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6 Stocks with Strong Buy Ratings

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There are thousands of stock analysts, most of whom specialize in specific industries or companies. Finding stocks that have strong buy ratings from multiple analysts can be an indicator that a company is worth investing in. There are no guarantees that analysts price targets will ever materialize, but buy and sell ratings can be used as guideposts for buying or selling a stock in the future.

Welcome everybody welcome to the 40 finance youtube channel my name is jeff pierce today i’ve put together six stocks that have strong buy ratings from a number of different analysts so if you’re looking for who the professionals are picking over the next 6 to 12 months then this is the video for you alright first on our list today is autozone and i think everybody

Has an autozone and their zip code or city somewhere on his own obviously sells auto parts both retail and online and i like autozone in this sort of economy where you can’t tell which way things are going in terms of the stock market because auto parts in general have a need you know regardless of where the economy sits and in fact you could argue that if we

Were to go into a recession a company like autozone would perform better because folks would try to take some of that costly maintenance and try to do it themselves now the big threat with autozone over the past let’s just say five or six years was you know would amazon eat their lunch over time and as it turns out amazon isn’t really that great at selling auto

Parts so the experts at autozone have really carved out a niche and a need not only for their retail store to give instantaneous access to auto parts you need but also their online as well autos owns a pretty strong stock you got a p/e ratio today of 2014 a forward p/e of seventeen point three four so that’s always good we’re looking for forward pease to go down a

Little bit you can see that over the past year it’s really been on a high high uptick especially for a thousand-dollar stock this is a gross stock so there’s no dividend being offered but if you would have jumped in a year ago at about $750 to share you’d be up you know over three hundred dollars right now which is pretty impressive alright looking at the tip ranks

Dashboard for the consensus analysts price target you have a strong buy eight analysts saying by zero saying hold or sell you got an upside of only four point nine percent on the median price right now it’s at eleven eighty five however you’ve got a high bar of twelve fifty four autozone and then the low bar comes in at eleven hundred so i would say with autozone

Right now structurally you’re in a good place to buy right the company’s doing very well i wouldn’t say that it’s gonna rock it ship off to two thousand dollars anytime soon but if you’re looking for an industry that produces revenue regardless of the economic situation then you can trust autozone as a good company to invest in all right number two on the list is a

Company i’ve covered in the past penn national gaming penn national gaming which owns a host of horse tracks and video slot machine type casinos in underserved markets so not in las vegas not in you know new york city but sort of midwest type markets and penn’s meant a little bit of a roller coaster ride but with the legalization of gambling going back on and the

Fact that penn just closed one or two of their underperforming properties they’re sort of back on the radar now and when you take a look at the stock as a whole we got a p/e ratio of 23 today it drops all the way to 949 because they’ve been slashing some of those losses and i think most intriguing for me is that a year ago at this time penn was up oh upwards into

Thirty seven thirty eight dollar range we’re down to nineteen sixty four we got a p that’s going down this looks pretty promising if you’re interested in getting an affordable piece of potentially the sports gambling market looking at the tip ranks dashboard we got six buyers one holder and the median price target of 2983 which is a 51% upside and frankly that 51

Percent you’re not even going to get back to where penn national gaming was just a year ago so assuming that company continues to push forward with cutting losing properties and they inherit some gains from sports gambling coming online i honestly think that penn national gaming is a good bet to get you some quick returns over the next 12 to 18 months all right

Next on the list is another stock that i recently covered cbs corporation so cbs has been really digging in on the sort of move to ott programming or cord cutters or however you want to look at it they’ve invested a lot more into their digital properties and they’ve been pushing more for exposure to different audiences and it’s really paying off so right now you

Got a p/e ratio of 649 which is almost unbelievable for a company this size 649 the forward p/e does go up to seven nine five so not exactly the same direction as some of the others but frankly p at 7 9 5 is looking pretty good you also get a dividend of 1.4 1% so an added bonus there if you want to hold it for 2 to 5 years you’ll almost instantaneously reap some

Of the rewards back and when you look at the one-year chart cbs has basically been in the $58 range up until december of last year when the stock market went down and they really have yet to recover so they’re at 52 right now they can get as high as 58 59 plus the dividend i think this is a pretty good play because cbs has a brand isn’t going anywhere they’ve got

Some key sports properties locked up for the foreseeable future you get the bonus dividend and i think what you’re seeing right now is they’re adjusting to the digital atmosphere very well m for cbs i missed the slide on the tip ranks dashboard for cbs so sorry about that but they do have a target estimate according to yahoo’s consensus of 61 57 so you got about

Another nine dollars in there that analysts are looking for over the next 12 months plus the dividend so overall take a look at cb if you can buy it maybe on the next dip coming down get it in around 49 48 dollars could be a great play for the long-term alright next on our list the stock that needs almost zero introduction and that is facebook facebook continues

To get bad press from a media privacy standpoint but i’ll be honest with you stock analyst and investors in general are starting to overcome the bias and the privacy and the negativity they’re starting to look past the headlines and dig deep into the numbers and the bottom line is facebook is printing money that’s the bottom line so you can say all you want about

You know legislation and regulation they may have an impact over the long term for sure but right now the company just can’t get out of the way of money flow i mean it’s just pouring in you got a p/e ratio of 29 15 today so a little bit higher because it’s a tech gross stock the forward p/e drops to 20 98 so heading in the right direction as that’s going down no

Dividend last year we reached a peak in the neighborhood of two hundred and eighteen dollars right now we’re at 196 i would say there’s at least another $20 in facebook stock so the next time the market dips might be a great opportunity to jump in and grab some shares and not miss out on what may become overtime $1,000 stock in the next i don’t know five years

That’s how quickly money is pouring in okay tip ranks dashboard facebook is a very popular stock so there’s no shortage of analysts covering it we have 39 analysts ratings 35 buys 4 holds a median price target of 221 which is a twelve point six four percent upside on the high side you got one analyst coming in at 250 on the low side you got a 175 probably from

One of the holds to them the four people that rated it a hold but over time guys 24 36 months i don’t think you can go wrong with facebook there’s much riskier plays out there okay next on our list of analyst favorites right now we’ve got planet fitness so more than likely you have a planet fitness in your zip code or city they obviously run fitness centers gym

Membership type things but they also have online stores where they sell x er sized equipment they sell branded materials like t-shirts and things of that nature and they recently announced a partnership with kohl’s which could really open up a new stream of e-commerce for them if they took over selling let’s say treadmills benches yoga balls whatever under a planet

Fitness branded name using kohl’s reach and distribution i could see it being a nice added bonus to their line if you look at planet fitness over the past year it’s been a great story they’re around $44 this time last year they’ve went up almost in a direct word pace if you will add another $30 to the stock price p/e ratio is a little high right now it comes in at

70 but the forward p/e does drop substantially down to 40 so there’s some promise there that efficiencies are strength starting to catch up with themselves you may want to wait for a dip on this one and try to get in the 65 range if the market does go down but from a growth standpoint planet fitness is doing all the right things looking at the tip ranks dashboard

We have eight analysts all who put a bi target on planet fitness their median price is 82 dollars which is a seven point five six percent upside you got one analyst with a high of 88 and you got the low coming in at 70 so overall there’s probably you know i would say a good eight to 12 percent yet to be had on planet fitness you can sneak in at a dip and you see

Some positive momentum and basically consumer discretionary then you know the gym memberships are going to sell more because people aren’t as worried about signing up for another monthly service so pay attention to consumer discretionary and if you see a lift in people’s income planet fitness might be one place to invest in all right last one on the list today

Is a marin corporation so a marin corporation is a drug company and they sell mostly around card of cardiovascular health care right so they have drugs that assist with cardiovascular problems and most notably they’ve come out recently i mentioned how basically profits are above what they expected so earnings are doing good profits are doing better than expected

And the big news though is they have a drug coming out vasko or something like that it’s not approved yet but the trials are going very well and anytime you hear that stock market investors are going to be swirling around if they get approval for this drug then you could see a massive lift off as it’s a whole new revenue stream coming in for ameren okay right now

This company is not profitable we have a p/e ratio that doesn’t exist but looking ahead they’re already marking a forward p/e of 82 right so profitability does start to come into play in the next 12 months when you add on the cardiovascular drug that’s not even approved yet if the moons align and everything goes great then you’re talking about an opportunity to

Get in with the drug company right when you want to which is just before that drug goes public so big opportunity here with ameren all right looking at the tip ranks analyst we got six reporting in all with the by rating we got a median price target of 30 to 83 which is a 41% gain that they’re projecting over the next 12 months we have a high bar of 51 a low bar

Of 23 i say guys pay attention to a marin market as a stock to watch in your watch list make sure you’re following the news feeds if you play that game with pharmaceutical stocks and you want to get in on the next one that gains the drug approval then ameren is ripe for the taking here just make sure you understand the risk that even the best drugs who reach to

Dozens and dozens of positive clinical trials there can always be a last-minute concern that takes those drugs out of approval and i’ll instantly drop the price of amran so just understand the risk there okay so those are six stocks that analysts are in love with right now i think all six offer a solid opportunity some have more gains in them over the short term

Than others but from a long-term perspective i think each of these six stocks is a great addition to your portfolio if you’re looking to diversify into a new ticker symbol guys thanks for watching i really appreciate the support please like the video share it with your friends it makes a big difference i’ll see you on the next video

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6 Stocks with Strong Buy Ratings By 40 Finance