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360 video through Royal William Yard vlog Thu 4 June 2020

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Took a little scooter around Royal William yard with my 360 camera Welcome to the MS video diary where you will find a vlog made with 360 videos and 3D videos and regular 2D videos in HD from Andy Bailey in the United Kingdom

Lovely jubbly let’s go through the yard this is where we just go through the the the gate that’s king william the fourth this place was built in 1823 this was a place to be the central weakening yard for the royal navy after it was exposed during the napoleonic wars how much they needed to have beer on demand which is what they do here this is called colin then

This called bake house house house bakery that’s where we go we have in the world wood for ages you know tina we should go there when it’s closed there’s breaking let’s document it on my 360 oh so dan williams is getting a quest as well this afternoon he’s picking up this afternoon we were talking about it in the oddity right there and live so i’m finally gonna

Have people i can hang around in efficient chips they’re like see how it’s all when the winds on hamid all the sea over there there’s a super loud exhaust that really loves to make a stupid bear what i want to throw things i shake my fist at traffic you know this is a nice place for every tourist alien here yes god whatever elevator boots things yeah i stayed in

This place there’s some place that you can see over there when i was in beat fresno restaurant up there we’ve been there this not too bad but it’s a bit men went indeed fancy and it was nice but i like this place the second out this way we’re past now they got quite high speed we have some nice traci that’s it oh yeah we’ve been in there quite a lot of me yeah it’s

Like a pub pub lunch pub grub he gay man but they got a stupid queuing system people that queue then make the order the person takes the order prepares the order and then the next person in the queue has to wait in to get served and oh it’s highly inefficient hi today that people need to be told it’s not me alone in the bag i mean going that fast so i’m doing like

50 miles an hour oh let’s do 50 if i could reach the 50 mile an hour switch i’d be all over that there’s still day work in though and was it melville building will call this look down there that’s where tina’s gonna dispose of me to do the struggle i’ll tell you what if you have a boat all you do is clean it clean it off fix it and you can’t ignore it you can’t

Attend no although it’s not like you’re in your garret door not opening you can leave it for a bit if you don’t fix your boat you sink your drown stop the royal navy the whole of the royal navy so we’re nearly home oh yeah in there you see um direct from the difference between this empty restaurant when it is in lockdown and when it’s in public service it’s just

The same there’s no one in there so expensive now this is brew house my brother stayed here before it’s all one night got nice lift in there right so deborah dan pocket ball and the rest of you reprobates thanks for coming along this 360 journey with me and or celia

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360 video through Royal William Yard vlog Thu 4 June 2020 By multiple sclerosis Vlog