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7 Potassium Rich Foods : High Potassium Foods

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Potassium is an essential electrolyte to maintain normal functions in our body.

Potassium is an electrolyte in our body which is essential for many functions it is essential to conduct nerve impulses and for muscle contraction it also helps to maintain a regular heartbeat moreover it helps move nutrients into the cells and waste products out of cells so it seems like potassium has several vital functions in our body however potassium level that

Is too high or too low can be dangerous therefore it is essential to maintain a healthy level of potassium in our body so in this video i’m gonna talk about seven foods that are rich in potassium number one avocados avocados have become extremely popular and trendy and with good reason packed with good fats avocados are also a particularly great source of vitamin

K and folate 100 grams contains approximately 485 milligrams of potassium what’s more avocados may help people with high blood pressure who are often told to increase their potassium and reduce their salt intake number two spinach without a doubt spinach is one of the most nutrient dense vegetables around a 100 gram serving of spinach contains approximately

465 milligrams of potassium it also rich in other nutrients including vitamin a vitamin k folate and magnesium number three potatoes potatoes are a starchy root vegetable that remains a staple food in several countries worldwide a 100 gram serving of cooked potatoes provides approximately 420 milligrams of potassium however there are many different varieties

Of potatoes and their potassium content may depend on the soil in which they’re grown as potatoes are eaten daily in many parts of the world they may be a key contributor to potassium intake in people’s diets number four bananas bananas are consumed by all countries in the world some people eat bananas every day 100 grams of bananas contain about 360 milligrams

Of potassium in addition they also contain other nutrients like vitamin b6 fiber potassium magnesium vitamin c and manganese number five sweet potatoes like avocados sweet potatoes have become increasingly popular and are often used as an alternative to potatoes they’re an especially nutritious way of supporting your potassium intake a 100 gram serving of sweet

Potatoes provide around 340 milligrams of potassium what’s more sweet potatoes are low in fat pack a small amount of protein and are a good source of complex carbohydrates and fiber they’re also an excellent source of vitamin a which has many functions in our body number six white beans the term white beans can refer to navy beans cannellini beans great northern

Beans or lima beans 100 grams of navy beans provides approximately 307 grams of potassium white beans are incredibly versatile and can easily be added to your diet number seven coconut water coconut water is a fantastic and hydrating drink it’s an excellent natural alternative to sports drinks as it contains key electrolytes that help draw water into your cells

And its natural sugars provide energy during exercise or replenish lost glycogen stores after a 240 milliliters cup of coconut water contains 600 milligrams of potassium plus it’s a good source of magnesium calcium sodium and manganese it’s refreshing when served chilled with ice after a sweaty workout okay those are the seven foods that i wanted to discuss with

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7 Potassium Rich Foods : High Potassium Foods By Med Today