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6 year guaiversary update/life update

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Hi! I recently had my 6 year guaiversary so I decided to do a little update video on how my fibro has been and also a life/school update.

Hi i haven’t made a video in like literally a year i believe my last video was like i finished my first semester of college which i just finished my second year first semester so it’s been a while a lot has changed but um yeah sorry i don’t know i’ve just been life has been crazy i’ve been busy so but today is it’s december 18th so it’s my sixth year go adversary

Which is very exciting so i thought i’d do another little progress update thing and kind of life update too but i’m going to start out with um like why protocol update first so every something i started this year in 2020 is i do have a quote jar so every day i have a quote and i’m wearing purple today because my grocery and like fibro color is purple right and

Today’s quote was in purple and it says give everything but up i was like that’s the perfect quote for today like i was like that made me so happy when i saw that i was like oh that’s like literally the perfect vote for today so yeah i want to share that first but basically i’ve been doing very well i’ve been doing um really well i’ve had some other health stuff

Come up um but my fibro’s been really good i just started clearing um in like my hips and my lower back so my brain has been very very foggy so if i say something weird that is why um but i’ve been pretty good um and then also sort of kind of clearing in my back it’s kind of weird now i can really like i think i’m like getting towards like the really really deep

Stuff so i can feel it because before i i don’t really feel it that often but i’m starting to feel it more it’s not bad though it’s totally manageable it’s like totally magical except for my lower back sometimes when it’s clearing it’ll spasm and then i can’t walk that’s only when it’s not bearable because i can’t walk anyway i’ve been doing really good i’ve been

Sleeping really well um my like i’ve compared to six years ago i’m doing amazing i like my energy is so much better um thinking i mean i got a concussion so thinking is not the best right now but before my concussion it was doing great um and like my energy is great and i’ve just been doing very well and progressing very well we actually got to see dr santaman

Right before he retired and right before the pandemic and everything shut down um we went in february perfect timing and so we ought to see him and our maps are all looking very good mine’s we’re almost clear and um i was happy we got to say goodbye and like our last visit because he retired um and we also got to meet some people which was very fun as well but

It’s just it was a bittersweet moment because like he’s done so much for my family we all have fibromyalgia and we’re on the protocol and so it was very bittersweet appointment but um yeah i was glad we got to go i was very happy about that so yeah now here we are and i’m in school i’m in college i’m in my second year of college and it looks like because i got a

Concussion um over the summer and when i couldn’t when i get concussions like i have had one before and it knocked me out for six months i couldn’t do school work for like six months this time around i did a lot better i immediately like took the right steps and just stopped doing everything and then i got into physical therapy and that’s helped a lot too and so

I had to draw pretty much all of my classes this semester except for a public speaking class because i thought okay i can handle this there’s not really that much reading and the first few speeches were like stuff that i’ve talked about all the time it was like talk about a struggle you have in your life like a like struggle you’ve had i’m like perfect i’ve talked

About my fibro five gazillion times so many different people i could do that in my sleep so i stayed in that class and i was able to add another class halfway through the semester it was faster paced so i was able to get six credits knocked out which was good um but definitely was not my usual load of course work and the same for this next semester i’m taking a

Little bit of a lighter load which means that i am going to have to do a third year which i was hoping to only do two years at my college um so i’m doing two years i was into two years community college and get my aaa and transfer to a four-year for two more years and then get my master’s in psychology i want to become a school psychologist um but unfortunately

The concussion kind of changed up some plans but that’s fine life happens that’s one thing that i’ve learned is life happens and plans change so now um i’m taking an extra year and i’m just gonna get like a part-time job as well and kind of help save money for two for college down the road which would be good and yeah that’s pretty much how school is going next

Semester i’m really excited i’m taking all psych classes and then a yoga class so i’m very excited about that yeah so my concussion that kind of has basically i got a concussion making my bed my bed is loaded the ground for my dog and my dresser was way too close apparently and it has a very sharp wooden corner and i just stood up too close and slammed the back

Of my head into it and yeah i had a nice bump and bruise for a while and went back to physical therapy this is my third time in a year and a half going to physical therapy for all different things um i’ve had i’ve had it’s been it’s been yeah um but now i’m actually gonna graduate on tuesday which is exciting and um it’s also kind of sad because i love my pt

Place they’re awesome but i’m also like excited because i’m doing so much better especially the beginning i like couldn’t do anything so anyway yeah i’ve also done i did physical therapy for my knee because my knee got bad again that was a while ago that was in 2019 um so that was that was a while ago probably already talked about that but i also found out that i

Have extremely flat feet and i’ve had ten had tendonitis in both my feet and both my ankles for like almost two years but i didn’t realize because they would just swell and so we thought something was like wrong with my heart or something like that i like my circulation but turns out i just had pain tendonitis but i just didn’t realize the pain so that was that

Was interesting oh so yeah that’s a little life update oh i also excited to you know quarantine everything we’ve been because we’re all um pretty high risk we have different things like along with my fibro i have immune problems my immune system is terrible it’s non-existent pretty much um i get sick i get really sick and i get sick for a long time so we’ve all

Been doing our best like literally we don’t go anywhere except for the store for necessities and for me physical therapy um we’re all being very very safe so i’ve basically been home for like the past while it’s been like nine months or something um so i’ve just been home i’ve rearranged my room i don’t know if you can if from old videos you might be able to tell

My bed those are completely different spots this is like this desk was right here i got a new desk and it’s in a new spot um so yeah that was fun i also first actually kind of find it the first day so i live in california and so we had a um like shelter and home order march i don’t remember what day i want to say 18th actually i think it might have been march

18th which is kind of ironic because it would be however many months today i don’t know i can’t my brain still can’t do math it takes me a minute and gives me a headache so we’re not gonna do math but i shaved my head i will probably insert a picture here um basically for my hair i have it’s very thick i have a lot of it so right before the shutdown um end of

February beginning of march i cut off all my hair it was a little shorter than this um just because if i don’t go in i have to go in every like three months or so and get my hair thinned out when it’s long because otherwise it gives me terrible headaches because it’s so heavy and i already am very very prone to headaches and migraines and like my head is very

Sensitive so i was like let’s just cut it all off again did that and then didn’t get the exact haircut i wasn’t a big fan of the haircut like how it was and so um but at that point um i was just like i don’t feel comfortable going to the hair salon just yet like still like cause this is when steps really just started happening so my mom has never cut hair a day

In her life really um she uh she we bought um hair clippers and she was gonna cut my hair and it was gonna i want it to be probably about like like this like about this length because i had this was like the shortest that i had had it before and i liked it it was about like right here she cut it to like right here um i don’t know if that was a user error or

Like an error with a thing i’d make sure both but i was like i was fine with it i always wondered what it looked like with a buzz cut and now i knew i know what i look like on the bus cut now and i wasn’t going anywhere i wasn’t seeing anyone for like everywhere at that point i was like by the time i probably have to and we’re allowed to go anywhere this is when

We thought like oh it’s going to be like a month um but i’m able to go anywhere it’ll be grown out to the length that i like so it’s fine and i just had to wear a lot of hats because i was cold all the time because it was march so it’s still cold out and i had no hair to keep me warm so your body gets my body’s already runs cold and then when i have a bunch of

Hair that keeps me warm and so yeah so this is my hair growth let’s do the math see so march april may june july august september october november so yeah nine months this is nine months of growth from the buzz cut it’s grown let’s see if i can get it’s going probably like that much so um and my mom just been trimming the back and stuff as we go but yeah that’s a

Little update on my hair it’s very different from the last video that i filmed i also got bangs um right before and then cut it all off i changed my hair up a lot that’s just i can never decide if i could have a superpower it would be to change my hair every day because there’s some days i don’t want to have hair and there’s some days i want long hair and i anyway

I’m just rambling at this point oh and we got a kitten we gotta get new foggy he’s really cute i think he was oh yeah we had him when i did the last video he’s super cute he’s still crazy yeah i don’t think there’s anything else that’s happened pretty much life the past nine months has just been school work when i’m in school and then just like redoing my room um

I’m still redoing it that’s what that thing is for it’s still covering up an area that i need to redo and eventually move like that there’s still stuff that’s going to happen but um yeah it’s been a bunch of paint i’ve been painting a bunch those are that one i did like 2018 so that was an old one but then i also had this one and i did that during lockdown i’ve

Been reading a bunch yeah and i want to get back into making these videos because i do really enjoy them um i like me like i make other videos too on a different channel but um these i like i like making these because i like talking about it and like yeah so if you have any ideas i do i’ve been wanting to do this video forever and i just keep like being like i

Don’t know because products change all the time but i want to make a video of kind of like a starter kit for like starting the protocol like these are the products that i use that i really like kind of thing so you can like go to the store but then it’s like products change all the time like we just um we’ve been doing some online ordering and we online ordered

A conditioner that we’ve used forever and now it has coconut oil in it so we can’t use it so it’s kind of like i don’t i want to make it because it’s like it’s it’s a nice video to have but then i’m like but like what if it changes and then like you know they go and get this and then they’re blocking and that you know what i mean like i just worry about that so

I might just make it and put a huge disclaimer at the beginning of being like hey so please also read the ingredients and make sure that you know it’s safe because ingredients change all the time which sucks um so yeah i might do that i’ve been wanting to do it but i’ve been just kind of like i don’t know so anyway but if you need any other video ideas that you

Want to see um even just like a day in my life with school and school starts up again because i finished i finished i got all a’s and my two classes um my other my one class was really easy i got like 100 in that class um because it was it was a fast-paced class and the grading scale was very very simple it’s like you do the work you get an a kind of thing so

I did the work and i got an a and the other one my speech class um it was like more like on how there’s other things and there wasn’t it was a more complicated grading scale um so i still got an a though that’s exciting and uh yeah i’ve been getting pretty good grades these past few semesters i did there’s i’ve gone all a’s and i think i got a few i think got

Two b’s in the past and then there’s one class last semester that or not last semester um spring semester when we went into lockdown and we went all online the tests were pretty much the only grade and the tests were very very very hard like she even told us like google the answers and i googled the answers and still somehow got it wrong because the wrong one

Was marked as right so i got a c in that class and i did the pass no pass grading scale because i was like i that’s it’s not going to work i didn’t want to bring down my gpa and i was just like whatever i mean sometimes you have those classes and there’s not really much you can do so other than that i’ve been doing pretty good um i’m really enjoying it i love

Learning and i love learning especially like the college that i go to the psych classes you have a diverse age range so you get a bunch of different opinions and different different viewpoints and i really like it um i’m really happy i’m also still like deciding what school i want to transfer to i haven’t decided on that yet i depends on the state of the world

Honestly um i’m really enjoying online school i’m enjoying doing it on my own time and having my own schedule and not having to like you know go to school at like this time like i like going to school i like going to school and sitting in a classroom and learning but i also really like learning uh on my own that’s what i’ve done for like that’s what i did for

Starting like 7th grade to 7th grade to 11th grade that’s pretty much i learned all on my own so i’m good at it i like it it’s um i like both but i think i prefer learning on my own i’m kind of leaning towards like online school and then i could also like stay in one place and get a job and like you know don’t have to be like oh i’m not going back and forth you

Know i mean i feel like it’d just be easier and also the state of the world online school might be throughout to go but i don’t know i’m also looking at some other schools that are like actually in person so i don’t know we’ll see we’ll see how the state of the world is not the world what is the country the most um some parts of the world are good it’s just the

Country isn’t the best so um yeah we’ll see how that goes and that’ll be very much a decision point of what i decide but i am still going the psychology route and becoming i’m going to get my bachelor’s in psychology and then go to get my master’s as a school psychologist and yeah i’m very excited about that it’s probably it’s going to take me an extra year i’m

Probably gonna be instead of being in school for like six years it’s probably about seven which um i’m not that mad about i mean it’s not the end of the world i love learning and stuff happens you can’t control life you really can’t and yeah life happens you go on so yeah let me know okay just upload the desk very badly let me know what kind of videos you want

To see in the future and yeah it’s nice catching up with my camera see ya i will see you next video whatever video i decide is next bye

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