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7 Ways Magnesium Improves Your Brain

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Magnesium is one of the most common world-wide deficiencies and it plays a role in most of the common health struggles people face every day. Discover 7 ways magnesium improves your brain. For more info read this article.

Ah hey guys dr. david joker’s here today we’re talking about seven ways magnesium improves your brain we know magnesium is so vital to over 300 functions in the body and great researchers like dr. norman celia talk about how magnesium deficiency is a number one factor in all chronic disease you know most people society are chronically deficient in magnesium and

That magnesium is to the body what oil is to the engine of a car it’s so critical for all life processes and especially for the brain and so we look at how magnesium improves our brain number one is it improves our memory so we store long-term memories in a part of our brain called our hippocampus and what magnesium has been shown to do is strengthen the little

Gaps between the neurons called the synapses in the hippocampus to help improve what we call long term potentiation so the ability for us to form and utilize memories and then there’s a part of our brain called the prefrontal cortex which is like right here hippocampus is here prefrontal cortex is right in this area and what magnesium has been shown to do is to

Actually improve overall ability to retain short-term memory and to be able to utilize it effectively so getting your magnesium levels up is so critical to improve your memory and if you haven’t seen my video on the top food sources of magnesium you can definitely check that out as well on our channel so that will show you the food sources today we’re going to

Go into more detail on supplementation for magnesium – and so that’s number one improves memory number two it enhances learning i mean we all want to learn better magnesium is powerful for that in fact there’s a study out of the journal neuron that looks in detail at the nervous system and how it works and what they did was they took a group of resident many

Different rat studies looking at how rats think and learn better and what they showed was that magnesium a particular type of magnesium called magnesia ml3 n8 it’s a form of magnesium that actually crosses the blood-brain barrier little barrier in the capillary beds that allows the magnesium to get into the brain more effectively was actually able to improve

The learning capabilities of younger rats by a hundred and twenty-two percent compared to younger atsa didn’t take this form of magnesium and then older rats it actually improved the older rats ability to learn compared to the younger rats who normally should be able to learn significantly better by a hundred percent so the oder rats were 100 percent better at

Learning by using magnesium l3n aid than the younger rats who didn’t use the magnesium so this is so powerful so really enhances learning so if you want better learning ability ability to learn faster you want to improve memory using magnesium particularly types of magnesium like magnesium glycinate magnesium l3n a magnesium malli those are the best forms but

Lots of research coming out on magnesium l-3 innate for crossing the blood-brain barrier having a significant improvement in memory and learning so the third big thing is it helps prevent alzheimer’s disease you know arms disease is an epidemic in our society and alzheimer’s disease is very much associated with blood sugar imbalances they call it type 3 diabetes

Diabetes are the brain and magnesium deficiencies in fact they took a study to study in 2014 where they took a group of individuals of alzheimer disease they add them supplementing with magnesium al 3 and 8 over a 17 month period of time they showed a thirty five point eight percent decrease in amyloid plaque which is the the basically this plaque build up with

Aluminum and all these damaged cells in the brain of people with alzheimer’s disease they showed a 35 point eight percent reduction in that amyloid plaque in the hippocampus or restore those memories and a 36 percent decrease in amyloid plaque in the prefrontal cortex so powerful to be able to show that this sort of stress and damage to the brain tissue can be

Reversed using something as simple and inexpensive as magnesium l38 magnesium supplementation so prevents alzheimer’s improves mood we know that individuals with depression taking 300 milligrams of magnesium listen a tag listen eight form of magnesium with a glycine amino acid attached to magnesium actually showed that within a week they could reverse depression

See significant improvements far beyond what they could get with antidepressant medications so magnesium powerful for the mood cause anxiety no anxiety is a condition where basically the brain is so close to threshold the nerves are so close to threshold so they’re firing with very little stimulus and people with anxiety have trouble controlling their body because

Of that that’s a classic magnesium deficiency symptom so taking magnesium helps pace out the potential or the electrical potential of the neurons and allows the body to respond normally to the different stimuli in the environment so for people with anxiety they develop a level of calmness and peace and a lot just a lot greater comfort ability and control themselves

When they’re utilizing magnesium on a regular basis eating magnesium foods doing strategies to to reduce the amount of magnesium they’re losing like keeping stress under control blood sugar balance and then using a high quality magnesium supplementation very powerful that balances blood sugar so diabetes and blood sugar imbalances massive epidemic most individuals

Have blood sugar imbalances and i’ve been working with clients for seven and a half years at this point and what we know what i see all the time as individuals that are having ups and downs with their blood sugar and when they have that they’re going to end up more spacey having issues with brain fog memory mental clarity cognitive acceleration sometimes a lot

Of issues with weight loss resistance where they won’t be able to lose weight effectively oftentimes those have issues with chronic inflammation in their body where they’re just being flamed and have and discomfort and just overall lowered quality of life and so magnesium really key to help keep blood sugar very very stable it’s one of the key things i use to

Help people overcome chronic disease and really for people that just want general wellness want to be well on a regular basis magnesium can’t go wrong with that and then number seven improves sleep we know sleep is so key to the brain our brain has its own lymphatic system lymphatic system in the body helps drain wastes and toxins so in the brain we call it the

Glymphatic system which is partly immune system the immune component that protects the brain from infections partly lymphatic system that pulls out metabolic debris and helps get it out of the body we know that good sleep helps regulate the glymphatic system helps reset neurotransmitter levels helps really regenerate brain tissue so if we’re not sleeping well our

Brain is going to have accelerated aging and accelerated damage so magnesium is one of the best things to help calm the brain reduce the stress response help modulate or coordinate the right amount of neurotransmitters things like serotonin or melatonin that we need good production of in order to sleep well and it allows us to be able to sleep effectively long

Deep sleep and then wake up rested and refreshed magnesium is so powerful to all of those things so again if you missed the best food sources of magnesium be sure to watch that video but my favorite way to get extra magnesium into my system i crave this stuff it allows me to perform at a really high level allows me to face a lot of stresses and be able to do all

The things i need to do on a regular basis is my brain calm magnesium this is supplement can find on my online store and there’s a patented form of magnesium with magnesium l three and eight as well as magnesium glycinate the same type of magnesium that helps people overcome depression that helps people learn more effectively increased short-term and long-term

Memory helps prevent alzheimer’s disease by stripping out that amyloid plaque helps people sleep more effectively it’s got all of that in one and it’s in a very good tasting powder flavored with stevia which is an all-natural sweetener no effect on our blood sugar and i just put a scoop of that in water and i’ll have my clients do one or two scoops in water once

Or twice a day depending on their level of magnesium needs and it helps regulate their bowels so it helps prevent constipation helps improve brain function helps reduce muscle spasms helps them to just be able to perform at their highest level this right here is our best-selling supplements one thing that i recommend for almost everybody that i come in contact

With that hey getting on a good magnesium supplement is something that will take your overall quality life near performance to a whole nother level so if you get a chance to try it and i would love to hear your feedback trying our brain comm magnesium and doing the different strategies that we teach to improve your magnesium levels i know you’ll see results

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7 Ways Magnesium Improves Your Brain By Dr David Jockers