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7 Centavos only | Pinaka Cheap & Best na EnoCee Ascorbic Acid Branded Vitamin C | Real Nurse Review

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Enocy ascorbic acid vitamin c now 500 milligrams the cheapest of the cheapest nah branded vitamin c na na saladan hi everybody my name is anthony and in this video it is now time to grant your wish by reviewing ascorbic acid vitamin c na inosina brand so by far is this is really the legit na pinaka cheapest the cheapest of the cheapest branded vitamin c

Ascorbic acid market so what do we mean by market melon ninjas online such as lazada shopping and panda online stores out there so asking mo 100 tablets to make a review for ascorbic acid na eno see so for me as a healthcare frontliner i am bought uh as a healthcare frontliner now the duties are hospital la lunda some of the dirty words such as go with words

We really need to boost our immune system so bilong is a medical frontliner like to take no vitamin c twice and it is really a serious nah matter uh very sensitive na issue regarding saganito pandemia because uh us until now i’m reporting hindi na nina sakhovid so anyway um back to the main topic ascorbic acid vitamin c is really one of the best ways for us to

Strengthen our immune system to improve our skin condition and shampoo it to an enhanced vitamin c now component in catawad and belong on medical frontliner i really encourage you to boost your immune system because aluminum effect but take no vitamin c for example five times messy pond or tuna tanka one significant improvements held more such as um instead

Of five times a year making two or a one to two times a year can allow so yes it is a beneficial now way for us to improve our immune system and hindi tayo madeline mahasa kovid19 and the next clip we are going to um basically we’re going to investigate visual investigation ascorbic acid na eno c in this closer view uh we can see na halos iron uh one box each

And each box contains 100 tablets so etio ascorbic acid enu c 500 milligram tablet vitamin and it is manufactured by azaria’s pharmaceutical laboratories sa pandayan mecca and is for the prevention and treatment of vitamin c deficiency to improve our immune system or to strengthen our immune system and to improve collagen formation starting skin that heal and

Vitamin c is not improving elastin components and collagen to make us look younger than our actual age so guys fda approved pusha and zabirito keep away from direct heat and sunlight exposure store at room temperatures not exceeding at 30 degrees celsius so um avoid placing this product in windows wherein it is um exposed to a direct sunlight so again guys and

Make it an attendee and canyon manufactured date was last um four so april the same date april 4 then uh 2023 so number nine is two one zero four zero three five i am guys and now taking the nut in you um and you mr is like this so it looks like this is one two three four five so i am guys 445 times four one two three four so it is 20 per blister pack so

I am guys 20 and then the manganito to make it 100 pieces so and guys one of the pieces one two three four five and so now it contains 100 100 tablets divided by uh 70 pesos so unprecedented if i’m not mistaken point seven so less than one peso in a day audible so it is like this guys so again um ascorbic acid enochi 500 milligram per tablet na vitamin c as

You can see over here so and gentinium expiration date yeah which is of april 2023 and then so landito how does it look like what does it look like it is like this it’s like this so orange the orange and color moisture and shampoo we are going to have a taste test ayun so that’s the classic sign of um classic na quality vitamin c so maybe similar things

In vitamin c so i have here yo basil illuminating hmm anyway um you should also drink at least eight to ten glasses of water a day because it really helps too um and for one more time guys aside from taking vitamin c i really encourage you to get vaccinated and damning privilege if you’re vaccinated 10 20 percent up to fifty percent discount among uh uh

Petting he offers establishments especially if you’re going to samana mall and guys vaccinated privilege and um for me to say i am really confident now but vaccinated chances or services so yes guys i really encourage you to boost your immune system um so so vitamin c because i think this is really the cheapest in the market well um i think yes cheapest

Of the cheapest nah vitamin c nah branded branded na very cheap at um 70 to 80 centavos per tablet and paddy machine going twice a day shopping twice a day because it contains 100 tablets or i yeah uh one to two or two to three months usham so once again guys let’s boost our immune system by taking vitamin c such as taking one tablet a day or one to two tablets

A day especially somehow nothing frontliners mapa medical man economic frontliners man security frontliners technological liners and food front liners transportation front liners and all front liners around our community so always keep safe guys strengthen our immune immune system and magpie vaccine so what making i am available so thank you and have a good wonderful day you

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