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2019 Digital Pioneer Award Winner Dexilant

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MOA experience for Takeda’s Dexilant

So so dex allods a ppi proton pump inhibitor it was the seventh proton pump inhibitor that was introduced to the market and so how was dex a lot going to distinguish itself in in this crowded marketplace where everyone thought they knew what a proton pump inhibitor did but it had this one significant difference in that it was two releases right two releases in

One pill one earlier on in the day and one later on new technology in the ppi world when we got the creative brief to tell the mechanism of action story in a memorable and distinct way we knew that we couldn’t just tell a linear story not all clinicians understood the value of a dual release proton pump inhibitor it was very touchy with doctors right because it’s

Pretty basic medicine not all pumps are active at the same time some of them kick on later in the day which is important because some of those other ppis were already exiting the system a little bit and so we had to make the idea of this pump activation important but the challenge that we quickly realized is if you were aware of the idea that not all parietal

Cells were active throughout the day then we had a really quick mo a story we could tell it for you in a matter of seconds however if you didn’t know that you had to go back and understand that full story and then we could talk about our mechanism of action we had talked about doing some kind of immersive mechanism of action experience and we wanted the user to

Be able to pick in the moment which option was gonna work best for them initially we had planned to do some sort of like fake virtual reality an interactive surface on three walls then i’m not sure who it was but somebody on our team just suggested oh hey what about this new microsoft surface table back then microsoft surface was a coffee table sized multi-user and

Multi-touch device we thought oh that’s kind of perfect you know we could trigger different animation sequences with different gestures or with a dexa lot pill model you know we could put the pill on top of the screen and then you could watch as the granules actually animated out on the screen and then sort of flick the granules into the parietal cells to then shut

Down the acid that was a really fun interactive way that was literally hands-on for clinicians you know plus the art director thought it was really cool so well anytime you bring a new idea to a client that’s never been done you know we weren’t really sure we were gonna be able to sell it to the client they were kind of skeptical about it it’s cool that’s great

But we knew that it would really help bring this boring story to life and sure enough it made a difference in those events we had an overwhelming response at the booth you know the health care providers that were coming through we’re having so much fun playing with the pill in the microsoft surface that at a certain point they had to have what we affectionately

Called bouncers outside the stomachs just kind of you know help with crowd control okay you’ve had your time move on and and let somebody else come in and play with it for a little bit interacting with the surface in such a complex and unexpected way really resonated with an audience that we haven’t seen before or since what this tactic did and what the booth did

Is really bring them away to life and gave them a reason to understand why the proton pump inhibitor class needed to releases of medicine

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2019 Digital Pioneer Award Winner Dexilant By Medical Advertising Hall of Fame