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5 Uncommon Signs & Symptoms of Potassium Deficiency Dr.Berg

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Here are 5 uncommon signs of a potassium deficiency that can damage your health.

So today i want to talk about five uncommon signs of a potassium deficiency a lot of people understand the potassium xin volved with the heart the rhythm of the heart maybe blood sugars nerve and muscle physiology but what they might not realize it’s involved in a lot of other things as well energy metabolism protein synthesis and actually making muscle glucose

Metabolism the conversion of glucose to glycogen which is the storage form of glucose so one of the biggest symptoms of a potassium deficiency is fatigue okay you just you just lose your energy alright number two low endurance or low stamina you just run it a gas fast especially when you’re working out or climbing stairs so you basically just run out of energy a

Lot quicker than you should number three increase urination at night so many times we’re thinking diabetes or prediabetes but it could be a potassium deficiency but that potassium deficiency could be coming because you’re diabetic because insulin resistance is involved and when you have in some resistance you can’t really absorb potassium and magnesium that well

And just as a side note it’s very very important to take extra potassium and magnesium if you have diabetes or you have insulin resistance that will actually help the urination at night next one is constipation because of the necessity of potassium involved in the smooth muscle that forms the colon and number five paralysis after a high carb meal when you consume a

Lot of carbohydrates your need for potassium goes way up because potassium is involved in not just energy metabolism but glucose metabolism as well and you have this shift of this electrolyte out of the muscle cell getting a temporary paralysis and this relates even myself because when i was getting married 29 years ago karen and i went to shop for wedding cakes so

I don’t know we were sampling all these cakes this is before i knew anything about nutrition and then we ended up at an italian restaurant and we had all carbs pizza i was doing wine that was really sweet and then right at the end i noticed that they were actually taking these carts of all these desert samples they would come around to the table and they mentioned

Would you like to sample any of these before we toss these and of course my mind i don’t want to waste that good food right so we started sampling all this sugar all these desserts for probably another half hour it was really bad so that was a high carb meal as we’re driving home i noticed my heart is pounding like crazy i get into the house and i feel like faint

I feel tired my muscles are weak like my legs are i feel like like cement i didn’t sleep one minute that night my heart was racing i was totally awake so that might have not have been a paralysis but it was definitely a side effect from doing too many carbs okay guys so and also realized that you need 4700 milligrams of potassium and some people need a little

Bit more especially after doing the hardcore workouts and you would get this mainly from these things called vegetables even though those are carbohydrates or lower with potassium they’re actually low in sugar and so that’s what you would consume to build up your potassium reserve thanks for watching so if you want to get notified with all my content click the

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5 Uncommon Signs & Symptoms of Potassium Deficiency – Dr.Berg By Dr. Eric Berg DC