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5 Best Alternatives To Caffeine

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Many believe that these alternatives are even better than caffeine! What nootropic can provide the motivation and stimulating benefits of caffeine? Caffeine has become one of the go-to stimulants to boost focus and energy levels. However, prolonged intake of caffeine often results in anxiety, tolerance, and other side effects. Watch the whole video as I share my favorite caffeine alternatives, how to take them, their benefits and side effects.

Hey there everyone this is michael duggal the new  short break reviewer and during this video today   you will learn about alternatives to caffeine  as a nootropic supplement there’s actually so   many of them at least five and i’ll share with  you my favorites how to take them as well as the   side effects because what we know

About caffeine  is that it’s absolutely great for energy levels   for alertness especially for motivation yet for  many users it does have negative side effects   which include anxiety energy crashes and of course  building up a tolerance and the first one that i   will talk about is ephedrine ephedrine became very  very

Popular for fat loss especially when pairing   it with caffeine and my experience with ephedrine  for the most part was pretty positive i found that   it did increase levels of focus however it didn’t  last as long as caffeine did and unfortunately   there’s not enough research to confirm how safe  ephedrine may be especially for

People with any   heart issues or any issues whatsoever with mental  illness i would stay clear of ephedrine it’s   definitely not the right fit for you but it most  definitely can’t be ignored there was a specific   period when i was actually off caffeine and i was  only using ephedrine i was taking eight milligrams  

Two to three times per day and i really liked  that i was able to focus i was able to read a lot   faster i was able to like retain information it  seemed better because i was able to get through a   lot of studying and this kind of goes back to what  are you using caffeine for specifically because   that it will help you with

Your studies   that personally didn’t work for me i noticed that  when i was under the influence of caffeine i was   able to get through material very quickly like my  textbooks however i was not retaining anything in   my memory and overall i determined that caffeine  was actually doing more harm than it was good but  

When it came to ephedrine i had a much better  experience when i was using it for studying   plus i had noticed i was able to use ephedrine  uh later on in the evening and have it not keep   me up like how caffeine would so ephedrine what  i didn’t like about it was that it didn’t really   did like i love taking caffeine pre-workout

With   ephedrine i didn’t get that same boost of physical  energy i definitely couldn’t bust prs i definitely   wasn’t getting any benefit with cardiovascular  activity so that’s why i stopped using ephedrine   i do feel that it is somewhat underrated   let’s talk about alternative number two and that  would be yohimbine

And all things being considered   i would probably give yohimbine a thumbs down  where i do like it is i like it for physical   energy but you really have to be educated on the  use of yohimbine i think it’s more appropriate   for most people they just feel so anxious and so   uneasy when they’re using yohimbine and your

Heart  rate like significantly increases i’m telling you   won’t be able to lift weights your heart will   just be like beating through your chest it’s very  uncomfortable but it can’t be ignored because   some people do see good results with their mood  and that’s been my experience as well actually   there was a

Period where i was in a little bit  of a career slump you can say and i was using   caffeine along with a little bit of yohimbine  every single day and i was feeling like much   more better much more optimistic a little bit  like euphoric to the point that it made me a   lot more courageous than i was accustomed to and 

That felt good and that really helped me to get   out of that specific period but with yohimbine  like you really need to understand the dosage   you have to know under what circumstances to take  it what circumstances you shouldn’t take it like   with yohimbine there’s no point taking it along  with the meal it’s like almost

Useless unless   you take it faster or several hours after a meal  because if your insulin levels are high you just   simply won’t feel yohimbine working and watch  this video over here if you want to learn more   about yohimbine it’s a very tricky and interesting  nootropic, but it does yield results and the next  

Nootropic supplement we’ll talk about is theacrine  and the way a lot of people look at theacrine is   like it can give you exactly what you can get from  caffeine without giving you the anxiety and the   uneasiness and i’m gonna be the person to tell you  the truth to tell you that it’s horribly overrated   but it’s better than the

Other two alternatives i  mentioned because it overall seems healthier and   there’s some research which does support that and  where theocrane got a lot of attention is for its   effects specifically that people believe it can  give you the same physical and mental energy as   caffeine will without giving you the anxiety and 

I would say that’s a little bit over hyped i don’t   think theacrine is all that effective um even if  i were to take like 200 milligrams of theacrine   it’s not been my experience that it even feels  like 100 milligrams of caffeine like caffeine is   just way stronger especially for your mood and  i’ve tried using theocrine

Pre-workout it’s not   that beneficial i have found that it does to some  extent help with cardiovascular exercise this is   a bottle here this is from nootropics depot and  um it will give you like the alertness which you   like some tiredness during the day if you’re   be said that theacrine could be a good fit  

Because it may work on different receptors than  caffeine would so you can kind of like easily   recite your tolerance but it’s just so subtle  to the point you’ll ask yourself what’s the   there may be something to be said about using   uh theocrine along with caffeine pre-workout i’ve  had some success like mixing uh 200

Milligrams of   caffeine pre-workout and adding 100 milligrams of  theocrane i found that i get a better energy boost   plus i don’t crash as hard and a lot of people  believe that with the theacrine they can take it   even a pretty high dose like 200 milligrams plus  of theocrine and they won’t experience any energy  

Take caffeine but that’s not been my experience   and it’s been my experience like with pretty much  every stimulant out there that the more stimulated   crash feels like is brain fog you don’t want to do   anything you feel a little bit lethargic you feel  fatigued and you cannot really think clearly which   is of course a

Very uncomfortable place to be  and the next alternative i want to talk about is   dynamite dynamite i put in kind of like the same  category as theocrine it’s expensive probably not   necessary i see theocrine more like mental clarity  and more like mental energy whereas i see dynamite   milligrams of dynamite for example will

Get you   a bit of physical energy that’s more comparable  to something like caffeine with dynamite most   people seem to use that one pre-workout like as  an alternative to caffeine or even adding onto   caffeine i’ve seen a lot of pre-workout blends  these days containing both caffeine and dynamine   yet most people

Seem to get away from dynamite  realizing it’s really not doing too much like   there’s not many negative side effects that people  often report about and same with theocrate but at   the same time it just doesn’t do that much to  justify the expense and then of course you’re   experiencing the crash now let’s talk about a 

Couple of nootropic supplements that i actually   and the first one is going to be l-tyrosine   and l-tyrosine is actually not a stimulant it’s an  amino acid that’s found in proteins like chicken   breasts like egg whites even turkey but when you  take l-tyrosine by itself so without other amino   acids that are competing

During the digestion  process you will actually feel more alert you’ll   feel like your concentration is better and your  motivation is much higher and this one actually   really worked for me what happened was i did take  a whole year off of caffeine after going to a tony   robbins seminar back in 2018 and like l-tyrosine 

Was the one thing that helped me get through that   because i took all tyrosine pre-workout it still  will really help with all my exercise of course   l-tyrosine is one of the most common ingredients  you’ll see out there in like energy drinks or   pre-workout supplements because it really does  work with minimal side effects

So i used it then   but i also use it in the early afternoon even  late afternoon because it’s like anytime you feel   fatigued or your concentration isn’t that great  you can take about 750 milligrams of l-tyrosine   and like right away you notice that your attention  is there your concentration is there you’re  

Motivated because it works on the neurotransmitter  dopamine and really significantly raises it   to get things done and so the ideal dosage for   most people is 500 milligrams up to one gram per  serving you can take that two to three times per   day and what’s great about tyrosine specifically  is that you can get away with

Taking it   four hours of sleeping for me anyway i can   take l-tyrosine whereas i can’t take something  like caffeine because caffeine would keep me up   about tyrosine in this video over here and   the other alternative i want to share with you is  phenolparastam which is definitely very different   than these

Other supplements because with felon  parasite you only need to take it once a day   for me that’s a dosage of about 100 milligrams and  you’re so stimulated you’re so alert to the point   that it can be counterproductive so you want to  understand what other nootropics you can take to   pretty much like put the brakes on it

A little  bit so you can have good judgment you can think   clearly yet you can still execute at a very high  level but i really like fennel price time it kind   in that it’s not like super intense in any   specific times like caffeine is but you notice  working throughout the whole day and uh only   take it in the

Morning or early afternoon because  trust that this stuff will keep you up at night   and if you take too much of it you will definitely  feel wired not only that but you’ll also feel like   very warm sometimes i’ll take too much fennel  perhaps time that i’ll need to take cold showers   not once but like twice a day just to kind

Of  cool down my body temperature so that i can   still be productive and i’ve talked more about  phenylprosthetic in this video over here it’s   one of the best nootropic supplements out there  definitely look into it and i would love to know   what is an alternative that you specifically use  as a substitute for caffeine

Be sure to share it   in the comments below and do subscribe if you  did get value from this video of course be sure   to drop a like and if you would like to shout  out me one-on-one you can do so over on patreon   or send me a direct message on instagram and be  sure to join our discord server where we have a 24  

7 chat room and we’re answering people in a very  time sensitive fashion and having a whole lot of   fun i thank you for your interest in nootropics  and i look forward to seeing you all next time

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