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2020 10 14 19 08 57 Trim

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Let’s touch down here come on brother follow the leader that’s me oh he’s good we’re done whatever as long as we win one team at least bloody heat another police shooting here level two first plane that was the last one nice work reloading evil shield here level three is it more is there more people i don’t know level four holy got that body shooting man

I think that’s a good purpose leader last members down one squad closer to winning not bad shooter i got hydrogen since we got time i’m sure people would have come that way let’s check it over there i didn’t see anything oh yeah let’s follow the walls give him my shield to recharge one minute ring’s pretty close 45 seconds rings closed having a vault mastiff

Here yeah i’ll take the master gotta hop up here select fire let’s explore this way 10 seconds to the ring it’s close at least good luck rings coming in optics here we should run into someone good champion let’s explore this way now we’re going away from coming let’s check out this area so flogging behind us oh why don’t i do that for broken well up top

There super low pull them back put back unlocked one now got one here one of you guys pick me up before we get started you’ll be all right recharging my shield myself need to recharge my shield i don’t even have a bag back here level two a portal good this way marcus market uh i need to recharge my shoes uh watch my back i’m looking for an extended

Energy mag bamboozles for the fools that was better in my mind one minute ring’s not far there’s something good there never mind sorry ring’s not too far 45 left better right you’re being named down i need to recharge my shield make sure this guy’s dead he’s one shot i’ll pull this out i’ll pull this out got a replicator coming in shields enemy taken out car

Drop down ah reloading or whatever one minute until close range nearby watch my back okay with that devotion standard energy mag here level three i’ll take that i need to recharge myself up rings just ahead i think this place needs a little more me let’s reposition here sniper stock here level three she gets circled stay up top i reckon might be something

Different right in the center you reckon it’ll come from the back here let’s check out this area yeah there is someone there extended energy back here level three don’t drag myself up hang on what’s behind us three miles they’re going to come to us they’re going to leave that spot watch it behind all right i’m running to you morning setting up my decoy inside

Yep is people trying to come up i got underneath recharging my shield reloading 45 left need to recharge my shield last squad we got to push this 10 seconds the ring’s clear giving my shield to recharge you guys ready yeah i’m very happy making contact here yeah boy i put down so much damage that game few are the apex champions what do you say i put down

So much damage that game yeah 3k damage

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2020 10 14 19 08 57 Trim By Real Temazepam