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A.D.H.D at its best! Weight loss update!

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Sorry for the video quality guys, and it’s a lot of rambling on my part cause multi-tasking isn’t really my forte LOL, but I wanted to do a new weekly video for you guys, and tell you about my current weight and stuff thats been really exciting for me lately! 🙂

Hey everyone it’s amanda and yes i am recording this from my car because i am just crazy crazy crazy busy these days and i don’t always get the opportunity to make a video and put it up when i say i will and i really wanted to start being more consistent with those i know i’ve said that a bunch of times but i am really trying um so first thing i want to talk about is

I am officially this is super exciting super super super exciting i’m sure most of you have already seen this because i did post it earlier on my facebook page and in the biggest winners group page which i know a lot of you are on but i am 190 4.0 today which means that i have officially lost 70 pounds today yeah um and i left my house today this is super exciting

I love this this is great i left my house today in size 10 jeans for the first time ever haha come on let me hear it from you guys that is the coolest thing ever i’ve never worn a size 10 before ever in my life now i know i got a size 10 on at american eagle last week and then i post the picture of it i bought um i brought him home yeah but i’ve never actually

Worn them out of the house um they were kind of tight and they’re still a little tight but i didn’t have to like do the lay down on the bed thing to get them sniffed which was cool i just put them right on i mean you know i’ve had to squeeze a little bit but you know what let me tell you something about wearing the tight jeans first of all it makes you feel good

About yourself i mean just knowing that you’re wearing a smaller size makes you feel good second of all you know if you’re wearing a title jean you’re not going to be as apt to do something stupid like overeat or something and not that that’s usually a problem for me anyway but you know you’re just you’re probably not going to do it if your jeans are really

Tight anyway um moving on i i wanted to talk about uh hold on let me get up oh that’s not good all right here we go can’t really fix it right now give me a second um i wanted to talk about things that i’ve discovered really work for the weight loss you know i’m not going to lie i have bad weeks sometimes too i i’m in a onslow county biggest loser competition

And it’s um several of my friends are in that with me um like katherine my mother uh shelley and becca and shelley’s mom are all in the competition with me they all decided to join and do it together and um you know everybody is is losing weight so you know congratulations to everyone and of course everyone else who i didn’t mention who’s not in the competition

But um anyway i i was last night’s winner for this past week and i was the biggest winner i lost three point two pounds which is cool because i actually thought i hadn’t lost anything but apparently i had so that was that was pretty sweet to find out but like i said i wanted to talk just to briefly real quick about a couple things i found that really work um a lot

Of people have a tendency of getting stuck in their you know weight loss they you know will be on the track of like running every day and they’re doing real good and dropping weight and then bam all of a sudden like the weight stops coming off and i have that happen to me too i mean i’ve had bad week so i haven’t lost anything and i’m sure i still will some days

But the key is changing it up and i know a lot of you know that already but um you know a couple very important things first of all um protein i know you guys all know that if i don’t need to tell you i’m not telling anything that you don’t really know this is no revelation or anything but you got to be getting plenty of protein in to build your muscles and stuck

In hall um working on your muscles not just doing cardio but some sort of like light weight or you know resistance training and toning and stuff is important you have to do that because if you’re not building your muscles then you are your muscles burn fat and if you don’t have enough muscle to burn the fat you’re not going to lose the weight as quick and you’re

Going to keep having like plateaus and stuff um so you really need to be working on that but just changing up your routine a little bit makes a huge difference in you know whether you lose weight or not and a good example of that would be home i’m finally parked so i’m trying to put the camera back down so i don’t have to keep on me okay a really good example of

That is like kathryn will come over some days and you know other friends or whatever my mom or whoever and will do belly dancing and without a doubt every time we do belly dancing or something like that the next day we’ve all lost a pound now i’m not saying that you know do if you start belly dancing everyday everyday you’ll lose a pound that’s not what i’m saying

But what i am saying is that just the changing up of the routine will really make a big difference you know doing something you know aerobic and and you know maybe working on like sometimes i will just you know start working on crunches leg lifts i’ll do butt stuff on the balance ball i will hey look there’s dee how about that anyway um d is the these bm coordinator

For the biggest losers on so county competition so anyway um now maybe that’s not neat i don’t know it looks like her anyhow i’ll do push-ups crunches leg lifts sit-ups whatever and whenever i do that and i just change up the routine a little bit i always have more success that week than i did the week before and you might not see it right away you might not notice

It right off the bat but it works it does believe me and anyway so there’s that and then you know in conjunction with the running and obviously the dieting and all of that stuff drinking plenty of water and taking the vitamins and the supplements and everything which i’m going to do another video on that later and i promise it won’t be as much rambling endlessly as

This one is i’m about to wrap it up because i’m here now i have to go in and take care of what i came out to do but um you know i will just say that i’m super duper ultra proud of you know everybody i’m not trying to put myself on any kind of pedestal i’m no better than anyone else in fact i you know i’ve not had as much success as a lot of other people have had

I haven’t lost as much as a lot of other people have had um and that’s fine because you know it everybody is just so different and one of the coolest things i’ve noticed lately is that even like a lot of my friends who have not even had weight-loss surgery are just doing it on their own and that is like huge huge huge accomplishment so i’m just like floored by the

Amount of dedication and commitment from everybody lately and i’m really grateful for all of you for all of your support and all of your encouragement and your kind words and stuff it really means a lot to me probably more than you’ll ever realize so thank you i love you all um and i’m going to get in here and take care of this but i will post another video later love you guys bye

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A.D.H.D at its best! Weight loss update! By Amanda English