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9 Best Foods For Insulin Resistance!

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Some foods are bad for insulin resistance and make insulin resistance worse, and some foods are good for insulin resistance improving insulin sensitivity. These are the 9 best foods you can eat if you want to reverse insulin resistance! 𝗖𝗟𝗜𝗖𝗞 𝗧𝗢 𝗥𝗘𝗔𝗗 𝗠𝗢𝗥𝗘 ↓

In today’s video we’re going to be going over the  nine best foods you can eat to reverse insulin   common but also goes largely undiagnosed   until it’s progressed to pre-diabetes or type  2 diabetes and this is because doctors do not   fasting glucose which is helpful but it doesn’t   tell us a lot about insulin resistance

In the  early stages when we’re in the early stages of   insulin resistance there is enough insulin being  pumped out to deal with the excess glucose so   your blood sugar will look normal but your insulin  will be elevated signs who are insulin resistant   include skin tags on your neck and armpits high  blood pressure and

Excess abdominal fat these are   all really strong indicators of insulin resistance  even if you have normal fasting blood sugar   now when it comes to reversing insulin resistance  the key is to keep your insulin low you do this by   reducing your need for insulin by choosing foods  that don’t require a lot of insulin to process

Now   i’m not going to get too into the cause of insulin  resistance today i do have a whole video on the   cause of it which i will link above if you want  to check that out afterwards but anyways if you   would like to know the nine best foods you can  hello guys and welcome back to my channel  if you’re new here my name is

Kait and i   am a certified health and nutrition coach i post  videos twice a week here on youtube about insulin   resistance blood sugar management weight loss  sleep and more so if you want to take control   of your metabolic health make sure to click that  subscribe button and you can also find me on   tick tock and

Instagram where i shoot new posts  every single day number one eggs eggs are one   resistance and i’m specifically talking about   the whole egg not only are eggs rich in protein  and fat which have a minimal impact on insulin   they are also super nutrient dense packed with  fat soluble vitamins and other micronutrients  

Eggs and about dietary cholesterol because   this is something i’m asked about all the time if  you’re worried about dietary cholesterol don’t be   our blood cholesterol and the recommendation   guidelines removed it as a nutrient of concern   in 2015. number two avocado avocados are another  food that is great for insulin

Resistance they’re   high in fat and they’re also high in fiber which  makes the blood sugar and insulin response to them   in the electrolyte potassium they contain more   potassium than bananas gram for gram potassium  plays a role in influencing the pancreas and the   release of insulin lack of potassium is thought 

To lead to a reduction in insulin secretion   and impaired glucose tolerance one study done on  almost 5 000 people over 30 years showed that 373   of the participants developed type 2 diabetes and  that the potassium intake of these individuals   data to draw any definite conclusions but it is   interesting to note number

Three oily fish cold  water oily fish such as salmon sardine herring   mackerel and anchovies are also great for insulin  resistance these type of fish are extremely high   in omega-3 and omega-3 in its most bioavailable  form the type of omega-3 found in chia seeds and   flax seeds is ala and needs to be converted by the 

Body to dha and epa which is the beneficial form   however the human body is not great at converting  ala to dha and epa it only has the ability   to convert 10 max and if ala isn’t converted it’s  just treated like any other fatty acid and doesn’t   have the additional benefits you often hear about  one of which is improving

Insulin sensitivity   number four berries berries are among the types  of fruit that are lowest in sugar because of this   strawberries blueberries blackberries raspberries  all have a minimal impact on blood sugar and   insulin number five red meat now red meat gets a  lot of hate and a lot of undeserved hate a lot of  

People think it is unhealthy and especially when  compared to other types of meat such as chicken   but this is nonsense beef and other types of red  meat actually have nutrients that can directly   of which being stearic acid stearic acid is   a type of fat that is rich in beef fat and has  properties that protect against insulin

Resistance   supplements before they are often touted as   being beneficial for weight loss but you can get  this nutrient directly from food such as red meat   non-starchy vegetables such as broccoli   cauliflower and cucumber are low in carbohydrates  they have a minimal impact on blood sugar and a   minimal impact

On insulin making them ideal for  insulin resistance number seven olive oil so   next up we have olive oil olive oil is one of the  healthiest oils you can consume and i especially   recommend it as an alternative to vegetable oil  now when i say vegetable oil i am referring to   canola oil soybean oil corn oil sunflower oil 

Grapeseed oil rice bran oil and safflower oil   from vegetables they come from seeds these   types of oils are high in polyunsaturated fat and  omega-6 which can be inflammatory for the body   olive oil instead use it for low temperature   cooking or have it fresh such as on salads or  on other foods and forget the vegetable

Oil   cut it out of your diet entirely number eight  apple cider vinegar now if you’ve watched any   me talk about apple cider vinegar before   reversing insulin resistance taking a tablespoon   lowers the blood sugar and insulin response   to that meal so especially if you’re having a meal  that has a few more

Carbohydrates taking apple   cider vinegar before can help to make that meal  more insulin friendly number nine beef tallow and   this is the final food we’re going to talk about  today beef tala beef tallow is made from rendering   the fat of beef and this is the best fat to use  for high heat cooking the reason i included

Beef   tallow on this list is because of the high amount  of stearic acid it contains which you’ll remember   resistance earlier now you’ll also remember that   when i mentioned olive oil i said to use it fresh  or to use it for low temperature cooking and that   is because the type of fat that mainly makes up  olive

Oil is not as heat stable as the type of fat   that is in beef tallow if you heat it too much you  run the risk of it oxidizing and that’s not ideal   that is one of the reasons why i don’t recommend  vegetable oil it has an even lower point at which   it oxidizes when you heat it so vegetable oils  down here olive oils here and

Beef towels here   wouldn’t use it for anything above low temperature   cooking and those are the nine best foods you  can eat to reverse insulin resistance so to recap   number one eggs number two avocado number three  oily fish number four berries number five red meat   number six non-starchy vegetables number seven 

Olive oil number eight apple cider vinegar   and number nine beef tallow let me know in the  comment section down below how many of these   foods you already eat and if you’re not already  make sure to click that subscribe button so you   a week tons of videos on insulin resistance   feeling overwhelmed and kind of confused

About it   enjoy this video you might also enjoy my video   check it out here if you want to catch up   on my most recent upload you can find it here  and if you want to check out my keto diet and   carnivore diet coaching programs you can find  them here thanks guys i’ll see you next time bye

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9 Best Foods For Insulin Resistance! By Health Coach Kait