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Hey what’s going on guys welcome to another video on my channel here religiously if you guys are new to the channel please make sure to hit that subscribe button so you guys are updated on hair loss and hair transplant topics visit my website at to purchase your microneedling device which is scientifically proven to stimulate hair growth my lower

Level a snippy cat dh debugging shampoo and serum hair with vitamins and a few other products for those who are suffering from hair loss so today’s video i wanted to share with you the experience of someone who has been onto task drive for well over 10 years it’s always difficult to come across actual people taking hair loss medication long term and them sharing

Their experience so whenever i actually come across some of these posts i think it’s worth sharing with you guys to get a personal perspective of someone who was on hair loss medication long term in some of my prior videos i covered the topic of finasteride users who’ve been taking finasteride for like well over 20 plus years so i thought that this would also

Be relevant and also interesting to share with you the experience of somebody who has been taking dutas right for well over 10 years and as you guys may know dutasteride is another 5 alpha reductase inhibitor that is much more potent than finasteride in inhibiting the conversion of testosterone into dht and for those who are you know sometimes not responding as

Well to finasteride many people have actually started taking two tasks right and have seen better results i actually came across this guy through a comment that was left from one of my subscribers in one of my priority password videos and apparently rick rosner who was once the world’s second smartest man with an iq of 192 uh and he’s actually still ranked as the

Third smartest man according to the world genius directory has been taken to test ride for well over a decade and to give you guys some context the average person has an iq of around like 90 to 110 and anyone who has an iq of over 140 is considered to be a genius so obviously this guy is way up there now a few years back in one of insider’s articles rostner has

Claimed to be taking 50 pills a day omega-3 fish oils baby aspirin metformin metaprolol and just a bunch of other supplements and vitamins but one that he’s been taking that is well known to sufferers of angina alopecia is dutasteride he claims that he’s been taking avatar daily as part of his regimen as it helps with prostate health you know helps with hair and

Also increases testosterone as he is a gym rat the interesting thing is that he’s also had 13 mini hair transplants totaling 1700 plugs and i see plugs in that graph a few decades ago before fpt and fue were introduced and i’m not sure if he’s actually had any recent touch-ups to soften up his hairline it doesn’t really look like that’s the case but we can see

That these were indeed plugs that were used from the you know the early implementation of hair transportation where plugs were extracted and implanted and oftentimes these plugs would contain as many as 20 hairs per plug and then implanted into building areas they did result in a very unnatural appearance as you can see with rick rosner’s case here due to the

Relatively large size of the plugs and the gaps in between whereas current technology for hair transplants specifically fue they utilize single grass single graft extractions which are used to create natural looking results a good comparison of rick rossner’s current hair is the hair that we typically see on a barbie doll which has kind of like that distinct

Plug-like appearance and i honestly think that a small fvu procedure would definitely improve not only his density but also in him achieving a more natural looking hairline he’s definitely a good candidate given that he has a lot of good density and well established existing temporal points on both sides so i think he would just really need a small touch up

To the hairline with single grabs and some more density into the frontal and the mid portion of his hairline and it would drastically improve the naturalness of his hair transplant back in 2014 rosner tweeted that he was on dutastriate for six years and a more recent tweet update in october 2020 stated that he was indeed still on the test ride which would put

Him at well over 12 years on the medication this is a few years more on the task right compared to ashton kutcher who claims to have been on the task right for about 10 years with no noticeable side effects and the good news in case for rosner is that he also has indicated that he did not have any side effects as well so he’s 60 years old he didn’t mention that

Dutaster is still working in preventing hair loss although he did claim that his hairs have reduced in diameter and he also stated that the last time his testosterone levels were checked a few years back they were hovering around 711 which is still within the normal range for his age so a few things that i want to kind of mention um dutasteride is obviously

A much more potent treatment for android alopecia than finasteride we already have you know multiple studies that show the efficacy of dutasteride as it inhibits over 90 of serum dh levels and nearly eighty percent of scalp ph levels for 2.5 milligrams of dutasteride we also know that dutasteride is three times more pollen than finasteride at inhibiting type

2 5ar and about 100 times more potent at inhibiting type 1 5ar enzyme studies also indicate higher scalp hair growth for tooth asteride than finasteride so all in all dutasteride is obviously superior to finasteride in nearly all aspects for encouraging hair for hair growth and also slowing further hair loss and since due tasteride is actually prescribed for

The treatment of hair loss um android alopecia in korea and japan there are a few studies on the efficacy and safety of dutasteride for treating android alopecia and most people who are taking dutasteroid are going to respond favorably to treatment with minimal side effects that are for the most part reversible upon cessation of the medication just like

Finasteride most people can typically get by with one milligram of finasteride and slowing down for the hair loss and they won’t have to resort to taking the test ride it’s also going to be a little bit more difficult to procure dutaster in the u.s since it’s not fda approved for the treatment of hair loss and a lot of doctors are hesitant to prescribe you know

The testosterone is off label and obviously it’s going to be more expensive than finasteride now in the case for rick rosner taking to task right for the past 12 years and still maintaining his position as one of the top three smartest men in the world a lot of people are going to uh wonder when taking finasteride to test drive or any other five alpha reductase

Inhibitors they’re going to wonder about the influence on these drugs that have on neurosteroids now studies do show that five ar inhibitors are also going to be neuroserotogenesis inhibitors which prevent the five ar immediate biosynthesis of various neural steroids like alopregnetolone dihydro oxycodocosterone which are going to be potent all steric modulators

Of the gaba receptor and they’ve also been found to possess antidepressant and prosexual effects in animal research and for this very reason prevention of neurosteroid formation may be involved in the sexual dysfunction and depression and that has been associated with five air inhibitors like dutasteride and finasteride so when you look at you know like the

Warning labels on finasteride or tetastride these pharma companies have to disclose potential side effects like impotence decreased libido sexual dysfunction psychiatric disorder etc and i will say that these are very possible side effects that a small minority of people do experience about two to three percent because ultimately the physiological basis of mood

Disorders caused by five area inhibitors are due to the dysregulation of neurosteroids and androgen and as a reason i feel like more studies do need to be warranted in humans because studies were only shown on animal models and as you know not all animal studies are going to translate into humans uh but given that the fact that there are people who still claim

Similar side effects and people that do experience you know various sexual side effects we have people on post finasteride syndrome um as a result of this regulation of androgens involving dht and also the up regulation of estrogen and testosterone levels side effects are unfortunately a part of five air inhibitors and you know at this point you really kind of

Need to assess if it’s worth the risk for the sake of hair now even though you are on something as potent as potassium there is a chance that those who are still sensitive to androgens are still going to continue to miniaturize over time as it was the case for rick rosner although his wasn’t that severe and it was actually much at a slower pace he hasn’t really

Lost much ground but he did state that his hairs has gotten thinner over time and this can actually be attributed by the fact that although dutasteride inhibits a huge amount of dht which is the main culprit for you know genetic hair loss it is also going to increase testosterone levels which is still adrenic in nature so typically the trade-off of suppressing

Scalp dht for a nearly 99 increase in scalp testosterone levels will oftentimes result in less hair loss for most people simply due to the high binding affinity and androgenicity of dht relative to testosterone but people who actually have aggressive forms of hair loss can result in a greater acceleration of hair loss especially if dutasteride is not paired

Up with something that can antagonize testosterone at the androgen receptor the ideal treatment would be a topical form of detasteride due to systemic and unsatisfactory side effects but the size of dutasterized molecules are going to make it difficult to deliver it as a topical agent but that’s not to say that you know large molecules may be advantageous since

It makes it difficult to get past the subcutaneous layer of the skin which can prevent systemic absorption and given that dutasteride is also more lipophilic it could theoretically help remain on the skin longer but today there unfortunately are no studies on the effectiveness of topical dutasteride and it still remains as an experimental topical for those who

Are able to get it um you know compounded through a pharmacy so at the end of the day i think that rick rosner and even ashton kutcher are great examples of individuals who were on dutaster and long term without experiencing any various side effects and they’ve actually been able to hold on to their hair the truth is that most people who take uh you know five

Ars are going to respond favorably without any adverse side effects and honestly i think it was interesting to find out that rick rosner wasn’t you know want to test right for a long time and yet he was still able to maintain his position as one of the smartest men in the world and from what i can tell he really hasn’t been impaired in any you know cognitive

Function as a result of taking the test drive this isn’t to say that he hasn’t had his share of weird tendencies because as high as his iq supposedly is it’s funny that he actually took 10 years for him to finish high school and to me it kind of comes off as a hypochondriac person at times especially taking 50 vitamins a day well knowing that you know most are

Going to be useless unless you are actually vitamin deficient so you know maybe dutaster was doing something to him cognitively uh but that’s all i have into this video if you guys have been taking the test right long term let me know how that’s been working out for you thanks for watching guys leave me some comments and if you have any questions make sure to

Leave me some in the comment section below and i’ll talk to you guys in the next video take care

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