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3 Signs You’re Not Getting Enough Potassium

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They don’t hear that much about it but you really should it’s found all of these delicious foods but amazingly most of you aren’t getting enough of this important mineral today i’m gonna reveal the subtle signs did you not get enough potassium in your body that affects the most vital organs across the board we’re gonna start off with melissa was holding a brain

I welcome those up thank you you holding a brain because they first sign you’re not getting enough potassium is brain fog is that ever afflict you all the time what is it dude here i would literally just start talking to someone and then in the middle of my sentence just forget what i’m saying it drops off on time which is not a rare phenomenon young or we all

Experience it so here’s why it’s important imagine this wind-up toy over here is your brain so you have enough potassium in there it goes banging along and doing but as you lose the potassium it covers perilously close to the edge here oh and you fall it’s the oblivion of forgetfulness of confusion of losing a train of thought as you mentioned and you can’t grab

It again giving your brain potassium allows the cells in the brain to function the way they’re supposed to many of these symptoms related to stress but actually it’s caused by the potassium since they’re beating yourself up about it give yourself the potassium and why yourself back up again you’ll be back in business okay it is actually the best solution for a

Lot of folks try that problem thank you lissa next up is killeen then you got a heart yes and you have a heart because the second sign of potassium deficiency is actually heart palpitations that’s when your hearts are pounding when it skips a couple beats does that ever happen to you it does happen yeah well it happens for a lot of different reasons but one of

The common problems we see this in the hospital a lot as well is potassium props up ahead and put that down okay good do a little demonstration about why this is the case you like the game simon says of course audience ready to play with us we’re playing simon says you all do this together remember only when simon says something do you do it all right simon says

Clap your hands three times one two great all right let’s say someone says clap your hands three times again simon says again clap your hands two times oh i heard a couple threes although most you did well well every once in a while we get thrown off a little bit and the hearts the same way that heart just why i’ve been talking i’ve been pumping for most of you

At least once a second so if every once in a while it misses a beat you’ll sense it and unfortunately that’s occurring pop prominently cuz we’re not having enough potassium in our life okay you’ve come yeah what kind of thoughts can i eat to increase my potassium that’s why we here today okay you hold for one second we’re gonna get to all that cuz that’s important

All right thank us only get about half of the potassium we need okay so it’s a big gap in their place we can make it up okay finally miranda has a muscle it’s a third sign you’re not getting enough potassium which is muscle spasms yes does it affect you ever all the time after working out i get leg cramps charley horses when i wake up it’s you should mention after

Me works out that’s called showing off she can adjust matching the sleep bar i put that down for a second let me show you what happens so let’s say this is one of your muscle fibers you know this muscle is made up of literally hundreds of thousands of little little fibers like this okay so if that fibers function normally when you’re working out go off back and

Forth and back and forth and doing all that great stuff when you don’t have enough potassium the doesn’t there without the but the right potassium ounce the ability of fluids moving out of the cells go away this gets big and it gets stuck and it won’t move anymore and it’s frozen and that causes that spasming sense that you have it because in fact that’s what’s

Happening nothing’s moving so you have to have the potassium in order to let the cells of the muscle work the heart work and them in the brain work the question is how much do you need did you ask everyone come along with me let’s talk about that the amount that we need is our 4700 milligrams a day don’t bother memorizing that all you have to know is that most

Of us are getting about half that amount which is what concerns me that’s causing the muscle spasms on the brain fog and the palpitations but you can get your daily dose by adding the right foods into your diet and i’m gonna go through a bunch specifically these are foods you can find everywhere but you got to get these into your diet and squeeze them in as many

Ways as you can bananas i love a lot of the orange foods sweet potatoes i love beets but the beet greens have a ton appetite don’t throw them away you can make smoothies out of them you can you know include them in a lot of different dishes be a criminal oddity vegetables have them as well dried fruits have them i have to love the dried dates which are good for

Something else as well you ever get constipated yes hey she works out but he’s good for that as well but get dried fruits have a lot of potassium beans have great potassium fish which sort of surprising source cuz most of us never thought of that and yogurt has potassium in it so there’s many different sources of it all you got to do is push yourself to double down

On this cuz you literally have a double of the amount a multivitamin who takes both vitamins oh all right well one our three not bad yeah all right so multivitamins they don’t always have it just check on the label to make sure they have potassium and at least that’s one way of getting a little bit more than what you need if you do with just that smart way you’ll

Be able to get the potassium you need in your body and obviate some of these concerns any questions alright so you make it easy for you i’m gonna give you a sensual mineral list on potassium and a grocery list of how to go shopping for dr. oz calm we’ll be right back

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3 Signs You're Not Getting Enough Potassium By DoctorOz