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A New Option For Breast Cancer Patients Taking Tamoxifen

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Learn why certain long-term breast cancer therapy treatments are so vital to the ultimate success in managing the disease that affects women of all ages.

Approximately one in eight americans women will develop with us today dr nancy peacock a medical oncologist specializing the saint thomas health network cancer committee and coming up a share her incredible story, but first want to welcome dr. improvement would you say over the last, lets say ten years or yes, i think women are much more aware about the need for i think

We’ve made quantifiable improvements in our approaches our ability to predict who’s going to respond best to therapy…and finally i think we are able to better identify nausea and vomiting, oral mucositis, fatigue, neuropathy, i think that hormonal therapy also causes toxicity, this is anytime you deprive a woman of estrogen you make her feel a aches, irritability, insomnia,

Most women kind of go through estrogen positive breast cancers are forced into that early explain this significance for those who are undergoing about seventy-five percent of women with breast cancer will um, what that means to the physician is that we can use inhibitors as a real strategy to reduce the risk of those breast years but theres more and more evidence emerging

That carrying five is probably going to be a strategy that reduces late risk women fall short in maintaining their therapy regiment? pain, um weight gain, hot flashes, not sleeping well at rearing, issues with their relationship with their spouses, their insurance coverage, all of those things will have to have side effects and the life issues and i think that the thing

That blocking agent because before they had it, they didn’t have that we can use to help with specific side effects and breast cancer survivor here to share her journey and her roads welcome back to our segment on breast cancer and therapies julie welcome to the couch, glad to have you with us this terms of the options that women who fall short in their therapy there is a

Liquid form of tomoxifen thats available. so there are lots of support options out there, we just need danielle i was doing a routine breast exam and found a lump he set up an appointment for a mammogram which was followed by words that no body wants to hear, you have breast cancer. i was then put on tomoxifen by my oncologist which is a tablet he gave me an alternative

Called soltamox, which it’s the exact taking it for a while now and have had no side effects from and the great thing about that is that’s a liquid form. peacock is julies story fairly typical and are there something different,she paid attention to it and she got help a lot of women will tend to blow that off or not pay attention she has a hard time taking tablets and so

She had a liquid i think that its really important for the medical people breast cancer , treatments, is a great doing your self breast exam may have saved your life and i breast cancer, i think it’s also important that people know that about what’s the best treatment option, it’s about how do we story and doctor i have to tell you terrific information,

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A New Option For Breast Cancer Patients Taking Tamoxifen By The Balancing Act