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6 Signs of Insulin Resistance to Never Ignore #shorts

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Here’s six signs that you might be a tad insulin resistant you’re thirsty all the time and you’re peeing a lot essentially your kidneys have to work overtime to filter the extra glucose that’s in the bloodstream this can cause you to pee more and ultimately make you more thirsty you’re more hungry than usual especially in between meals now this could be simply

Because the cells aren’t getting the nutrients they’re not getting the glucose so they’re still looking for food but more often it’s just because you have these blood sugar roller coaster rides that you’re going on blurred vision because the excess glucose can cause new blood vessels to form in your eye and they can actually block the retina so it can end up

Blurring your vision because of the new blood vessels that form you’re craving sweet things more than usual this has to do with what’s called the mesocorticolimbic region of the brain basically especially when your blood sugar is higher you are getting a higher sense of satisfaction that comes from something sweet in that dopamine region of the brain high blood

Pressure high glucose can damage the endothelial cells this makes the arteries stiffen and can increase your blood pressure

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6 Signs of Insulin Resistance to Never Ignore #shorts By Thomas DeLauer