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6 important drug that you have to make sure you have to start rasing your birds

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Thank you foreign so in today’s video i’ll be showing you guys the six important drug that as a portrait farmer we have to make sure you have you have these dogs before starting your pottery farm so if this is your first time of watching us don’t forget to subscribe to our channel so number one is game flux cam flux against gastrostena and respiratory infection

Which are caused by microorganisms that are sensitive to our focusing like the entities typhoid united infection and wound infection also in treatments of course game flock serves a lot so maybe if you discover that your best like your bullets your layers or your brothers if you discover that they’re having cough you can use this skin flux to treat them it’s a very

Powerful dog and you can see it here came vlogs so number two is cash plus although i don’t have uta but i’ll show it to you guys on the screen capture plus is made up of calcium hydroxide is equivalent to capsicum and phosphoric acid which which is equivalent to phosphorus we can use this cash plus in situation whereby if you discover that the number of eggs

That your bed is decreasing or if you’re trying so one laying hand and you discover that the egg that they normally is not is not bow enough in power you can use that um you can use that cash flows to treat them also this country plus serves in formation of strong bones and estimation of goods in bed so number three is before mercy reformacy is a water suitable

Powder for effective treatment and prevention of abuses that are caused by gram-positive and gun negative bacteria also this lymphoma can be used to maintain weight gain stress and disease so this is the thomas and this reformacy is a very powerful drug so you can see it here before mastering so number four is amazing a musical is a combination of amoxicillin

And cholesterol is indicated for treatments of gastrostena infection local inflammation and respiratory infections so we can see it here amongst the cold so number five is death aura that’s all that is used for effective management and control of viruses bacteria and fungus oral is proving effective against all common bacterial pathogens important like people

And occidiosis so you can see it here that’s all so number six is it’s a form of vitamin that contains amino acids why we do give this best i mean in total is maybe in the social whereby you bought your new chick that you’re about to breed you have to give them this drug because it helps to relax their body due to stress and climatic condition another station

Whereby you can give this dog to them is in fascination after vaccination process and after transportation you know when we are vaccinating your bed it’s a form of stress to them so we have to give them this i mean total for their body to relax due to strength and another one is in the form of transfer transporting your belt from one spot to another maybe after

The transportation you have to give them this i mean important because the test so you know relax the opportunity to experience so you can see it here i’m in the future so this is it guys that’s the end of the video so you have to make sure you have these six important to us so don’t forget to like share and subscribe to our channel thank you thank you through you foreign

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6 important drug that you have to make sure you have to start rasing your birds By Mr Agu’s Farm