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5 Most Common Side Effects of Saxenda | Liraglutide for Weight Loss

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Saxenda is a very effective weight loss medication for most people. Here are the five most common side effects of Saxenda | Liraglutide reported by users, and an approach to working around these nuisance side effects and keep the benefits of this prescription wonder weight loss medication.

The doctor is in greetings guys welcome back to dr secrets this is your host dr sal and pal and in today’s episode we’re going to cover the medical topic of now sexenda is a weight loss drug and uh outside of the keto diet i would say is definitely out of all drugs it is the most effective one i’ve come across so far in my career for weight loss weight loss

The type we’re talking about where i send someone away with a prescription and months later they come back and i can hardly recognize him those kind of results so we’re talking about sexenda and uh first thing you need to know about it is that it’s an injectable so it does not come in an oral it’s injectable and it basically just comes in one strength which

Is uh 0.6 uh milligrams so all the titration has to be done with that so let’s talk about the five most common side effects that you may experience or very likely that you would experience when using sexenda for weight loss so first off the study that i’m reporting came direct from the drug manufacturer and the number in the study was pretty substantial

3384 souls and they were on it for a median of 55.9 weeks so basically a year let’s just call even steven so in this group and amongst my own patients the most common side effect was in 39.3 percent of patients complain of nausea next down the list one in five people or 20.9 percent complained of diarrhea 19.4 percent so roughly one in five again complain

Of constipation then 15.7 percent complained of vomiting the nausea then a further 9.6 percent complained of indigestion or what we call dyspepsia now i hope that you could see a little theme running here if you look carefully at this every single one of the five most common side effects all have to do with your gut and stomach feeling unhappy every single

One and that stands to reason because this drug is working on acting frustrating your gastrointestinal system so that you are less likely to want to eat and to kill your appetite now unlike most drugs in my series this is one of the few where i don’t really have that many options to help you with the side effects but there is one thing you could consider the

Dosing you start at the point six milligrams that’s week one then after that you have an escalation week by week so you double it to 1.2 the next week then 1.8 the following week then 2.4 the week after that and then finally you end up on three milligrams as your maintenance dose so one possibility is if these side effects are too egregious for you would be

To try going backwards to the last strength that you could tolerate of course your results aren’t going to be as spectacular as if you could push the dose up to the maximum now honestly despite how onerous these side effects look like this looks horrible that almost half of people complain nausea most people that come to me asking for prescription for sexenda

Are at the end of their leash they’ve already tried every diet known to man they’ve tried all kinds of exercise typically there’s just a litany of failures over the years one thing after the next so most people come to me for sexenda are desperate and they’re willing to put up with this misery these different side effects to get the results that they’re looking

For of weight loss now one final side effect which is a bit tongue-in-cheek which i don’t typically have on any of my other drugs that i discuss in this course 100 of patients complain of walla titus what is walla titus walatitis is where something costs so much that it hurts your wallet this drug is one of the most expensive that i’ve seen and a lot of drug

Plans um don’t necessarily cover it i think the last time i checked it was something like um i think it was something like 600 for a month supply or something insane like that so that’s probably one of the only downsides that are really sad with the drug in terms of its if you’re if you’re paying for your payload loss it definitely delivers uh like i said is

Very effective at um weight loss but there’s a price to be paid it’s very expensive so anyway guys i hope that helps you if you were thinking of embarking on sender for some weight loss or if you’re already on it and wondering if these symptoms are attributable to it uh that’s it for now thanks so much for watching and i wish you all the best get that weight

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