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5 Most Common Side Effects of Forxiga / Farxiga / Dapagliflozin

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The five most common side effects of Forxiga aka Farxiga or dapagliflozin discussed. Forxiga is an sglt2 inhibitor which works well for type 2 diabetics lowering blood sugar.

The doctor is in salutations friends this is your pal again dr sal and in today’s episode of doctor secrets we look at barziga also known as four zigga depending on which side of the board you’re on we’re going to look at the side effects and it’s an sglt2 and um it comes in two different strengths you can get it in a five milligram or 10 milligram currently

The two strengths it comes in it’s the exact same drug on both sides of the border but in one it’s spelt f a r and the other one is f or four zega versus far zega same drug different name all right so let’s jump into the side effects or actually let me tell you first how it works um it’s a very unique interesting method of operation what it does as a sglt2 is

It blocks the glucose transporters in your kidneys so essentially what it does is it makes you urinate the sugar out instead of absorbing it back through your nephrons so let’s jump into the main side effects you can expect with this drug overall it’s very well tolerated so most common side effect in eight point four percent of people complain of uh but sorry

This is not all people but in females complain of getting yeast infections it’s a lot less than males in males the incidence was only 2.8 percent and that’s just due to differences in anatomy the reason why there tends to be an increase in yeast is if you imagine what’s happening is that your urine is coming out a lot sweeter with a lot more sugar subtract

In it bacteria and yeast love sugar that’s how we ferment things to make beer and alcoholic beverages so due to the differences in the anatomy between males and females this tends to lead to a greater preponderance of yeast infections in females and the infections are not just relegated to to yeast infections um in 5.7 of all users also complain of urinary

Tract infections utis so again that again makes sense these are both two different um kingdoms of microbe and they’re both using sugar as fuel so if your urine is full of it uh you expect you’re gonna see more infections all right next up which actually should have been inserted here but i just wanted to jump here to keep these guys together in uh 6.6 percent

Of people complain of nasopharyngitis so nasal runny nose stuffy nose um kind of nuisance upper airway symptoms and i thought that was kind of strange because this drug really shouldn’t have anything to do with the respiratory epithelium so when i drill down into a little further uh what i realize is that when you look at placebo people just taking a sugar

Pill the incidence of people complain of nasal symptoms and then was six point two percent so this was from nasal congestion call it so that’s kind of interesting because these guys are just taking sugar pills and still complain of the same thing that these guys are complaining of so that to me basically cancels out and in practice i’ve never seen anybody so far

Come back on far ziggo or forziga complaining of nasal symptoms uh attributable to the drug uh next up in um frequency is um in 2.9 of patients again we’re back to the urinary tract complain of increased urinary frequency so again that makes sense you’re you’re spelling more sugar into the urine so you expect that that’s that’s gonna pull out more solute as

It comes out so it drags fluid with it as it’s retracting itself and being expelled so that causes uh increased urinary frequency again i haven’t seen that being a deal breaker in practice however i have had to stop some people because of these two problems here either the recurrent yeast infections or recurrent uh miserable urinary tract infections um next up

Then the last of the most common everything after these guys is usually like one percent or less in 2.8 so roughly three people in every 100 complain of nausea and nausea in general is something that you tend to see across all drugs almost every drug uh known to man or woman uh in somebody out there is going to the exposure to their stomach lining is going to

Be rejected and it’s going to cause nausea diarrhea so that tends to be ubiquitous across all drugs there’s always a small percentage of people that just can’t handle the taste of whatever that chemical is so overall as you can see excluding the the yeast problem this drug is very well tolerated so where do i typically tend to um use it i tend to use it one

Of the advantages with the dosings is just once a day just once a day so somebody who’s looking for convenience that doesn’t want to be taking tablets all through the day for example like metformin uh farziga or forziga is a good choice um one of the things i take in consideration against it though is if someone does not have a drug plan i think it runs about

100 a month so without insurance um then i’ll probably instead of using this one i probably use one of the other uh older cheaper sulfonyureas or some big one items like metformin so overall very well tolerated drug in general except for this one little blurb here uh very effective and over time it’s becoming one of my favorite uh diabetic drugs for type 2

Diabetics so they have a nutshell folks thanks so much for watching and we’ll talk again soon thanks for watching get notified of new videos subscribe now if you found this video helpful support us by sharing it with all of your friends and throw us a like below you’re a star cheers and cheerio

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5 Most Common Side Effects of Forxiga / Farxiga / Dapagliflozin By DoctorSecrets