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Chris, Gaz and Peter, three Cystic Fibrosis friends, discuss day to day issues about Cystic Fibrosis and how it affects their lives.

I um i must admit i was completely lost completely lost it you really have to watch it don’t you you’re not saying i mean don’t get me wrong i’ve seen it passed in black and white but yeah i’ve not seen it since i think the first season you know of the new one with christopher eccleston that’s outstanding i think the rest probably will be but i only got to

That and i really enjoyed that i’ve just not picked the rest up but he’s kind of like a a chubby cool doctor you know yeah yeah peter please weigh in on this conversation and confuse this it’s almost both go you just need to wait for light i mean i mean it’s all basic it’s all just basic geekiness really i mean if you if for example if you’re gonna have an

Issue with your computer all you all you need to do is reverse the plot the polarity the neutral flow yeah yeah i’ve always preferred that too but you know don’t you know what i am a proper geek with most racing and bloody electrics forever but you’ve actually i’m struggling to keep up here what’s the admit sorry i’m changing subjects again is any of your creon

Levels changed about a week after starting uh calcio i’ve had to cut mine down quite a bit really yeah i now take one third of what i used to do you know if you have a small snack size mars bar yeah you know it’s not enough for one yeah do you switch to ten thousand and have one you know sorry creon ten thousand less of a dose obviously do you switch to that

Or do you just say sodium i’m not having any crayon with it i’ve i don’t know if you should be but i’ve never been that scientific with it if if i felt like it was more than one three on 25 000 i’d just take two the doctor always said to me it’s better to overtake than to undertake personally i’ve never had any problems with shits or anything like that so it’s

A really healthy fish dinner with veg but no carbs and no fat or little fat in the fish what would you do because there’s not enough there’s not really anything to take creon with is there well with with um chicken dinners or fish dinners i just have two because i count the fats you see and it usually a chicken dinner but there’s it’s not enough for me to need

A lot but i probably have about one or two it’s like with that it’s like i mean going back to like the mars bar for example i won’t have any because you know if it’s especially if i’m out i won’t you know i just won’t have any or if i’m having a biscuit with a cup of tea i won’t have any to get the protein out of the fish and the veg you to have enzymes with

It so there’s another point so why are we looking at fat levels when really it’s also proteins i always thought that the issue with our digestive system which is proved by how acne crayon that you’re looking at just the fat levels yeah that’s not because i i was always told that say like if i had a plate of veg that’s just been boiled because there’s no fats

In it i don’t need crayon same if you have a salad and it’s only when you add fat sweet whether it’s bread butter or chicken that you take crayon with it and that’s how i’ve always been told yeah same exactly the same with that in terms of like a mars bar i wouldn’t worry that it was too little to have a crayon with i’ll just take it anyway just to absorb

It you don’t get constipated when you do that i’ve never i’ve never been constipated no your only time i’ve been constipated if it is if i took too much yeah maybe my my whatever pancakes is a bit temperamental that’s probably all can it can it give you ibs and all that stuff can you can you suffer with that through cf you know problems with your bowels that

Aren’t directly related to tablets i don’t know i think it’s just the sheer amount of i eat to be honest uh and also just the amount of food i have always put it down to that so i think i just need to do a bit trial and error there might be certain things that you eat that just triggers you anyway without crayon or without beyonce say for instance a mars bar

I might just mash them up anyway yeah yeah it might just be the item of food itself yeah yeah okay interesting to eat five do you eat a lot of fiber and everything do you get enough fiber uh i think so yeah i think so you know enough that’s gonna break your shits in it to put it favorite

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