugs i don’t want to try nothing i was like bro i’m really off this but then after a year i

Didn’t like get a craving to do okay lean a little bit because i actually love the taste but it was weird when i got it it felt like a chore to finish and i was like happy i was like damn bro like i don’t care about it the same way i used to i don’t get excited from the same way i used to and i was excited to actually get back to being fully sober well off percocets

Because i did do those two i mean i never even got high from in the first place but perkins says i didn’t i was excited to get back sober and it was it just made me feel good that i don’t want to do these things you know what i mean like if i never tried it again i would have felt like oh i’ll never know but then i did it and i was like bro i enjoy being sober i

Don’t want to be on these days this is better for my peace of mind the way that i piece my thoughts together to just know that that’s not something i want anyways i value my mind i value my like i don’t call sobriety but i value myself being sober and in control of everything i value that too i know who i am i know what i stand for and you know i just love you all

So much like the fact that y’all care this much a random dude tweeting out my weed brandon y’all supporting it the way y’all do like i have a love for you all that y’all will never ever fully get i think y’all do get it because y’all have loved me for so long and i just appreciate it more than i’ll ever know but maybe y’all do because you guys we’re in love yo

I love it um i got a lot of coming man i got a lot of coming i’m very excited but guys thank you guys so much please even if you guys enjoyed the video i will see you guys in the next one i’m probably gonna post another vlog or something real soon and i’m just working on my dock in the back end because i’m i got a lot of to tell you i love you guys so much

Thank you for watching keep it real see y’all later peace out

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2 YEARS DRUG FREE..? By Nordan Shat