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2020 12 01 03 26 07 Trim

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Detroit i can hear them oh me above me above me dude i don’t know if we go up there drop drop dude i’m thinking of being knocked out brother dude is there a team still here patching myself up that’s that’s you know how it died i got here and arcstar again is that yeah what this 700 meters away would you say right here oh it’s on you top we move this way

It’s above i smashed those cards man were they low yeah i don’t think i did much damage because i got asked i hit one for like 70 i think that’s it yeah they were they weren’t really low but yeah i just yeah i just them up considering you just they push you with a wingman yeah that’s tight okay i mean uh bloodhound let’s go i don’t see his name he’s at the

Bottom right here actually kids i gave him a battery across they’re right let’s go through there oh actually there’s the they’re fighting in there in here oh how did that happen i don’t know are you trying to find any from the front just here johannes there’s another one in front of me yeah i need the healer yeah easy i’ll hold them up okay they’re

Fighting go ahead come come come the he doing bro are they right above us oh me meow me above above up here up here sadie’s above i’ll take my portal back yeah i’ll give you bats give me cells we got gold try and get some selves otherwise this gold shield’s a waste for me i was on us yourself wait one’s coming shield cell here need to recharge my shields yep

Outside oh i killed that guy over there cracked one this let me see my god so oh i’m getting hit with a thing getting red what nice is there a respawn nearby no of course not bro heal bloodhound if he goes down he’s gonna go down it’s only second circle though why is he trying to med kit syringe first man he’s dead i’m not i’m not i’m not doing it

I just he’s like seriously bro i give him a syringe on the ground and he tries to pop a drinking i can get him no no you could have but i think i think he’s dead anyway syringe first oh he’s not even matey oh my gosh i don’t know what to say i can chill until they they fight man wait we gotta go this next ring will hurt him let’s explore this way isn’t there

A jump tower nearby yeah might be something good this way come come come this way let’s explore this way what’s he saying he doesn’t have ammo he needs energy i don’t know i don’t have energy i have light go all the way to the back man where that tried it is maybe don’t go gardens oh there’s another team yeah you’re gonna be stuck between two someone’s gonna

Be at gardens probably yeah i’m just gonna get high ground this way can i raise you anyway or no no okay oh you can’t right run energy already inside come come come follow me follow me just follow me run run follow me i’ll raise your hero again if you want they should be fighting the other team right now they’re probably going to chase you down oh have you

Got heals did you get shot at drop hills drop hills drop hills he gives me i need to get them to fight dude heaps of light i got 500 likes there’s a blue shield in there right there which frame are there oh there’s three in there if i had a nade we’re good here we’ve got good ground we got good ground here oh we get rings oh yeah we can go this way give

Me give me some light come on the other team’s coming up wait come back come back come on come back the other team’s coming that’s the other that’s the other team that’s the other team let them fight we’re running no just come this way come this way come this way follow me follow me up why are they fighting the other team i need help bro you might be able to

Hold him off of a circle yeah i’m going to try one drop down yeah right in front of me oh ah unlucky

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2020 12 01 03 26 07 Trim By Real Temazepam