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3 Dangerous Foods for Blood Pressure Pills Your Doctor NEVER told About!!

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Not to scare you but everything on earth and in the universe interacts with everything else and especially if you are on blood pressure medication then you have to be careful about these three food items that i’m going to be talking about today so let’s begin this countdown number three is grapefruit and especially grapefruit juice especially in large quantities and

This is a problem because it interacts with medications such as the beta blockers namely the ethanol the metoprolol the toprol the bystolic the biciprolol propranolol so grapefruit and grapefruit juice can enhance the effect of this medication causing an overdose of these medications that could be potentially dangerous because these medications the beta blockers

They slow down your heart rate and they can lower your heart rate to a certain degree that you can feel light-headed you can feel dizzy and with the lowering of your heart rate as well as your blood pressure with these medications the beta blockers you could have significant light headiness you could feel tired all the time and you can also pass out which could be

Dangerous because of course you can fall down and hurt yourself now an extra issue with grapefruit is but static medication and those medications are normally given in certain patients with high cholesterol and they can also exacerbate and aggravate the side effects of statin medication so you could be feeling more muscle cramping and pain with static medication

And it could also lead to liver problems so grapefruit should be taken cautiously grapefruit juice should be taken cautiously if you are on blood pressure medication especially beta blockers and if you’re on statin medication next number two is high potassium foods and this is going to be a huge list of foods that you should be avoiding or at least checking your

Potassium levels frequently especially if you are on these blood pressure medications number one is going to be the ace inhibitors and this is the lysinopril the ramipril the vasotec the enalapril the capital pill these are examples of ace inhibitors and these are medications that can cause your potassium to rise and if you’re taking these medication as well as

High potassium foods your potassium could get high enough that it can cause significant problems with the heart especially arrhythmias basically meaning that your heart is beating irregularly and that could be significantly dangerous the other group of high blood pressure medication are called the arbs the angiotensin receptor blockers and they include losartan

Cozar diavon also known as valsartan and the sartan mycardis which is also called tell me sartan so you have to be careful with this medication because all these medication can also raise your potassium level while controlling your blood pressure another blood pressure medication is called spirolactone so this is given as a diuretic this is also given with people

Who have weak hearts people who have heart failure and this medication can also raise your potassium level so a combination of these medications the ace inhibitors the angiotensin receptor blockers and spirolactone with high potassium diet can cause certain problems with your potassium levels so be careful about this but the problem is that it cannot be too high and

It cannot be too low the potassium is tricky because you need potassium because significantly low potassium can cause your blood pressure to rise but you should never overdose on anything potassium related now before we talk about this last food item i have a course on high blood pressure and i have more than 30 videos and increasing by the amount every single week

Actually and i talk about everything blood pressure related all in one place basically how to naturally control our blood pressure how we can avoid medication what are the side effects of the medication and i talk about the best supplements for blood pressure and i talk about the physiology and mechanisms and the alarm signs and symptoms of high blood pressure all

In one place if you feel this could be helpful that you can check that out in the description below anyways the last item is black licorice so licorice yes this is a part of different types of sweets people eat this especially here in the us during halloween where people give it like candy the problem is that licorice can decrease your potassium levels yes decrease

Your potassium levels and like i told you earlier that you cannot have a high potassium level and you cannot have a significantly low potassium level the potassium levels should be between 3.5 to 5 and nothing beyond that and nothing below this and studies have shown that people especially if they’re older and if they consume large amounts of black licorice then

They may actually develop potassium low enough in two weeks that they may have an irregular heartbeat they may have an irregular rhythm that could be significantly dangerous and land them into the hospital and if you want to know the exact details if you eat two ounces of black licorice a day for two weeks you could land up in the hospital so with falling potassium

Levels with black licorice you could have lithium g you could have heart failure your blood pressure could rise you could have arrhythmias of the heart these are significantly dangerous i know people like to have black licorice but make sure you don’t have high blood pressure and you are not taking blood pressure medication that is one thing but if you do want to

Take it take it once in a while don’t eat large amounts at one time and if you do have a problem such as atrial fibrillation or you feel palpitations in your heart then you should stop the black licorice as soon as possible of course immediately and then talk to your doctor who will be helpful in this regard anyways these are the three items that for you have to

Be very careful about if you are on blood pressure medication number one was of course grapefruit juice especially in large quantities then for food items that increase your potassium levels so we have to be very careful and last but not least was black licorice anyways i hope this is helpful and again if you feel you need something to keep you motivated about

Controlling your blood pressure definitely check out that course i will have that in the description below and on the screen as well if you feel this could be helpful anyways talk to you guys soon consider subscribing and sharing this video because this is what i talk about talk to you guys bye

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☀️3 Dangerous Foods for Blood Pressure Pills 👉 Your Doctor NEVER told About!! By Dr Khan Show – Blood Pressure BOSS !