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4 Habits That Cause High Estrogen In Men

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How to get your hormones back to normal? Most people assume estrogen is a female thing. But men can have high estrogen levels too, and this is not good for men’s health. There are certain symptoms of high estrogen and low testosterone. Listen carefully cause if you have them, it’s probably time to change your lifestyle.

When you hear the word estrogen most people automatically assume this is a female thing right i mean i don’t think men can have high estrogen levels well i quickly learned that hormone imbalances don’t care who you are they can happen in anyone and that’s definitely the case with me i can’t say when exactly all the symptoms showed up because it all kind of crept

Up on me little by little at first i started feeling tired throughout the day but i figured i just needed my coffee to kick in or something then i noticed that i was putting on weight seemingly out of the blue and my hair was falling out a few hairs in your comb is normal but mine was a lot more than that hear that yeah that was the alarm bells going off in my

Hat i knew it was time to check in with my doctor he did some tests and told me that my estrogen levels were high and my testosterone was way down i was shocked and a little scared but my doctor said this does happen in men and that i need to make some lifestyle changes in order to get my hormones back in balance of course i was ready to do that but i wanted to do

Some research first i found out that testosterone and estrogen are present in both men and women if you are a man you have more testosterone and less estrogen and vice-versa for women if this balance is thrown off your body will let you know i’m a guy so for me estrogen levels are good if they’re low but there are things in your environment and lifestyle that can

Make your estrogen levels too high one of which is little to no physical activity well like a lot of people nowadays i work in an office and sit at a desk most of the day and at home it’s the couch this was the first change i made i tried to get up from my chair more often and do at least a little stretching or take a walk around the office instead of the elevator

I started taking the stairs exercise helps boost your testosterone levels but only temporarily that’s why you have to include more physical movement in your day-to-day life in fact although it sounds cliche physical activity really is good for you in more ways than one you see estrogen can be produced in different tissues of your body including your fat cells so

Basically the more body fat you have the more estrogen you produce and less testosterone gets pumped out since physical exercise helps reduce body fat it also decreases your estrogen levels simple anyway the day to day little changes taking the stairs and whatnot were easy to make because i didn’t feel like i was actually exercising but it wasn’t enough to get

My hormones back to normal i had to make myself go to the gym but to do that i also needed to deal with the constant fatigue that meant i needed to work on getting better sleep my job is pretty stressful with all kinds of deadlines meetings presentations and whatnot so when i came home i just wanted to relax a little and have some time for myself otherwise i

Figured my life would just be eat work sleep repeat with no sense of purpose you know what i’m talking about well i play video games or watch tv late into the night leaving myself 4 to 5 hours for sleep at best what i found out later made me reconsider my sleep habits though magdalena whizzle aqui a new york-based health coach says that healthy sleep regulates a

Lot of hormones and generally affects your entire system making it run like a well-oiled machine for example seven to nine hours of sleep will make your body produce 15% more leptin a hormone that helps your stomach feel full and 20% less grillin one that makes you feel hungry that combo will help you feel fuller throughout the day if you don’t feel hungry you’ll

Have fewer snacks which means you won’t risk taking in too many calories and gaining weight remember body fat produces estrogen healthy sleep also regulates your blood sugar the better sleep you get the better you feel in the morning without craving coffee sugar and carbs one study i read about from the university of chicago showed that after only four to six

Hours of sleep your body has a harder time stabilizing blood sugar and this can lead to weight gain fatigue mood swings and even diabetes not to mention that you’ll constantly crave something sweet and sugary well i was drinking about four cups of coffee with sugar and cream a day just to keep me moving and to add insult to injury i never had my coffee without

A snack muffins cookies donuts you name it no wonder i started gaining weight so fast when i changed my sleep schedule though everything changed with it i started going to bed no later than midnight and making sure i got my eight hours of sleep and i gotta say although i had less time to enjoy my favorite games or shows at first i felt a lot better i woke up

Well-rested and i’m actually down to just one small cup of coffee a day even on less caffeine i was still becoming more productive at work meeting all my deadlines easy peasy and i still had time to hit the gym after work just to think that something as simple as adding three more hours of sleep could do so much for you maybe i was lucky that i was able to start

Sleeping better so easily a lot of people have trouble getting good sleep because of stress and believe it or not this is closely connected with your estrogen levels – stress is a huge factor when it comes to hormone production i read about this study done by an endocrinologist named dr. molly dickens she found that major or constant stress can make testosterone

Conversed into estradiol the most potent form of estrogen so again here you have that issue of having less testosterone and more estrogen remember it should be the other way around for us guys other than some typical work-related stress here and there i can’t say that i’m an overall really stressed out person that’s probably why i didn’t have any trouble changing

My sleeping habits plus i tire my body out at the gym now so i hit the pillow like a ton of bricks but if your work or personal life brings you loads of stress you really should do something about it if you can the best thing to do is get rid of the source of stress but if you can’t try meditation and breathing techniques sister swears by them and she’s a teacher

So just imagine how stressed out she gets scraped nightly rituals are also helpful if you do the same things every night before going to bed like taking a shower brushing your teeth or reading a book your body will soon learn that it’s time for sleep and switch into night mode automatically just see what’s best for you so exercise check better sleep check there

Was still one more thing i had to do and yes if you said diet you nailed it tweaking your diet is a must if your estrogen levels are too high food is your fuel and bharden the cliche you are what you eat a diet that reduces your estrogen isn’t rocket science or anything since i had too much carbs and sugar every day i didn’t mind eating a massive portion of

Lasagna in the evening i had to cut on those and replace them with less caloric foods by the way your diet mainly depends on your activity levels and goals i didn’t need to lose much weight i only wanted to keep myself in decent shape so i was totally fine with cutting back on sugar refined carbs and fatty foods i started eating more fruits and vegetables of

Course who replaced my usual sweet snacks with nuts and seeds and added some fatty fish ones rich in omega-3s to my must-eat list and voila nothing too dramatic yet i look and feel much better than i did just a few months ago try it for yourself just think of what’s excessive in your diet and make the right changes you will see the results that’s for sure the

Only thing you can’t really do much about when it comes to estrogen levels is your age this is a major contributor to hormone imbalance because aging speeds up estrogen production and slows down testosterone production in men the older you get the harder it is for your body to keep these hormones in check still a healthy diet exercise and good sleep will always

Do you good matter how old you are did i leave anything out maybe you know some other ways to get your hormones in balance leave your tips in the comments section below remember to give this video a like and share it with your friends click that subscribe button to stay on the bright side of life

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