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55 hours Off Methadone, Using Kratom for Withdrawal

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Trapaholics mixtapes trapaholics mixtape hey what’s up man lucci tv new album coming soon let’s go let’s get it foreign what’s up y’all welcome back to another episode of luke g tv and i am i can’t even remember my name right now but anyways what’s up y’all welcome back to another episode of luke g tv and i am i can’t even remember my name right

Now but anyways see that on my lip that on my lip has some on its lip that tooth right there has some on it that’s got some on it too oh man that’s kratom i’ve been taking kratom you guys i don’t know how i feel about this this creative is actually helping a lot but i still feel like at the same time it’s like okay so here’s my best description

Of what’s going on here so you know i’m on methadone for two years and you know let’s just say your receptor is like a hole like a you know like a like a hole um that methadone’s filling up that whole hole you know what i mean suboxone fills up about half the hole and kratom probably feels like that much of the hole oh sorry roo i just hit my dog so

Anyways in layman’s terms some of my opioid receptors are being masturbated and some of them aren’t so but i’ve also taken some other things besides that i’ve taken klonopin so i’ve taken gabapentin i finally got some hands on some gabapentin and i bought 23 suboxones from someone um what was i gonna say oh yeah so i went to the doctor and told them i

Wanted to get on suboxone i said i’ve currently been tapering off methadone and yada yada and i want to get on suboxone so basically what happened was i sit in there waiting i wait for 30 minutes right 30 40 minutes waiting no one’s there oh yeah finally a nurse comes in says she’ll be here right a minute right and right right up and like scratch the nurse

Comes in and she says she’ll be in here shortly or whatever so then about 20 minutes later she finally shows up and we’re all talking and stuff and i told her i told her the whole story i was like listen i’ve been on methadone for two years um i want to switch to suboxone and i told her you know i have been smoking weed to help with the withdrawal or not smoking

Weed taking edibles to help with the withdrawals she says okay whatever i gotta go talk to the man suboxone doctor so she walks out then a social worker comes in she didn’t have to do to help me with she just sat there and was all like nervous and mumbling and so she cut she leaves lady comes back and she says i think we i think you need a higher level of

Care my higher level of care i was like what are you talking about and she gives me a bunch of freaking treatments or detoxes that aren’t even open anymore so you know what i said yeah i’ll just buy them from someone else then you stupid so that’s where i’m at today i’m i’m feeling honestly yesterday was worse than today if i’m gonna be real so far yet

Knock on wood but honestly man i suggest highly that anyone who is coming off methadone if you’re in the low doses if you take let’s say you taper down to 30 milligrams 25 milligrams i got down to 27. i didn’t make it quite down to 25 but i got a job to 27. for more at least well i should say the kratom strains highly differ from what i hear one bag you’ll feel

Great the other you’ll feel like so anyways but i got um red bali and white manga and i’ve been mixing them both and honestly like at this very moment i don’t really hardly feel any withdrawals honestly like whatever like i don’t know the kratom i brought bought before it didn’t do anything for my withdrawals but i was on a grandma day heroin habit so that’s

A little bit different that’s a lot more than coming off 27 milligrams of methadone like 27 milligrams of methadone really isn’t that’s honestly probably like two or three milligrams of suboxone honestly suboxone is like way stronger than the public’s perception it really is um but it’s a weird drug it’s you know it’s got a ceiling effect it’s it’s uh i mean

And you and it’s it’s not really like suboxone isn’t really abusable if that makes sense because it’s like you can take it for a couple days two three days and then there’s really no high anymore it’s not like heroin it’s not like it kind of just like plateaus i mean you still get an effect but it’s not a high if that makes sense so anyways i figured i’d i’m

Trying to do a video every day of me being off methadone oh being opiate free and yes i am technically opiate free kratom is not an opiate but it affects the opioid receptors so got you on the technicality but anyways guys i’m gonna get out of here thanks for watching thanks for the support and uh hopefully i you know i mean actually i should even say hopefully

I feel better i really don’t feel that bad but it’s just like i still have no energy though like i feel my muscles i have muscle fatigue um i feel weak and yeah i don’t know i just feel lazy but i don’t feel shitty like it’s not it’s not that bad honestly like i’m very surprised how how much this kratom’s helping so with that i’m gonna get out of here stick

Around for the next episode this is luke from luke g tv and i’m out peace uh see if the youtube room’s all up yeah the youtube room is kind of up right now guys still has a long way to go we gotta make it cool we got a little poster of rue dog that’s right yeah it’s looking pretty the house is looking really shitty and i’m not gonna give any credit credit of

That to leah i’m gonna take a hundred percent ownership for that um god bless her heart she has helped me so much through this withdrawal process you guys she literally bought all the kratom she bought all my suboxone i mean she spent well over 150 on this detox because i have no money and my family god bless their hearts can only help me so much and they’re

Sick of giving me money which i don’t blame them so and the shitty part is i’m doing good but look here we’re talking to a real deal drug addict right how many times have i done good they give me money and oh luke overdosed again hey you know let’s print my dad’s friends call they say hey how’s luke doing i just narcaned him last night see those are the kind

Of selfish things we don’t think of think about that that’s like just going in my head right now like it’s crazy because when you take the methadone away methadone is an opiate just like any other drug just like dope just like fentanyl just like per 30s which is fentanyl so the point is yes i am on kratom but i mean kratom’s a plant and i feel so much more

Clear-headed even though i’m feeling like not the best so you know there we go

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55 hours Off Methadone, Using Kratom for Withdrawal By LUKE G TV