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6 Signs Insulin Resistance Is Reversing!

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In today’s video we are going to be answering  and that is how can you know when your  talk a lot about reversing insulin resistance  on my channel and i often tell my viewers to   not focus on counting calories to not focus on  counting macros and to not track their progress   based on the weight on their scale because yes as 

Your insulin resistance starts to reverse excess   weight you’re carrying will come off naturally but  there are other signs you can look out for as well   and that’s what we’re going to be talking about  today so keep watching and let me know in the   comment section down below if you’ve experienced  hey guys welcome back to my

Channel if you’re new  here my name is kait i’m a certified health and   nutrition coach i post new videos here on youtube  twice a week talking all things insulin resistance   take control of your metabolic health make   sure to click that subscribe button and you can  also find me on tick tock and instagram where i  

Shoot new posts every single day today’s video  is sponsored by squarespace for everything from   websites and online stores to marketing tools and  analytics squarespace is the all-in-one platform   that does it all head to forward  slash health coach kait to start your free trial   insulin resistance is i’m

Going to suggest   that you check out the video here first and then  come back to this one i will link it up above   are someone who has difficulty losing weight who   carries a lot of abdominal fat who has skin tags  this is a really strong indicator that a lot of   people do not realize if you have frequent sugar 

Cravings or if you have cravings after eating   these are all signs that you are insulin resistant  so if you’ve watched some of my other videos and   you’ve started implementing some of my simple  diet and lifestyle tips but you aren’t quite   sure if you’re becoming more insulin sensitive if  your insulin resistance is reversing

Here are six   signs you can watch out for number one your waist  is shrinking now i already mentioned that focusing   misleading but measuring your waist circumference   is a better option the weight on the scale might  stay the same but your body composition and the   type of fat you’re carrying might be changing 

Visceral fat is a type of fat that we store   around our organs in our midsection and visceral  fat is directly related to insulin resistance   when you are insulin resistant fat gets stored in  places that typically wouldn’t such as around your   can be stubborn to lose really the only way   to lose it is to improve insulin

Sensitivity so if  you’re measuring your waist circumference and it’s   getting slimmer this is a really strong sign that  your insulin sensitivity is improving number two   you’re not hungry after you eat feeling hungry  after you eat is very common for people with   insulin resistance insulin resistance means that  our

Cells are resisting insulin and not taking in   glucose efficiently so basically the glucose which  is the energy it’s there it’s ready for our cells   as far as your body’s concerned the energy   isn’t there because it’s not being able to use it  and it needs more and this results in a constant   feeling of hunger even

Just after you’ve eaten  but when this starts to fade away and you start   to feel more satiated after your meals this is  a sign that your insulin resistance is reversing   cravings this ties in with number two in   some ways but it’s different as well yes if your  cells are not able to take in glucose properly   this

Means that you’re going to be hungry and  you might crave sugar specifically but there’s   a second part to this depending on how insulin  resistant you are some people experience reactive   hypoglycemia or low blood sugar this occurs when  we eat foods that raise blood sugar significantly   and our body produces too much insulin

In response  this results in our blood sugar dropping too low   implementing the strategies i talk about  on my channel to reverse insulin resistance   influxes in blood sugar that your body has to deal  with and this will help with reactive hypoglycemia   and your sugar cravings will reduce so if you’re  experiencing sugar

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Cycle becomes regular  this one only applies to women and number five   is only going to apply to men but there’s a reason  why a lot of women who are insulin resistant don’t   have a regular menstrual cycle because having  high insulin can cause women to also have high   testosterone and this imbalance of hormones can 

Cause your period to become irregular because it   stops ovulation your period might be inconsistent  or it might be abnormally long or abnormally short   but when insulin resistance begins to improve your  menstrual cycle will become more regular number   five testosterone decreases so for women insulin  resistance can cause

Testosterone to increase   but for men it can cause it to decrease over half  of men with type 2 diabetes have testosterone   insulin resistance so when you start to see   your testosterone going back up this can be a  sign that your insulin sensitivity is improving   triglycerides decrease your triglyceride  

Of insulin resistance or insulin sensitivity   having low triglycerides and high hdl is a sign  of good insulin sensitivity and having high   triglycerides and low hdl is a sign of insulin  resistance so if you have a recent lab test   with these numbers you can calculate your ratio  and if you see your ratio improve you will

Know   your insulin sensitivity is improving as well now  there is a company that has an at-home kit that   strafastic insulin and a few other key biomarkers   as well it’s only available in the us but if you  do have access to it it is so insightful it’s from   a company called so well health and when you send  your

Kit back your results are actually reviewed   by a physician and it gives you recommendations  for next steps you can take going forward   down below along with my promo code but   that is all i have for you guys today i want to  hear from you in the comment section down below   let me know if you have started to see any

Of  these signs of your insulin sensitivity improving   how many and how long did it take let me know  down below i love chatting with you guys in the   comment section especially right after i upload  a video i try to respond to as many people as i   can so leave me a comment let’s chat and before  you go remember to also

Check out squarespace   again the link will be down below if you guys did  enjoy this video you might also enjoy my video on   how to improve insulin sensitivity you can check  it out here if you want to catch up on my most   recent upload you can find it here and if you  want to check out my coaching programs including  

My insulin resistance master class you can find  that here thanks guys i’ll see you next time bye

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6 Signs Insulin Resistance Is Reversing! By Health Coach Kait