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5 Days Of Femara | You Won’t Believe My Side Effects

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After 5 days of taking Femara, Ellie has finished one cycle and the waiting game begins! But… Let’s talk about those side effects. Ouch.

Today is the last day that i am taking my femara pill cheers hope it works i’m a little anxious about this seeing how this whole thing works out um this came in the mail yesterday this is a prenatal vitamin i it was the best reviewed one on amazon it’s mama bird prenatal vitamins but what i wanted was the mary ruth i have gotten into a lot of her vitamins and

Stuff and she has a prenatal vitamin but it is out of stock and so i was a little sad that that was out of stock but i got that one in the meantime i should have already been taking that i’ve heard you like should be taking your like not just a multivitamin but like a prenatal like your whole child bearing years from what i’ve heard but anyway i’m gonna start taking

That and my last day i’m all done hope this is our only only cycle we have to do this fingers crossed we made muffins they are all done calvin helped me make them and you even want to put them in the oven yourself okay lift your hand up strong it is hot you wanted to put them in you want me to do it watch your knees move your knees move your knees okay well

That was a good first attempt and when it’s time to check them you can poke them okay happy okay don’t lean in i’m gonna pull it out is it clean yep do you want to poke it tommy it’s hot don’t touch that one put it in poke it down take it out okay take it out is it clean yeah okay i think they look good we come here for two minutes and calvin has already

Scaled the side of the mountain which i’m not sure you’re supposed to even be up there and he’s just walking on it like what the heck uh jackson does that look like straight up and down to you a little bit you okay he gave me a thumbs up for how terrible i’ve been feeling with my hip lately i am feeling a lot more cabin fever i have been inside for basically a

Month with the exception of like going to the property and walking through and seeing what’s new hey you made it back okay good job yeah was that steep i can’t believe you just like walked that that was amazing this is your playground today so go and have fun so yeah i am feeling cabin fever and i wanted to take the kids out and i’m just gonna sit here like i would

Be doing at home and the kids are gonna play we just had our muffins and it’ll give ellie a little bit of a break she’s been watching the kids and the dogs and everyone for the past month basically without any semblance of a breather or a break so this is gonna be good for her this is gonna be good for me to get outside in the fresh air before it’s too hot outside

And the boys and i are going to play let’s be honest they’re going to play and i’m going to sit hi guys i’m going inside want me to show you how i good and it’s bad yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah i want to see a hundred subscribers okay let’s go okay that’s my 7th how is this live that is my dad that is live everyone knows that what do you and that

Is my baby brother you had fun yep good thanks for showing everyone how you did it yes thanks for watching we have been out and about for a couple hours now it’s almost lunch time and since ellie was so kind to like take care of tommy in the middle of the night um she was resting and now we’re grabbing some lunch and her favorite place is zoopa’s and for how good

It is i’m always surprised that there’s like never a line here can we do a mix of wisconsin cauliflower and oh what is it called tomato basil tomato basil and wisconsin cauliflower i would have no idea why that mixture even exists but ellie loves it so when we get home we’ll ask her why she even does that or why she even thought to do that um but yeah zupas for

Lunch today guys what are you guys having for lunch do you like it it’s not that bad calvin loves it tommy’s loving it yeah these two boys love it so it is tomato basil and enchilada chili right did i do it right oh did i do it wrong you did wisconsin cauliflower yes tomato basil yes which is good a lot of people do that i do it with wisconsin cauliflower and

Enchilada chili what did i do wrong you did it with wisconsin cauliflower and tomato basil oh that’s okay i ruined it you didn’t it’s great i love it what how did you think of that combination though well when i worked at zupas everyone would do the wisconsin cauliflower with tomato basil but i tried with enchilada chili and it was amazing i would never think to

Mix soup like the soup is what it is why do you mix it it’s just that much better because those two are really like like complimentary yeah that’s what makes these super moist apples anymore oh mix the soup with apple zoe that’s that’s what you need to do yeah i need like a little like more taste yeah i don’t know how i drink sometimes this soup is your red

Blue that’s silly oh is that right yeah i want to give you guys a summary of how the past five days have been going with taking my first round of femara i knew that hot flashes were gonna happen just because of my past experiences but what surprised me the most was how emotional and sensitive i was especially day three is when i noticed how hot i was feeling i

Definitely was getting a lot of hot flashes and my skin was just sensitive like touching my skin was sensitive i broke out a ton all over my face my neck i knew that it had to come from the medication because i’ve done nothing new taken nothing new other than the femara my skin was just red and raw and irritated i had to just stop wearing makeup i had to apply a

Lot of moisturizer it was flaky and then mostly i would just break out all over um especially on my cheeks and then on my neck not only was my skin sensitive but my emotions were sensitive i just i was just i needed my space um the littlest things would make me emotional and it just weighed heavy on me i think knowing what i was going through my past experiences

And then what i’m hoping the outcome will be i just think all of that combined just kind of made me a little internal fireball yeah i would say internal fireball is a really great description while the emotions you know you know it wasn’t just like sad emotional it was angry happy excited depressed like lots of mood swings associated with taking femara wouldn’t

You say absolutely that’s the biggest shock that i just didn’t think it was gonna happen so early on i was like oh if i take a few rounds that will happen but like the first one it just it really did hit me pretty hard it was interesting too going through it a little bit just with jared and i we didn’t tell our family um or friends or even you guys until after

We took the first five days i really wanted to just be able to be home in my own space kind of just like really think and breathe and be before i allowed outside emotions into um our homes so i i’m glad that we told family and friends and you guys but um i was really happy to have those uh first few days just kind of by myself really just thinking and meditating

On on what this is gonna bring for jared and i’s future day five is done now the fun begins and then the waiting happens that two week waiting period is miserable and not fun but it’s exciting it’s seriously all the emotions um it’s all the emotions in one so thank you guys for watching the last five days of me taking the femara we jared and i are really excited

We’re really hopeful and we can’t wait to update you guys along the way thanks for watching see you in our next video bye

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5 Days Of Femara | You Won't Believe My Side Effects 😳 By Ellie and Jared