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289 DIY Gutter vacuum

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Gutter Vac –

Come on in a bit of a van update today i had to borrow some ladders for a good job i had this morning i started doing gutters and stuff because i’ve got some new bits it looks a bit cramped looks a bit cramped in here but everything’s actually got its place apart from this at the minute it’s my new gardener backpack and that goes with my new gardener water fed

Brush so 22 foot very pleased with it i’ve got the 50 degree um nozzles on the end that’s for applying the chemicals to hopefully get it nice and soapy got some tfr in the back there somewhere um and i could either do it from the customers tap with just water or i can put some chemicals in the backpack and i’ve read the instructions it says you can do that i’ve

Gone for the hose lock connector um you can use chemicals in these but you’ve just gotta flush them out and run them through with clean water so that’s fine i’ve got my back my um screwfix titan yeah everything’s sort of got its place now i’ve moved the machine over to there it’s easier to pull start from that side um a bit nice i’ve got some tissue hanging

Here always need some tissue and i can’t find any um and i’ve got something to show you with this i’ve upgraded it so i’m at my girlfriend’s mum’s house today um just to do the gutters all the way around it’s quite a large property and i don’t think they’re too bad i know the conservatory at the back’s clogged up a little bit but i don’t think it’s going to be

Too difficult i’d like to clean this roof though it’s huge so what i’ve done with this the hose that was coming out before if you’ve watched the last video you’ll see that i had a it’s like a 38 mil hose coming out of here the one that comes standard with the titan um but my poles that are in the roof box are 50 mil and so anything i suck up through them poles

If it’s big enough chunks it’s going to get clogged by the time it gets down to here and so i thought well it’s got this little thing on here so i’m gonna have to find something that’ll suit that and flip around like the original one does but actually instead i found one from a pond shop which i’ll show you now and it just pushes in and squeezes in perfectly no

Loss of suction 50 mil hose and it was cheaper i found some uh it’s like suction hose from being q and screwfix and stuff but this was actually cheaper heavy heavy duty stuff like i’m trying to bend it because this is tough stuff compared to the original oh i’ve got three meters of it because it was about seven pound a meter it’s quite reasonable i think and

That actually is going to be hard to do with one hand but that does it just pushes in there nice and tight and then this end i don’t need any clamps or anything this end just goes over the um the 50 mil poles perfect um i’m gonna use it for the first time today and i’ll let you know how i get on just another look and they are actually pretty bad they’re quite

Sludgy some leaves some moss there’s a cctv cable running down the middle i don’t think that’s gonna be a problem i might have a bit of a problem getting underneath that overhang this is only ground floor so i could scoop it out with my hands but i want to do as much as i can with the vac i’ve already done a bit over there you can’t really see at the minute but

I’ll update you bear with it’s going well i’ve only got it on the small pole in a minute foreign really good no blockages so far i don’t know if you can see not made a bad job of it although i have just broken this off by standing on it so i have to repair that with a bit of cement not good just on the top learned a bit of a lesson there doing the top one i

Suppose always start from the top because i was clearing stuff out from up there and it was landing back into the gutter i’d already cleaned sounds like common sense but if you hadn’t done it before i don’t suppose you’d know um i’ve got another pole as well that i could use um i’m impressed with the reach on this and it’s not too bad on the arms i’m a bit out

Of breath but going well going good so far i’m happy with it no blockages i’m pleased so i’m struggling a little bit nothing wrong with the vac itself um it’s just i think it’s the tip i’ve got on there these roof tiles overhang quite a lot and i’m struggling to get in underneath so i’ve already cleaned all this one out but you can see there’s a whole section

Underneath where the nozzle is not quite doing it so i’m thinking i don’t know if switching to this one would even help to be honest it might do at a certain angle thinking about trying to squash it down even further because for this one this the conservatory roof it’s so tight i don’t even know if i’m gonna get this one in there the tree on the very limit i

Have to pull the gutter down a little bit i’m thinking about squashing it i don’t know i don’t want to ruin it what would you guys do on that do it by hand i could do it by hand i’ve got a ladder with me i’m on a ladder right now i filled this right up i forgot how many liters that is but it’s quite a lot i’m gonna go and empty it down the bottom of the garden

In the compost and then carry on so i’ve done front and back it’s going well there we go look at the size of that pile this little machine wrapping up this twigs am i weird for appreciating stuff like that i don’t know thank you this is what i’m having to do i’m shoving shoving the vac in the gap and then just get in the trowel and just pulling it all in

Doing a good job to be there yes foreign yes whoever’s built this look at that look at that gap is it’s worse on this side than it was on the other side um oops right it did good i’m happy the um the cleanup takes longer than i expected with um having to sort of wash out all my tubes and wash out the container and empty all that out um and the setup and

The breaking all the poles down and putting them back in the bag and all that sort of stuff takes a bit longer than i expected but um i’ve learned a lot i’ll take you around the conservatory in a minute so you can see clean the outside of the gutters i haven’t haven’t cleaned the windows i’ve just wiped them down but they do look a bit better and i can’t really

Show you inside because so bloody tight up there um did all this so yeah very happy i’ll put a link down in the description for all the items that i bought to make this good of that work and i’ll also put in the gardener pole as well just that you know which one i’m using yeah good day busy one thanks for watching have a good one

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