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7 Most Common Side Effects of Strattera Atomoxetine in the First 10 weeks of Starting and Solutions

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What are the seven most common side effects you might experience starting strattera for ADHD?

The doctor is in hi guys this your pal dr. sal and your physician is prescribed you strattera to start for attention deficit disorder that’s very exciting but what are the seven most common side effects you may need to look out for within the first month of taking it let’s take a look what are the seven most likely side effects you might experience when starting

On strattera for the first time aka atomoxetine while the manufacturer provided some insight into this in a study that they ran with 269 people on the drug and another 263 taking a placebo or basically a sugar pill what was interesting with this study is that most of the other adhd medicines were studied typically for four to five weeks this one was done for a

Granddaddy long period of 10 weeks so i should give you a pretty good impression of what you might experience within the first couple months of being on this adhd medicine now one thing to realize mr. turds is basically a typical from all of the other adhd medicines which are psychostimulants strattera or atomoxetine it’s ashli structurally looks more like an

Antidepressant like an ssri and that might account for some of the differences in this side effect profile that you’ll see compared to some of the big hitters the common ones like dexedrine by fenton concerta adderall etc quit so let’s delve into it i’m gonna start by creating a circular frequency chart so please know if this is not the i turn it’s not gonna add

Up to hundred percent when i’m finished now by far the most common side effect with this drug was dremel and that was a full 21% of people so 21% the plaintiff dry mouth now there’s something else a little departure from what i typically do with all the other studies for the adhd medicines this study seemed to be played with placebo problems people complain

Of t’m whether they were on the drug or on the sugar tablets there was so much of a placebo effect in in this trial that i’m actually going to list the placebo events of these different side effects at the same time so you could get a better impression of what the real incidents due to the drug was so for dry mouth 21 percent of people complained of it but 5

Percent of people just on a sugar pill also complained of dry mouth so go figure the next common side effect that was complained of was in about 17% of people complain of headaches 17% however 17% of people taking a sugar pill also complain of headache so in my mind that basically washes out to me the incidence of headache as a consequence in strattera basically

Was 0 the next big one also at 17% whoops was insomnia not able to fall asleep now again put that in perspective 8% of people just taking the placebo sugar pill also complain of insomnia so to me the real incidence of insomnia is a consequences for terror is more like 10% next thing was nausea almost all drugs can cause nausea because if you’ve ever bitten into

Them and tasted what it tastes like you could see why the stomach would reject them and rebell and it’s only about one way out if it wants to get it all quickly it has to make you feel nauseous immediate vomit so nausea was complained about in 12% of users within the first 10 weeks with sugar pills or placebo it was 5% next big one but compared to most of the

Stimulant medications this is a tiny complaint was reduction in appetite no appetite first of terah this was only 10% as you recall if you’ve seen some of the other videos i did on some of the other adhd medicines this is usually about a quarter to a third of of users of the psychostimulants complain of no appetite nor desire to eat now for placebo there was

Also a further three percent so the real incidents amuse about 7% of users complain of appetite depression so it’s rare in some cases is a really good choice if somebody has tried a spectrum of the psychostimulants so they tried adderall they tried dexedrine they tried by advance its ride by fenton and each time especially kids it completely kills their appetite

Or makes their personality like a robot mr. terra shines as an alternative because it’s saw a typical from all the other around psychostimulants the next big one in another 10% of users other 10% was complaining of constipation can’t poop and for sugar pill users four percent so to me the real incidence is only about 6% to me that’s normal a deal-breaker that’s

A minor hindrance so this was the one two three four five six promised to 700 the last most frequent side effect which is more unique to this class than any of the psychostimulants was erectile dysfunction and this might be a real deal breaker for guys for females obviously there’s no erection so this doesn’t matter so that was at 7% and this seemed to be a true

Effect because only 1% of people taking a placebo or sugar pill complainant the same thing so that could be a deal-breaker for a teenage male for example or tween there’s nothing problems in life already without having to deal with that too so these are the seven most comments you might want to look out for with strattera in my personal experiments i have not

Found it to be as effective as adhd controlling agent compared to the cycle stimulants but it does have a role in cases of individuals complaining of severe potato or nausea problems and another one that’s not on here is people with severe unmasking of anxiety which gets worse with most of the psychostimulants then this tends to be my next go-to so that’s it for

Expectations taking strattera thank you for watching so much and have more intel and information and insider secrets for you in another week tune in thanks for watching get notified of new videos subscribe now if you found this video helpful support us by sharing it with all of your friends and throw us a like below you’re a star cheers and cheerio

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7 Most Common Side Effects of Strattera Atomoxetine in the First 10 weeks of Starting and Solutions By DoctorSecrets