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Hi guys and welcome back to the channel kindly like share and subscribe cause i’m just topic by bartering before the interesting topic i was searching through the internet facebook baby what’s up baby statuses p albini ats kobbari me recover talk like new drug teams ok kagayaki will covet 19k treatment kinder what say that who feeds habit whenever your portrait ride

Slovenian this was the point if minh is so cheeky the price is very low to husband that you has such a sanjay baccarat struck because the mark and i shook a dega but i also check if we use quixote high concentrations khadijah ta orozco carnegie i dig up the thing when i was research he talked they are provoking sato researcher can watch on me or maybe jongguk upload

Below conquest kobbari me a bear nesting this video should open a separate may jong we can upload many over nineteen kubrick video but i think kristen pellet the rule panagiotis codec rita cobb local year but i said ok a selmak over 19 heck out of people yoga start cut their hand up work with you you hanky whe own a soul on june 2 has a beast me a neat website to

Predict news release key hair on on acai okay dexamethasone you have it sc drug head georgia you ski giuseppe here to treat the critically ill covered 19 patients what an emphasis on the word critically ill critically ill patients can the dexamethasone case the mark and i have milder patients can that name in curtain ahead i’m working attack initially trials kids

Are at the united kingdom k and the different drugs cube per tonne on it 12 results sing about something i hate dexamethasone joke a quality koti royalties have a life-saving a on patients can their job critically inhabit covered 19 the patient’s 20 later cooper here or more patients any oxygen require here i’m joe ventilator cooper patients nk mortality co is

The one-third percent reduced ki or were patient joe oxygen cooper 1k mortality rate who is the 1/5 um ki here according to that clinical trials to you united kingdom aka get him i get lineker tries university of oxford candor carrying her united kingdom canada are gonna take zemeckis wonky bottom a barky jo dexamethasone xperia j 60 say in use here by the doctors

By the physicians or you reduce the time filmation compulsory conditions can that just apples are inflammatory disorders are the thing or certain cancers can there be yes them all for a year agora plumeria vt o % aria so please like it and subscribe cut your bell icon kobe press curtain upon dexamethasone yes did wilds kibarim a particle a things up separately

They take a steroid skill anti-inflammatory hormones have basically choke a homily up the body hood synthesize katya we kept eczema thisone as a steroid rock or dexamethasone you have was swelling or inflammation co-come katya it’s get the whole sorry side-effects am i up local authority ok cones as a patient’s engine candor october night dexamethasone khonanesta

Mal kana would diabetes k patient her hypertension k patient sense in my gid else additions and infractions a junkie kid means haram a in patients made dexamethasone custom all nahi kiya kiya or high-risk groups concierge inmate dexamethasone nahi dj theo’s my pregnant woman watching a movie cardiac or hypertensive patients hodja they have both short a but giada

There it is camera which are joe may opt sub lamoco tina chachi mirotic questo geeky upload kindly cody’s birthday ml curry or doosre logo turkish bath coupon shia dexamethasone joe haeg xt droid there is a mild cases kelly i’m logan a he use go septic over 19 k j bath up look her jaga she agree kindly up courtney kerr system please medias video kousaka sasheer

Current if you both important items august message goes up logo tekonsha mi t– video cuz the other shirataki silicon quiz path cobalamin katachi lj k text amethyst own base shut it treatment i a covert 19 kenny like you know mild cases kelly and then here it is a treatment for high-risk patients for critically ill patients dusty oh give me a break but the total

Dexamethasone coca pp pharmacist you have a doctor key advice kiba carnegie prescribe cutting a you boho dangerous drug hecky okay say adrenal crisis key chances budget a hair or shock me bandages at airports life-threatening conditions a toupee you have the rap look exquisite americana shido cutting it up cup patiently droid if i gossamer set the heck of it you

Were just a child born ah marie is sydney a mere appear across table sub logo sake kindly dexamethasone co is tourism mutters – mallory it critically ill patients kiddie area and she saw between her my your mild symptoms in general okay under kindly anka you might think kindly hidaka was this truck of matisse the mallory it is a very life-threatening drawn i hope

You all get the message or kindly share my video kindly share this with everyone else thank you so much for watching like share and subscribe we will meet next time goodbye

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