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4 The Mad Drop – ADHD Medications Angry Drop in the Afternoon

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Welcome folks dr. charles part here we’re hitting today were hitting number four of seven videos on the important drop in the afternoon and what’s so frequently missed is the fact that a stimulant lasts less than 24 hours lasts anywhere from three or four two hours one hour to 12 hours but it doesn’t last 24 hours and that whole business of how it burns is so

Frequently misunderstood the drop in the afternoon is meaningful can teach us a lot about what’s going on with psych medications and if we understand stimulant medications accurately we can understand what that drop in the afternoon is trying to tell us now we made the point that the first was an overview the second video was talking very specifically about how

You can go into a cognitive dissonance a medication just simply isn’t working that’s number two then number three shifted because we started looking at a different neurotransmitter system we started saying hey there’s another neurotransmitter system at play it’s not all dopamine that when you have a sad drop it’s an emotional problem dropping in the afternoon has

Something to do with serotonin and the serotonin dopamine imbalance which we cover in a video here now this mad drop is the same it does have serotonin implications this is not everybody that drops bad in the afternoon is not bipolar in fact most of the time they’re not bipolar if a person is bipolar on a stimulant medication a little bit of stimulant medication

Sends them right out the roof for all day by the way that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re bipolar it could mean that they’re not metabolizing it correctly but certainly the drop of being mad in the afternoon has nothing to do with bipolar illness if they were bipolar they would have been bipolar all day the drop in the afternoon has a lot to do with serotonin

Imbalance but what happens is so many people think that the only type of serotonin drop is our old friend depression that we just covered in the previous video well there are a lot of people who are mad who also have serotonin problems irritation my favorite word here is touchy touchy can be sad it can be mad as you’re going to see in the next video whatever i’m

Touchy so i’m not gonna get involved i’m touchy so i’m mad and it makes me my feelings get hurt but i’m not going to admit my feelings are hurt i’m just going to get mad and then i’m sad my feelings really are hurt those are all touchy somatic sensitive feeling problems so i’ll just give you a quick little bit on the drop in the afternoon that is a mad drop i’ve

Talked about it elsewhere in this video here the bottom line you can learn more about it a little three more minutes but the bottom line here is a person who drops in the afternoon think of clint eastwood in gran torino think of clint eastwood in high plains drifter the stranger you know good the bad and the ugly fistful of dollars what does that guy doing in the

West he is bitter pardon me he is mad he is he’s suffering from ptsd and every single one of those movies he’s been beat up and he is there is dickens to pay he’s not going to put up with us anymore and what he’s done i’m not saying if you move i’m going to have to kill you nothing personal so what happens is he has an attitude that is a negative attitude of bitter

Attitude so many of these guys come in and they tell me right off the bat they’re adults and i said look my wife thinks i’m depressed the doctor i want to make it really clear i am not depressed she thinks i’m depressed am i touchy am i irritable yeah so guess what sir what i’m gonna tell you is i’m not gonna give you an antidepressant i’m going to give you an

Anti touchy pill would that work out all right sure so it happens to be zoloft you yes it’s an antidepressant we’re not treating depression we’re treating touchy you want to get better from being touchy or do you want to remain touchy and if we give you a stimulant medication for that edd you’ve had your whole life you’re going to get more touchy do you think your

Wife’s gonna like that think about it and it’s going to happen at a very specific time in the afternoon when the medication wears off touchy mad think serotonin think of the basal ganglia seesaw touchy whatever in this next video touchy whatever my friends i want to tell you right now has something to do with serotonin stay tuned talk to him innit have a great day see you

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4 The Mad Drop – ADHD Medications Angry Drop in the Afternoon By Dr Charles Parker