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Hi welcome back to my channel if you’re new here my name is ishada and as you guys read by the title i’m going to share my isotretinoin journey today so if that’s something that interests you then please keep on watching if you have struggled with acne you will probably know what isotrete9 is but in case if you don’t isotretinoin is an acne medication that is

Prescribed by dermatologists isotonin is the oral form of topical retinoids topical retinoids are something that you apply like the topical creams that you apply on your skin and old retinoids are the ones you consume it so uh that is what is isotretin right now currently i am not on isotretinoin i was on isotretinoin for six months and the dosage that i was put

On by my dermatologist was 20 gram 20 milligrams sorry 20 milligram and it differs from person to person just because i was prescribed 20 milligrams doesn’t mean that you will also be prescribed 20 milligrams it might increase decrease according to your skin condition and how like the severity of your acne and also it also depends on your dermatologist what they

Prescribe you so everyone’s dosages will be different and again your mind yet your dosage might increase or decrease during that period of time as much of period of time you are put on biodermatologist with mine was 20 milligram throughout complete six months if you have ever been on isis retinoid or you’ve done your research on isotreat9 or you’re probably thinking

Mentally preparing yourself uh for going on isotretinoin you’ve probably heard about the side effects of isotretinoin there are a lot of side effects that you might experience while being on isotretinoin uh if you have ever consumed a tablet you’ve probably you know seen a pamphlet where all all the disclaimer and those side effects are written and you’ve probably

Also been told by your dermatologist you will be told by dermatologists that that there are several side effects like i hope they do uh minded so um there are certain side effects but again the side effects that i have faced might be completely different what you will face there are like several of them which are like extremely common so like most of the people

Who have been on isotronin have like faced it but there are some severe side effects which not everyone experiences so everyone’s experience with the drug with the medication is different your experience will be completely different because your body is different your skin is different everything and same for me so the side effects that i experienced were mostly

Dry skin and my skin became extremely dry my eyelids became like flaky and like patchy my upper lip area were extremely dry and at times it used to burn or sting real bad these were like the common ones that most people face also my body like my the skin of my body became dry as well my hair my scalp became dry my hair strands became dry but one of the severe

Ones that i faced was hair fall i had massive hair fall during my second to fourth month and i was extremely scared paranoid it was mentally affecting me i kind of told myself that what have i done i was trying to fix something and i ruined something else so by the end of fourth month i went to my dermatologist i told her i am stopping the medication i don’t want

To continue for six months and i was just extremely upset and like i was going through a hard time that time because i was losing all of my hair and i’ll put up pictures here okay so you can see they were like chunks those were not like you know like two three strands or ten strands i was losing a lot of hair i would be scared of even washing my hair okay so it

Was a pretty bad time but my dumplings did tell me that it’s temporary and it will go away um so i kind of even though i was determined to go off it but you know her words kind of you know stuck by me and i was like you know what it’s probably gonna be temporary and uh let’s you know like just get through two months and i will not let this affect me so that is

What i did i need mid month of the fifth month my hair fall reduced insanely it reduced it was like one fourth of what i was like facing even though my hair has become quite thin than what it used to be but i’m just glad that i’m not losing like in chunks like right now i’m not like like i’m pulling on my hair but i’m not losing anything but that time i would

Literally you know like every single time i would just even touch it i would like get four or five strands and it was scary that period of time was very scary for me and it was really upsetting so that was one of the major side effects that i faced there are another a lot of other side effects as well like a lot of people who live in like colder areas they like

Extremely cold weather because your skin tends to become so dry like you face nose bleeds people have also experienced dry eyes and they have also experienced like joint pain like back pain i have also heard people you know sharing their experiences uh saying that they have uh you know like being depressed and they have you know struggled mentally while being

On the drug that wasn’t the case with me i feel because i wasn’t like i was mentally struggling anyway before isotretinoin and so i don’t know whether it did you know like um it did kind of affect my mental state more or so i’m not pretty sure about that whether it did affect my mental health so i can’t really confirm that but i have heard people like my friend

She did share that she was on it for like two months and uh it did affect her so and i i have a lot of other people as well saying the same so that is one of the side effects that uh you should probably look out if you’re not uh in a good state mentally you shouldn’t probably go on the drug or you should just speak to your doctor about it so yeah that is another

Side effect and there are a lot of others i can’t really you know put down all of them you should definitely definitely do your own research and speak to your dermatologist regarding it these are the ones that i experience like dry skin and dry flaky eyelids and dry upper lips and hair fall and yeah that that is it that is basically it the ones that i struggled

With and i experienced coming to the part how i dealt with the side effects so uh about like the flaky eyelids and my like uh flaky you know upper lip i used to constantly reapply vaseline like petroleum jelly and that did help to a certain extent but i had to keep on you know reapplying it and my dry skin i used to apply like a thick layer of moisturizer i should

Constantly moisturize you know like twice thrice a day at times because my skin would become extremely dry during night time i used to apply like two moisturizers and yeah that did kind of help me combat with the dryness and uh about my hair like while i was you know facing hair fall i used to always you know like braid it put it in a bun and i should be extremely

Gentle with it during hair wash day i would always anywhere i kind of you know always comb uh my hair like comb my hair before uh going into the shower so i did that and i used to be very very gentle with my scalp so those are the things i used to always condition my hair so that kind of helped me to manage my hair like hair fall but um yeah these are the things

That i did which did help me to kind of combat with the side effects a lot of people also asked me whether i made any dietary changes while i was on isotretinoin uh but no i did not anyway uh i don’t really you know like eat a lot of junk i mostly prefer home cooked food and that is what i eat i avoid like i have cut down sugar like massively and i only you know

Like have like one or like one spoon of sugar while i’m having like a cup of tea and that’s probably like two times a day and that’s it and i try to avoid you know like sweets as much as possible and also dairy that’s like the only like only time i’m having my teeth that’s like the only time i had like i like consume milk so they consume dairy i didn’t like change

Much in my dietary like my food patterns like whatever i followed before i was on the medication that is exactly what i followed and that is what i will follow my overall experience with the medication was quite great i would say except for the part where i lost like a bunch of hair uh except like leaving that part aside it was great honestly it did help me a lot

With my confidence and um it did help me achieve uh the skin i like most people want to so i’m really grateful like to this medication and to my dermatologist who prescribed me and uh yeah for now i am loving the complete like experience of the medication i don’t know what is going to happen after six seven months after the effects of the medication goes down

So we’ll see we’ll see whether my acne relapses or not whether it comes back or not i’ll probably give an update you know if it does come back but for now like that is it and i had or like i had i did have a good experience if if i had to you know like say whether i but like how was my experience like in an overall way now would i recommend the medication would i

Recommend the drug i would okay i would hear me out like this is a disclaimer please please do listen to this part of the video so this is a disclaimer i would recommend the drug because i have had good results with it my body suited like this drug suited my body and my dump lodges like gave me a green signal that yes you can go for it but if you’re struggling

With acne and you just watched my video and you’re doing your own research that oh i just went known as this drug blah blah and you know what i can go on with it and because i do understand that having acne is incredibly hard and you try everything under the sun to get rid of it but please do not consume this medication without the prescription of a dermatologist

Of a doctor who is well aware of the side effects who can educate you about the side effects and whether they think that your body can take the drug or not at that moment so please take it only when you’re prescribed by a dermatologist or else don’t do not go to a local pharmacy and be like please give me you know like a tablet like a kind of uh please give me

Tablets of isotretinoin don’t do that please don’t do that so the thing is what i’m most scared of is people going and you just getting these medications because it can do more harm than any good if you go and you know buy it yourself and consume it all right so please please it’s an honest request do not do not do that women who are you know like uh trying to

Conceive or they are pregnant they are clearly you know like they are clearly recommended they clearly told that you cannot go on the drug you cannot okay you just cannot so that is why i’m giving this disclaimer please do not consume can consume this drug all by yourself get medical help ask your dermatologist do your own research and go and ask them that can

You put me on eye strain on do you think like uh i can go on this job do you think my body will suit you know like will uh will this drug suit my body so like do your own research but then go to a dermatologist and talk to them don’t just go to a local pharmacy and get it all by yourself so this is like a clear disclaimer please don’t do it i request you so yeah

That’s it for today’s video i hope you guys enjoyed watching it i tried to cover almost everything uh that i went through ev like all my experiences that i went through while i was on the medication and i tried to cover it all again another quick disclaimer is that that your body is different mine is different the kind of experiences i went through will not be

Exactly the same what you will probably go through completely forgot to mention do subscribe to my channel if you want to watch more such videos uh give a thumbs up or thumbs down whatever you feel like and do share with someone who’s probably you know like who’s struggling with acne and who wants to go on ice right now you know someone who’s going through i uh

Who is on the medication so share it with your friends or anyone you want to and yeah i’ll see you guys again next time bye

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