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8 Month Before and After Dutasteride/Finasteride Update (Requested)

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This update video has been highly requested. Just to be clear, hair loss content is not my primary content any more.

Hey my fellow follicle friends here’s my name it’s dj formerly known as carrots and brotherhood welcome back to the channel in today’s video i’m gonna give you guys my eight month update of using dutastride you guys have been reaching out in the comments and also in email and on instagram asking me to put an update video and i know i told you guys i’m not doing any

More hair loss updates but and i’m not but if this is something you guys want me to continue like the monthly uh due task right updates i mean i will i’ll make them i just i didn’t know if it was necessary to make a monthly video like this but uh yeah that’s the extent of that anyways let me go and give you guys a quick update before i show you the hair situation

I had a really bad shed at month five and i told you guys that i was going through a bad shed in my five month update this the shed persisted for like two months guys um after the video um it seemed like it was stopping for a bit and then it just picked right right back up again so what we did is my wife and i actually visited a clinic not a dermatology clinic

An actual like hair surgeon clinic and this is the first time i’ve met with a hair surgeon and since i had my hair surgery really and i asked him you know what was going on with my shedding um and here’s here’s the reason why we actually decided to go is it wasn’t just just that i was shedding um i started putting pieces together and realized that every single

Time i shed um i have really itchy scalp every time my scalp is really itchy and i also end up getting like acne like pimples on my head my scalp nowhere else on my body just my head so i’m like well what the is this you know like this can’t be a coincidence and things i never really gave it a second thought but if i look back even when i was into like 2008 2009

And i was losing my hair for the first time i was experiencing uh the same symptoms itchy scalp and pimples on my head when i first started losing my hair and if you guys even go back to my video where i talk about how i lost my hair i lost my hair in a weird pattern i lost my hair like not on the crown first i started losing my hair literally smack dab on the

Top of my head like like i got the microphone here i lost my my um hair like from here and even right now if you look at my head right now you can see that it’s thinner on this one spot right here compared to this spot here um i wasn’t losing anything on my crown at the beginning i was just really itchy so i asked the surgeon and i don’t know what the camera is

Called that they use that they put on your scalp and they can see your hair like up close like a microscope um but he put the camera on my crown and on the top of my head and he was saying of course i have androgenic alopecia but he started pulling on my hair like he would just grab a hair and he’d pull and even right now if i do it i don’t know if you guys can

See that on my hand these are like not full thick hairs these are thin hairs but they’re long and they have these white bulbs at the bottom see those white bulbs i hope you guys can see that um i can even pull out again right here these three hairs right here and what he was saying is that type of hair loss that type of hair loss is not um androgenic alopecia um

It’s more likely to be telogen effluvium i’ve heard of the phrase before never really gave it a second thought because i just assumed that i have androgenic alopecia that’s what i have but he’s i’m experiencing two types of hair loss at once uh the telogen effluvium if you guys aren’t familiar the way he described it is any time the body is experiencing a very

Stressful um situation um whether it’s like for one day or an extended period of stress you can start to lose hair um and mass which is why he was uh which is why he said i was shedding um the way i was so he started asking questions like have you been experiencing stress or this and that the other and the reality is yeah i have uh back in like three months

Four months of using dutashred my financial situation took a big hit um and i ended up not making any money for a few months in the middle of that my wife and i were dealing with moving we’re getting ready to move we just moved into this new apartment and there’s a bunch of other stuff happening in my life that was very stressful so he said that that was probably

One of the causes of the telogen effluvium he said the way my hair is shedding it’s not just androgen alopecia it’s also telogen effluvium which means that the hair should grow back now if you think back to every video that i’ve ever made about finasteride you guys have seen my videos and if you haven’t i have a whole playlist of every video for like two years on

Finasteride every three or four months i went through a shed and of course we can think of you know maybe it’s due to the mechanisms of the way finasteride works in the body and the way it interacts with minoxidil and i’m not more plates more dates and i’m not aaron from hairliciously so i’m not going to pretend like i know what the i’m talking about however

Just observationally every three or four months i’ve been having these end mass sheds except for one time when it was like month 15 16 and 17. you guys that’s when my hair went crazy growing like i had a box top it was so much growth so explain that to me how do i shed every three or four months for over a year on finasteride and then suddenly end up with a box

Stop for three months and then that sheds out too the thing is every single time uh i’ve had a shed if i look back a few months before i did experience a period of prolonged stress whether a lack of sleep because i was in grad school uh in that first year finasteride and the second year financial right i was in grad school i was also working i was staying up late

Editing videos for youtube i was working up late wait stayed up late studying um you know life we just had a baby you know like there’s been a lot of things happening um and then we moved to uh texas back to the united states for the year 2020 and i was experiencing that shed right before month 14 and then i had the huge box top grow out from month 15 16 17.

At that time i had very low stress um although covid was going on and stuff i was working from home and i was chilling you know money was good i was getting paid i didn’t have to leave my house my daughter and i were playing and everything was great everything’s gravy until it wasn’t and then the lockdown started and it was really stressful you know even being my

Wife you know being stuck in the house suddenly we fought a lot you know the baby was crying a lot and there was a lot of stress and my hair shut out not too long after that and then that was in september where i had a huge shed and then it started growing back again and what happened in december i moved back to the united states moving again packing selling it

Was every three or four months i go through these life changes and i’m starting to think that the way my hair is shedding according what he’s saying the surgeon is that there is more to my hair loss than i’ve been thinking there is for the past two years um so this video is a bit longer and i know i haven’t gotten to the part of showing my hair yet but i think

That’s important for those who have been following my journey uh one of the common questions is like what did you why do you keep shedding and i keep saying nobody knows and who’s to say that this doctor is 100 uh knows what he’s talking about hey he didn’t take any biopsies he didn’t take any blood samples so there’s really nothing but conjecture here but the

Pieces line the pieces line up uh pointing to intelligent effluvium in terms of the the itching and the pimples uh he did give me some steroid uh cream to add to my regimen and i’ll talk about regimen change in just a moment because i changed a couple things in there i want to update you guys on but here’s the hair situation for you real quick so you see that the

Thickness has improved quite a bit and that’s in the middle of shed so i say i’m still shedding i showed you i can pull the hairs out just a moment ago but the hairs seem to be returning to what i feel like is what i looked at at month uh 15 right before i grew the box top and i’m hoping that uh this is going to happen again that i do grow the box top again and

Hopefully maintain it because that uh was a great time you know i’m saying and i was like wow think about it like how is it possible to get that much hair um after being bald completely for a long time unless it was you know stress related and the androgenic alopecia is just you know a part of it i don’t know man we’ll see what happens but let me update you guys

On my regimen changes real quick so the doc put me on the steroid cream for the itching that’s this right here it’s in korean but it’s worked it’s actually helped quite a bit in terms of getting rid of the itching i have no more itching the pimples have gone away and just the filling my scalp is better uh so the cream definitely helped i use it for about two weeks

Uh once a day and then the minoxidil still on one today with minoxidil except i’m on this one it’s uh called the medinoxial and it has vitamin b and vitamin e added to it um and then it also has menthol which is a basal dilator so those are my only two changes for the regimen i’m still using dutasteroid with the finasteride the doc said that he doesn’t necessarily

Think i need to use deutsche drive because the type of hair loss that i’m experiencing with the shed is more closely related to telogen effluvium instead of androgenic alopecia so he said if that’s the case using dutastroid or finasteride it’s not gonna make a difference uh because the mechanisms are so similar but i’m on dutastroid once a week you know so we’ll

See i’ll continue the regimen until i can’t anymore but yes guys i’m still in the fight i don’t post hair loss videos um as my primary content anymore as you’ve probably seen but i’m still in it with you guys guys i am going to be in it for the foreseeable future so don’t think i’m leaving you guys hanging i’m still in there and if you want the regular updates

Each month let me know in the comments guys thanks again for watching my name is dj formerly known as carriage and brotherhood i’ll see you in the next video

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8 Month Before and After Dutasteride/Finasteride Update (Requested) By My name is DJ